I seriously don't own KP.

My name is Motor Ed. Seriously, it is. Welcome to my lair. AH YEAH! I'm trying to come up with a way to get revenge on red and her goofy sidekick. Seriously. Those two stopped my plans, not once, but twice. Man, that is bogus. Seriously.

The first time was when I was trying to make the most rockin' killer wheels with the best automotive components I could steal. AHHHH YEEEEAHHHH! SERIOUSLY! Red tried to stop me from stealing some monster trucks, but she got distracted by something (I don't know or care what) so I got away. Well, you snooze, you loose. Seriously.

I was so stoked when I heard that some space center was working on a Turbonic Charger Valve. Seriously. I didn't know what it did. But, with a name like that, it was sure to rock heavy. Seriously! Red was waiting for me, but I kidnapped her skinny boyfriend and used him as leverage against her. Seriously, I did.

That skinny dude kept telling me red would kick my but. When I asked him why he thought that, he said something about a "Ron Factor" thing. I didn't get a word of what he said. Seriously.

Red must have thought I was an idiot. She had some bald, bucktoothed rat disract me while she saved her sidekick. But I got her with my tricked out monster trucks when she was trying to escape. Seriously. I was going to crush stuff, and keep on crushing until the whole world was one rockin' scrap yard. AH YEEEAHHHH! Seriously.

I could have handled her to if it weren't for her friend in the wheelchair. Now this chair is cyber-robotic. Majorly tricked out. I mean, like my bike is like: nee-ner nee-ner. But this kids chair is like: YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH-YEAHHHH! The things it can do, man. Seriously.

The second time red interfered was when I teamed up with my cousin Drew. Man, his skin is totally blue. He needs to catch some rays. Seriously. He was trying to make the ultimate off-road destruction vehicle, the Doom-V. But it was totally bogus. Seriously. I gave him some pointers and started telling him about how red and that kid in the wheelchair stopped my plan. He said that we should steal that kid's chair. What? You think that's low? News flash: I'm a very bad man. Seriously. Bad red stopped that plan too. Seriously. Exit my lair! Seriously!

I'm planning on doing the Seniors soon, so stay tuned. Seriously.