Chapter One

I ran through the forest as silently as the approaching night with my animal companion Mayra, a wolf. Mayra stopped suddenly growling lightly. I approached her placing my hand on her strong sleek form to quiet her. She stopped as I looked about. Off to my left, I noticed a human male of about 6'0' looking for someone or something. He seemed to be a messenger of some sort, though he carried himself with a fighter's stance. Approaching quietly I asked, "Who enters the protected lands of Ryltar Kost'dora? If you seek harm to these woods or any goodly folk who enter it you will find yourself dead faster then you could blink."

In all truth, I would only carry this threat out if they turned out to be evil in purpose. I slowly drew my scimitars and approached the human now noticing Mayra and myself appeared relived. He gave his head a slight bow and said "Ah, Ryltar I am Jeffy Shrine messenger for Aribeth de Tylmarande, paladin in the service of Tyr and the city of NeverWinter. I have an invitation for you from her to attend the Academy of NeverWinter for adventurers of all types."

Taking the paper I slide one of my scimitars back to its sheath while I opened the message. It indeed was an invitation for attending the academy though I was hesitant to do so due to my heritage and adversity to being in cities for longer then I needed to be. I said to Jeffy after making my decision "Very well Jeffy. Please lead the way to the city I will accept Lady Aribeth's invitation"

Sheathing my other scimitar, Mayra approached me saying, through our mental link, "Must we stay in the city for long? We both know neither one of us enjoys it especially you due to your race." I replied saying, "I know Mayra. However if what this letter says is true thousands will die if the efforts at the academy fail." Mayra asks back saying, "And what could these thousands of people die from so quickly that adventurers must be called upon for?" I sadly reply with, "Seems to be an apocalyptic plague of some type. Hundreds have already died. And you know I will help anyone I can for atonement of my past." Mayra consented to this nodding her head as we followed Jeffy.

It was about two weeks later when we neared the city of NeverWinter on our travels here Jeffy, Mayra, and myself where attacked by a couple of goblins. However we quickly handled them and continued on. Now approaching the "Jewel of the North" as it was called, I quickly wondered if entering the city was a good idea. Thinking people might wonder if a drow elf might be to blame for their misfortune, I quickly shook off this feeling as we approached the city's gate. We were stopped by the gate guards informing us that I was expected at the academy later today. Not wishing to waste any time, I quickly was given a seal by Lord Nasher informing all that I was not here for ill purposes, and headed to the Beggar's Nest where the academy was located. Mayra followed me a little uneasy. Traveling through the Beggar's Nest, a voice in my head said, "The scent of death is coming. You can feel it can you not Ryltar?" I felt around me for a moment stopping I replied to the voice "Yes, I can feel it." I turned to Mayra explaining the voice I heard, "Who or what do you think it was?" she asked. "I don't know but something tells me that dire times are coming for this city, and everyone's limits will be pushed to the breaking point." I continued on to the academy after showing the gate guard my seal and papers. I briefly wondered where the voice had come from, as well as the thoughts I felt of despair about the city's future. However, with reaching the academy's gates I put them out of my mind for later thought.