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Third New Years After Buu

This is two years after Boo. The Z warriors are having a New Year party (at Roshi's as always). At this time Vegeta and Bulma have been married one year, and have a two-year-old daughter Bra (or in the edited anime as Bulla). Trunks is ten, Goten is nine, Gohan is twenty, Videl is the same as Gohan, Maron is four and as for the rest your guess is as good as mine. This is the biggest gathering they have had in a long time.

It is 11:00 o'clock. Krillin and 18 are outside in the back talking. Goku, Chi Chi, and Goten are in the living room. Gohan and Videl are in the front sitting by the ocean whispering to each other. Vegeta, Bulma, Bra, and Trunks are in the living room with Goku's family. Roshi is running around in a new shell. Turtle is out swimming. Boo and Hercule are spying on Videl and Gohan. Piccolo is sitting on the roof being moody as always. Chiaotzu is cooking. Dende is sitting with Mr. Popo in the front room. Korin is gambling with Oolong, Ox King, and Yajirobe with Puar fling over their heads. Yamcha is outside talking with Tien. Mr. Brief and Mama are with Bulma and Vegeta watching Bra and Maron.

At 11:30 everyone comes in and gets a party hat, noisemaker, and those old enough a glass of wine. (And yes even Piccolo and Vegeta get party hats. They didn't have a choose Bulma, and Chi Chi made them, but they are not very happy about it.) At ten seconds to New Years every one starts to count. At five seconds to everyone takes a drink of wine. (That is all old enough except Goten and Trunks steal a drink and gets hit on the heads by their mothers.)

At New Years on the dot the couples kiss. (That means Chi Chi and Goku, Bulma and Vegeta ((Amazing)), Krillin and 18, and the amazement of everyone mostly to Chi Chi's and Goku's and the fury of Hercule, Gohan and Vidal kiss, then Gohan says, "Um.. may I have your attention?" Everyone looks as Gohan gets down on one knee at says, "Vidal will you marry me?" He pulls out a huge diamond. Everyone is quite even the kids.

"Yes I will." Replies the stunned Vidal. A big cheer goes up. Chi Chi is in tears, Ox King is hugging poor Gohan (more like squishing the stuffing out of him), and Hercule is standing with his mouth open. When 12:30 comes around the mothers put the kids to bed and everyone goes outside. Piccolo says he's going home and takes off for the wilderness, soon followed by Tien and Chiaotzu, then Korin, Dende, Mr. Popo, and Yajirobe too. Everyone else is going to stay the night (Bulma brought tents).

Goku and Chi Chi share a tent. Vegeta, Bulma, and Bra share a tent. 18, Killin, and Maron share one. Goten and Trunks share a tent too. Ox King has a tent to himself. Vidal has a tent to herself, so does Gohan. Buu and Hercule share one. When Vidal thinks that everyone is asleep she tries to sneak into Gohan's tent, but is caught by 18.

"What are you doing?" 18 asks.

"Um..umm.." Is all the blushing Vidal can manage to say.

"You should wait till your honeymoon." 18 says smiling as Krillin comes out of the tent.

"Oh quit pestering her 18." Krillin says, then whispers in 18's ear, "if you don't recall we didn't wait that long." After Krillin and 18 saw Vidal go back to her tent they go back to bed.

Later that night Vidal tries again to sneak into Gohan's tent, but this time Goku is going inside to go to the bathroom.

"Whatca doing Vidal?" He asks unknowingly.

"I was umm.. uh.. going to the bathroom." She lies

"Oh ok go on then I'll wait." Goku says.

Vidal goes inside to the bathroom and thinks to herself, "Damn this is bad I've been caught two times already. If my father catches me he will throw a fit. Ok I'll try again in a half hour." Then she goes back to her tent.

A half hour later, she tries again this time she is caught by Goten and Trunks (who are trying to sneak get into Roshi's closet). Vidal more caught them then they did her.

"What are you two doing? She asks coldly.

"We were, we were, we were." Trunks mummers.

"You were going back to bed." Vidal answers as she heads back for her tent.

After she hears the boys snoring away she tries for Gohan's tent one last time. (It is now 3:30 in the morning.) This time she succeeds in getting into Gohan's tent. "Gohan are you awake?" she whispers.

"I haven't gone to sleep my love." He whispers back.

"So you heard every time I got caught?" She quietly giggles.

"Yep every time." He laughs.

Vidal leans over and kisses him. He wraps his arm around her and rolls over so that she is beneath him. He kisses her neck tenderly, lovingly.

Gohan whispers in her ear, "I want you. I need you. May I take you?"

She smiles and says, "Yes. It's been at least a month since the last time hasn't it? Is this tent sound proof?"

"No but it will be when I find the button." He says as he finds, and presses the button. Since she is already on her back he lies next to her and begins to kiss her neck. She moans at the feel of his warm lips on her flesh.

"Guess what?" He whispers in her ear.

"What love?" She whispers back.

"I got a new book that I think you will appreciate greatly." He tells her.

"What's it about?" She asks him.

"I rather show you then tell you." He tells her in a lustful voice.

"All right then my love, show me." She whispers lustfully.

"Gladly." He says. "I'll need your help to try it though." He started to pull her shirt off her when suddenly they hear 18 outside Videl's tent.

"Videl are you there? I want to talk to you." 18 tells the empty tent.

"She should go away when I don't answer." Videl tells Gohan as she starts kissing him again. (She was wrong.)

18 goes over to Gohan's tent and knocks on the fabric of the tent. "I know you're in there, so might as well let me in, unless of course you're already doing something." She tells the door to the tent.

Gohan gets up and lets her in while mumbling under his breath about already trying to do something.

"What did you say Gohan I didn't hear you." 18 says.

"Nothing." Gohan tells her while turning red.

"Videl will you come over to your tent with me please." 18 asks.

"Do I have to?" Asks an embarrassed Vidal.

"If you don't want me to wake up your father you do." 18 tells her shrewdly.

"Coming Coming." Videl tells her getting up quickly, going into her tent, and sitting down to wait for 18.

"Gohan, Krillin is going to come here he wants to talk to you." 18 tells him as she leaves.

(Now in Videl's tent.)

"What did you what to talk to me about 18?" Videl asks.

"I just want to ask you a few questions and give you a few tips." Says a smiling 18.

Videl lets out a sigh of relief. "That means you're not planning to tell anybody right?"

"Right. Now for my questions first."

"Ask away."

"Was that to be your first time having sex with him?"

"You're very open aren't you?"

"Suability isn't one of my strong points, so you should just be honest with me."

"Alright if you don't tell anyone."

"I won't."

"No that wasn't our first time, I've had him twice before."

"Videl your horrible you didn't even wait to be engaged. Don't worry I'm just kidding, me and Krillin didn't wait either."

"Ok next question please."

"How big is he?"

"18 !"

"Well for my tips I have to know how big he is."

"Umm he about this round" She make a circle with her hand. "That is when he isn't hard."

18's eyes go wide.

"And he is about this long." She again demonstrates with her hands.

"Man he is big!"

"That's what I thought every time I've had him."

"How bad did you bleed?"

"Kinda bad, but nothing serous."

"Ok. Have you ever had top?"

"No I don't know how to do top."

"You've been missing out then. Oh two more questions."

"Ok ask."

"Ok question one. Are you on birth control?"

"Yep night after our first and second time."

"Why that long, and that is not my second question."

"Our first and second was only about an hour apart."

"Oh I see. Now for my second question. Are you willing to share?"

"I don't mind if it is you and Krillin, but Gohan has to agree."

"I hoped that, well now to the tricks."

"Oh but not tonight ok.

"That's fine with me. If you can talk Gohan into it call me ok."

They spend the next twenty minutes talking about "tricks".

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