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Chapter Two

(At the same time as the girls, but in Gohan tent.)

"Hey Gohan can I come in?" Asks Krillin at the tent door.

"Come on in Krillin." Gohan answers.

Krillin walks in and sit down by Gohan. "18 convinced me to come ask you a few question and give you some um tips." He tells him.


"Well first the question I guess." He pauses. "Is she on you know on birth control?"

"Yep. She doesn't want to get pregnant yet."

"Good. So I take it this wouldn't have been you first time right?"

"Right it would have been our third."

"Now the next one is kinda embarrassing, but 18 wants me to ask."

"Don't worry ask anything I've known you long enough that you can ask me anything."

"Will you share? 18 wants to have it with me, her, Videl, and you."

Gohan eyes go huge. "You mean you don't mind doing that?"

"We've never actually done it before because I told her it had to be with someone I trusted. One day she asked about it and I told her I would trust you, then when she saw Videl trying to sneak into your tent she was determined that we ask you guys."

"I'll agree if Videl does. You have a very ravishing wife and if Videl allows it I would be honored to join you two, but not tonight I want her to myself tonight."

"Ok now that that is over with now for the second part of why I came."

"And what would that be my friend?"

"To give you some tips on what to try on her."

After they talked for a while the girls come over and knock.

"Come in." Gohan tells them.

Both 18 and Videl comes in and sits down.

"Well Krillin...what did he say?" 18 asks.

"He said he will is Videl agrees. How about Videl?" Krillin asks his wife.

"She said she would if Gohan agrees." 18 replies.

"But not tonight." Gohan and Videl state at the same time.

"Well goodnight you two. Don't stay up to late." Says a smiling 18 as she leaves the tent.

"Night Gohan." Krillin says as he follows his wife.

"Goodnight." Gohan and Videl say together.

Gohan zips up the tent and locks it. "Now back to what we were doing, and now I know a bit more tricks."

"Good me too." She tells him.

He goes to push her onto her back, but she shakes her head, and instead makes him lay on his back He gives her a knowing smile. (Krillin told her how to please her in this situation.)

"I see Krillin told you want to do if I decided to do this."

"Yes he said it was a favorite of 18's, so she would more then likely to teach it to you so he told me how to give you a lot of fun."


He lifts her shirt over her head, and then unsnaps her bra. He throws her shirt and bra across the tent. He puts his hand on her breasts and kneads them gently. She releases a low moan. His hand goes down to her pants line. He pulls her pants and underwear to her knees. She stands up and lets him pull her clothes the rest of the way down, and off. While she is standing up he wiggles out of his pants, boxers, and shirt. (No he is not wearing his teddy bear underwear.) She goes back to her knees on top of him. She moans at the feel of his warm bare skin. She smiles at him.

"Ready." She asks as she leans down to kiss him.

After receiving a hot and passionate kiss he gives her a groan of need. She positions herself and sits so his manhood enters her. She lets out loud moan upon penetration. She begins to move back and forth with him within her. He groans at the feel of her movement and the feel of being inside her. His hand goes up her back and gently strokes her spine. She presses her back against his hand as she begins to move faster. She releases a moan of long suppressed lust, and of passion unmet.

"Oh Gohan!" She moans.

"I know love it has been to long." He pants.

She rolls off him on to her back. She is covered in a layer of sweat. Gohan looks at her not ready to stop delirious with lust, but not wanting to make her keep going if she didn't want to.

"Don't worry Gohan I'm not done yet I just want to be on bottom." She tells him

Without hesitation he takes his place on top of her. He readies himself and thrusts into her as deeply as he can. She moans with renewed passion. Her nails dig into his back as he thrusts into her as fast and hard as he can without hurting her.

"Yes !" She whispers.

After both of them are out of energy the fall asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning they wake up to voices. "Shit" they whisper together.

"We slept in, what are we going to do?" Vidal whispers in his ear.

"Umm umm pretend to be asleep." Gohan suggests.

"Gohan wake up it's time to go." Comes Goku's voice right next to the tent.

"Vidal wake up sweetie, we're leaving." Says Hercules voice slightly farther off at Vidal's tent.

"Ok dad coming." She says miserable from in Gohan's tent. Both she and Gohan come out of the tent at the same time. Hercule looks at Vidal, then her tent, then Gohan, then the tent they emerged from, and then back to Vidal. He gets ready to start yelling.

Krillin and 18 give them a silent, but knowing look.

"What are you doing in his tent? You've been engaged for five hours and you are already in his bed." Hercule starts shouting.

"Chile out Hercule. I'm sure all they did was cuddle. I'm sure he didn't just ask her to marry him then deflower her that night. Come on Hercule as much as you don't like it they are good kids, ok change that to adults." Bulma states firmly.

After this everyone goes home. On the way home Vidal gets a lecture from her father about boys.

The End

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