Dear readers, it's been a while. I've stumbled upon my old story recently and thought: what a pity this was never finished!

So, after a short break between 2005 and 2020, let's check up on our old friends and foes...

...15 years later

Swanage, 11th of August 2011

„Can we go home now?" Harry asked a morose looking seagull.

He was sitting on his favourite piece of rock down by the sea. Over the years, he had been whittling it down from a craggy boulder to a flat, sofa-like platform. He liked to spend his quiet moments there. He had even taken up smoking, often with Lucius Malfoy by his side. Unfortunately, Dumbledore was very fond of apparating every few minutes to seemingly random places.


„Yes." Dumbledore said.

Up at the caves the party for Ginny's 30th birthday was still in full swing. Four Death Eaters were present: Avery, Nott, Pettigrew and Malfoy. Avery and Nott had been entrusted with the evening's entertainment: they were singing a soft duet with Nott playing the guitar. Pettigrew was serving drinks and Malfoy was there for decoration only.

Ginny was radiant. The pretty redheaded teenager had matured into a gorgeous woman. She was wearing a special outfit for the occasion: a shiny, golden-green snake costume. It clung to all the right places and revealed a stunning décolleté which was enhanced by a breathtaking tattoo.

Voldemort had aged really well too. Standing tall in his black silk robes embroidered with tiny green and silver skulls, nobody would guess that he was over eighty. And if they did, they wouldn't survive long enough to tell the tale.


„Dark Reaper of my Soul?"

„Come to your Dark Lord, love of my life!"

Ginny giggled charmingly and stepped over the corpses of two unimportant Death Eaters who had dared to come to her party underdressed. Lucius Malfoy, his platinum blonde hair now streaked with grey, backed away to hide behind a rose bush.

„Kiss me, flame of eternal life!" Voldemort whispered, his voice like sand sliding over satin. Ginny, forced to take very small steps by the tube-like snake-skirt, hobbled into his lean, strong arms.

„Has it already been 15 years? Time truly flies when you're happy!"

Voldemort grinned at that, showing his pointy teeth inlaid with precious emeralds.

„I never thought I would say the S-word, my snakelike enchantress. Or the L-word, my ruby-haired concubine. I swore to myself on the seven shards of my soul that the M-word would never leave my lips. But I will, and I do, and it must."


Voldemort cleared his throat. Avery and Nott fell silent. Pettigrew held his breath. Lucius frantically searched the pockets of his robe.

„Ginevra Molly Weasley."






Suddenly, Voldemort got down on one knee. Ginny gasped.

„Lucius! The ring!"

„Of c-c-c-ourse, m-my lord," a shaking Malfoy stuttered, creeping forward. Taking Ginny's left hand, he held out the ring to his Lord and Master.


Dumbledore twirled on the spot, his wand high up in the air. Little lightning bolts danced between his eyebrows.



But it was too late. With a loud, booming TWOINK Ginny, Dumbledore and Harry disappeared into thin air. A millisecond later, with a high-pitched cry, Lucius Malfoy got dragged along, still holding onto Ginny's hand.

Hogwarts, 11th of August 1996

Severus Snape was a very emotional man. The last year had been tough, to put it mildly. He had Occluded so frequently, he sometimes had difficulties making out what was real and what wasn't. He'd also started talking to himself, to his weird jars and sometimes even to his students.

„…and you know what he told me? Of course you do, you were there. He told me – he told me – Severus, my boy. Stay at Hogwarts for the summer. We need to go over our plans and work on your pain tolerance. I was looking forward to that! And where in Merlin's cursed name is he now?"

The pickled toad didn't reply.

„And the Dark Lord of course just had to be contrary. You know what he asked me to do? DO YOU?"

A stuffed flobberworm seemed to shrink back into the shadows.


„No I don't, my dear boy," Dumbledore said, smiling, as he brushed the sand from his robes.

Severus turned by 30 degrees to face the headmaster. „He told me to spend the whole summer in Spinner's End with PETER flipping PETTIGREW! And now they're apparently BOTH gone AWOL and –" He faltered. Frowning, he tentatively reached out to touch the sudden apparition.

„Hi Snape," Harry said, stroking his beard. Snape whipped his head around. He blinked.

„Oh god, of all the places…" Ginny pushed Harry aside and into Snape's field of vision. She rolled her eyes dramatically and crossed her arms, pushing her breasts up. Then she fixed Snape's eyes and glowered. Snape's expression changed from confused to slightly panicked.

Professor Snape," Lucius mumbled belatedly, tilting to the side. Snape caught him out of habit. He brushed the hair from Lucius' face and let out a shocked shriek.


„That's a long story, my dear Severus. Sit down and I will tell it to you. Harry et al. can go somewhere else, I don't want to bore you all."

Ginny was already at the door. „See ya later!"

Harry and Lucius shrugged and followed. „Where are you going?"

„To the Burrow I guess, saying hi to the family, then back to my one true love. You?"

But before Harry could answer he heard a jar smash on the dungeon wall, and an inhuman voice screaming „YOU WANT ME TO OFFICIATE A WEDDING?"