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Ch. 19 The Start of a New Life

3 weeks later

Los Angeles, California

Angel waited at the airport gate for Angela and House to arrive. Looking around, he saw Buffy standing by the window, looking out on the heavy rains that were pouring down. Angel smiled as Buffy turned and looked at him. The past couple weeks, they had been reevaluating their relationship and situations and had worked out visits and spending weekends together.

"Flight 546 from Dublin, Ireland is now docking."

After only a few minutes, Angela and House came out of the gate, arm in arm. She left House for a moment and went to Angel to give him a hug. Angel pulled her close and smiled into his sister's hair. "It's good to see you again, 'La." Angel pulled back slightly and looked Angela over. "You look good."

"I feel good," Angela said with a smile. She leaned on her cane as she surveyed Buffy coming up to Angel and sliding her hand into his. "So I see that you two are looking cozy."

Buffy smiled. "I really can't thank you enough, Angela."

Angela shrugged. "Hey, if you're happy, Angel's happy. And if he's happy, then I'm happy."

"So where are you two living?" Angel asked as Angela and House followed Buffy and Angel to the luggage pickup.

Angela felt House's arm slide around her waist as he said, "We're going to buy a house in New Jersey. Angela just wanted to have some of her stuff sent over before we officially move."

"Sounds good," Angel said as he gave his sister a smile even though he'd hoped she'd decide to stay in Los Angeles. It would have been fun to have Angela living nearby. Still, she had her own life now, so it was only fair that she lived further away.

Once Angel and Buffy had their bags, they headed down to the parking lot and loaded the luggage into Angel's trunk before driving down to Angela's penthouse.


When the four of them entered Angela's apartment, Angela was surprised by the small welcome party in the living room. Lily, James, Sirius, Lupin, and Harry had hung a banner with 'Welcome Home, Angela and Greg House' in flashing colors. Also present were Methos, Duncan Macleod, and Amanda.

Angela laughed softly, a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. It was great that she had friends who wanted to celebrate her new life. Lily hurried up and pulled Angela aside. "I found something for you," Lily said as she and Angela went into the kitchen.

"What's going on?" Angela asked, sitting on one of the counter stools.

"I found this spell to let you conceive. It's not that complicated, but you have to take a couple potions every 30 days."

Angela's eyes lit up. "Are you serious? How does it work?"

Lily pulled out a folded page from a spell book. But before Lily handed the spell over, she hesitated. Angela noticed this and asked, "What is it?"

Lily sighed. "The spell transfers the essence of a soul to another individual. It's not dark magic, but it's… delicate. Plus-"

"What do you mean transference of soul essence?"

Lily sat down as well. "Your Immortality would be transferred to me for 9 months."

"Okay." Angela smiled. "Okay. How soon can we do it?"

"Do what?" asked Methos as he came in and went to the fridge and pulled out a beer.

Angela rolled her eyes at him. "Methos, you should call 'Ripley's: Believe it or Not'. You could be the world's oldest alcoholic. '5,005 years old and he still gets hammered every Saturday night.'"

Methos gave her a look as he took a drink. "I am only 5,003; and besides, I get drunk on Thursdays."

"Are the three of you going to stay in here all night?" said Amanda as she poked her head in. "Because you're going to miss it. Macleod's looking fidgety."

When she stressed the 'it', she shot a pointed look at Methos who nodded. "Right. Be right there."

Lily and Methos followed Angela out of the kitchen and back to the living room where Macleod was indeed looking rather twitchy. After a moment, Macleod went up to Amanda and got down on one knee, pulling a ring box out of his pocket. Angela whispered to House, "About damn time. He's been holding onto that ring for 89 years."

"Really?" House was amazed at that. He couldn't imagine waiting almost 90 years to propose to someone. Of course he'd never imagined he'd all but fall in love over night either.

Angela smiled. "Yeah, well… they've had a long courtship."

Macleod opened the ring box and said, "406 years, and I've only found one perfect woman for me. That's you. Amanda… will you marry me?"

"Duncan…" Amanda was speechless. But she smiled as she tackled Macleod to the ground, kissing him. They rolled around on the floor for a moment, before Macleod asked, "Is that a yes?"

Amanda laughed as she let him slide the ring on her finger. "Yes, it's a yes, you loveable Scot!"

After a few more moments of kissing and a little mild groping, Angela cleared her throat while tapping her cane on the ground. "Excuse me! I'd appreciate it if you two didn't have sex on my carpet!" Amanda looked slightly abashed as she and Macleod got up off the floor. Methos looked slightly disappointed at Amanda gave Macleod a quick kiss. Angela smirked at the older Immortal. "You jealous?"

"I've been hoping Macleod would get killed," Methos said as he walked up to Angela and House. "Cause if he died, Amanda would be free to date."

"Boy, are you romantic," Angela muttered.

"Says the woman who seduced the doctor treating her and pulled him into her bed within 48 hours," said House.

Methos' eyebrows lifted in surprise. "I thought you said you were swearing off men after Sirius."

"Yeah, well," Angela said as she took House's hand and gave her husband a smile. "Things change."



It was nearly midnight when Angela finally shooed everyone out. She looked at House, her eyes soft and tender as House slowly took her into his arms, running his fingers along the small of her back. Angela let loose a small moan of pleasure and wound her arms around House's neck. He had the sudden odd sensation of being squeezed and when he looked up, he saw that they were in Angela's bedroom. He looked at Angela for an explanation. "Apparation," she said simply. "It's a wonderful thing." As they sat on the bed, slowly undressing one another, House showed Angela that she wasn't the only one with inherent magical ability. As they slowly peeled clothes off of each other, House couldn't take his eyes off of Angela's body. Her skin seemed to glow in the moon's reflection and every part of her looked like a marble piece. His chest was so tight that it ached with anticipation to get lost in her.

As they sat down on the bed, House held her face in his hands for a moment and they stared into each other's eyes. "I love you, Angela."

She looked at him tenderly said, "I love you, too, Greg."

They kissed each other softly. House traced the shape of her mouth with his lips and her lips responded like a flower opening. Angela moaned softly and House deepened the kiss until it became urgent as if he wanted to find sustenance in her body. He began to kiss her neck slowly and he moved further down until he reached her beautiful bosom. House cupped her breasts and caressed the soft skin. Angela moaned with pleasure as House eased her down on the bed and positioned himself on top of her, continuing his explorations of his wife's body until he got down to her thighs. Angela was only able to utter hoarsely, "Oh, Greg. Please…"

House chuckled and said, "We have all night, darling. Patience."

Angela's eyes sparkled with passion. "Oh, really?" She grabbed him by the shoulders and started kissing him. She held onto him for what seemed like hours and when she came up for air, House was out of breath as well, looking at her with half-closed eyes. Angela then kissed his neck and bit him gently on the throat. He moaned against her mouth, and she smiled as she felt the throaty purr. She wove her way down his chest with her mouth all the way down until he bucked against her. House looked at Angela with a look of pure ecstasy as he moved his hands down the curves of her body until he came to her prosthetic. He eased the leg off and slowly kissed the tender skin, making Angela shiver. As House slowly moved upwards again, he rolled with Angela so she was on top of him. This time, Angela's hands moved downwards, fingers gently sliding over the trenches of House's wasted thigh.

As they caught each other's gaze, House stared into Angela's blue-green eyes and he was lost in her beauty and her love. He never imagined he would be so lucky to have someone like Angela Rosemund Celenia McKeaten in his life. At that moment, he slid into her body and she was ready for him. She cried out in exquisite pain and pleasure. House continued his rhythm until he could no longer hold back. Their dance became one of urgency and need where one move led into another until they clashed in an abyss of hot waves and euphoria.

They came back into their bodies: panting, sweating, and satisfied. No one spoke for several moments; they just lay there in each other's arms until Angela said, "I give that a 10."

House laughed and kissed Angela tenderly on the lips. "Imagine what we could do with two good legs."

Angela's ringing laughter lit up the room.


The next morning, when House awoke and looked at Angela's sleeping form he noticed an odd glow about her. Funny… he hadn't noticed that before. She also seemed more relaxed… content. House thought about getting up and making breakfast for the two of them, but he remembered that, unfortunately, both their canes were on the floor in the living room downstairs.

"House?" Wilson's voice floated into the room from the stairs. House got up slowly and popped two vicodin before getting dressed. He closed the bedroom door before going to the top to see James Wilson coming up, holding two canes.

"Angela's still asleep," House said, taking his own cane and setting Angela's against the wall by the door for when she got up. He and Wilson slowly made their way downstairs as they talked.

"And?" Wilson asked, watching House like a hawk. The last thing he wanted was for his friend to take a spill.

"And… I think she might be pregnant," House said as they paused at the bottom of the first set of stairs.

"What? House, you two have only been married 3 weeks!" Wilson calmed down then smirked. "You two picked a name yet?"

"Rosemund, if it's a girl. Haven't thought about a boy's name yet."

"Rose House. Sounds good to me."

When they got to the kitchen, they found Molly Weasley cooking. House smiled as he sat at the dining room table. "Good morning, Greg," she said, smiling at him. "It's good to see you again. Of course, you're still too skinny. You, too," she said, looking at Wilson who sat down wordlessly. "Where's Angela?" Molly asked as she set plates in front of House and Wilson.

"Sleeping," House sat as he took a bite of eggs. He loved Mrs. Weasley's cooking. She was so happy to feed people, and she always made such good stuff. He looked up, however, when he heard the steps creaking.

Angela came in and smiled a greeting to Mrs. Weasley. "Morning, Molly. Wow, it looks great. Which is perfect because I'm starving this morning, for some reason."

"Really? Because you're still looking skinny. A bit peaky, too…" The other woman studied Angela for a moment before her gray eyes flew wide and she enveloped Angela in a hug. "Oh, I'm so happy for you! Eat up! You'll need it!"

Angela looked confused. "Molly, what are you on about? I told you, I'm just hungry. It's not like that's never happened before."

Mrs. Weasley smiled. "Angela, I have 7… I know. You have that glow. That warmth and serenity…" She took Angela's hands in her weathered ones. "Angela… you're going to be a mother."

Angela's eyes widened, but then she calmed, her eyes slightly saddened. "Molly, I'm Immortal, remember? I can't have children. My body can't handle a pregnancy."

Molly Weasley smiled, conciliatorily. "Oh, dear, I know. I was told the same thing after a problem with Fred and George's births. But sometimes things are meant to happen."

"Really?" Angela said, her voice just above a whisper. She put a hand to her flat stomach. "I'm going to be a mother." She turned to House who had got up to pull her into a warm embrace, and smiled as she sat down to an extra large plate of breakfast.

Angela glanced at the amount of food. "Molly, I said I was hungry, but this is overkill."

Molly winked at Angela. "You're eating for three, dear."

Angela's eyes widened again. "Three? Molly, I just found out I'm pregnant and you're saying I'm… I-I mean, I'm having… Are you sure?"

"Angela… I know, dear."

As Angela started eating, she smiled. 'Twins. Rosemund and Glenn House. It's perfect.'