Disclaimer: I don't own YuGiOh, or even the 'pretty little hikari' phrase. XD That belongs to a writer on media miner dot org. . . but I can't remember who. (clears throat) Sorry. . . Credit to whoever wrote that interesting carnival story!

Author's Note: Um. . . Yeah. So last night I was reading this fanfic (I forgot to print out the author and story title) about Yami and Yugi going to a carnival, and then Anzu came along and spent the day trying to "subtly" break them up because "she loves Yugi more". . . it was an interesting story.

Anyway, in it, Yami does this whole 'pretty little hikari' thing where he practically worships Yugi and sounds (more or less) like an over possessive homicidal maniac (. . . Not that he isn't already, ne? Just kidding!) and- well, this idea was born.

It's weird, it's warped, you're warned. Please resist from flames- I know Yami wouldn't go over the deep end like this. It's just a fanfic.

That said, please enjoy!




Pretty little hikari.

My pretty little hikari. . .

Eyes so deep, so violet, that no amethyst could ever hope to match their splendor. Skin so pale, like porcelain- a delicate doll. The kind that should be displayed with a proud air. Soft features- darkest lashes and rosy cheeks, petal-like lips that smile for everyone.

But that smile- no matter to whom it's directed- is mine.

As are your eyes, your skin, your lashes- everything. Mine. And everyone should know that you're mine, my pretty little hikari. All mine. Mine forever. No one elses. And should they harm you, as these fools did- I will punish them. I will punish them without mercy.

My hikari. My beautiful, beautiful light.

Come- let me embrace you. I just want to hold you to me, so tightly that I'll never have to let go. To breathe in your unique scent, the aroma of vanilla and honeysuckle; the purity and innocence I'll never have.

Don't look so frightened, my pretty little hikari. I promise I won't hurt you. They deserved their fates, aibou. They deserve that and so much more, for what they did to you. . .

Please don't tremble, my pretty little hikari. It makes my heart hurt. Don't shy away- it makes me want to cry. Why do you look so afraid, my darling partner? I did this all for you. Don't feel any remorse for a crime that is not yours.

Let me hold you.

Your eyes are shining, my little light- they sparkle brighter than diamonds. Your flesh, it feels like silk beneath my fingertips. And though it is now stained with a streak of red, it is still more gorgeous than any ivory.

Let me hold you.

You quake and repeat your question- "Why? Why? Why?" Scoot back. Bump into a body. Look away. Choke on vomit.

Silly, pretty little light.

Crouching before you, I slip a moist knuckle beneath your chin and tilt it upwards, smiling brightly. A droplet of maroon slides over my eyelid, dripping down my chin to splatter upon my tainted uniform.

No one may touch what is mine. No one may speak to what is mine. No one may look at what is mine. No one may harm what is mine. And you are mine, my pretty little light. For now and forever. No one can change that.

Not even you.

My tongue snakes out as I lean foreword, cleaning the caked blood off of your velvety cheek. Mine.

Let me hold you.

And you comply.