About a week or two ago, my Onni-Chan came home for my birthday weekend. :3 Well, since my internet was down during that time, and I wurvs my brother so much, we decided to do something together. I suggested anime, of course, but he's not that big of a fan other than Cowboy Bebop and a few others (Like FLCL and Love Hina. He never admitted he likes Love Hina, but I saw the stuff he was downloading on Kazaa…. Kukukuku….). So then he suggested Firefly, and I was like "ZOMG!11eleven!1". We've probably seen that series twenty times over. And you know what? It's still awesome. It's better than Star Trek (Yup, I'm a Trekkie), and HELLA better than Star Wars.

In fact, it's up there, RIIIIGHT under Chrno Crusade. Yeah, it's that good.

So watching the series again got me going, and I thought – "ZOMG!11eleven!1 – I can do a crossover!". Which, this 'fic, in its entirety, is not exactly a crossover. It's just using the base of Firefly (It's weapons, planets, concepts, etc), but no characters from it. Well, I may hint at it, but that's as far as it'll go. If you have any questions, because I know Firefly isn't a universal series (IT SHOULD BE!11eleven!), feel free to ask. :3 Have fun!

Disclaimer: I don't own Chrno Crusade. If I did, I'd have kept the series going… have Chrno and Rosette make many babies together… Mumblemumble


A young girl gently patted her feet against the grassy terrain, golden hair that ran just past her shoulders glittered in the midday suns, a light hymn strumming in her throat as she looked heavenward. Dust mixed with the lush vegetation in the plain, stirring only when it came in contact with her skin or harmonious tune that seemed to lift the very branches of the trees that hung lazily along the rim of the solitude clearing. Her lace-tipped dress mimicked the color of the cloudless sky, her dusty, white shawl flung out as she raised her arms as stepped into an elegant twirl, eyes closed as she inhaled the soothing air.

"A-ema no leeishe de so nuc coruve'eta…" She sung with her voice for the first time, opening her brilliant blue eyes to look towards her feet, dancing about as if she were at a festival. "S'ol le nocara ne… comiine et s'ol letia a…"

The whimsical flow of her singing stopped as a trio of footsteps boomed from the entrance of the clearing, as if nature itself had stopped from the sudden intrusion.

"Purty nice voice there ya got there, missy." A lanky man said as he held two fingers out, catching the freshly lit cigarette as he pulled it from his mouth to give the girl a suggestive grin. His hair was slightly messy, untamed and seemed like it hadn't been cut properly in ages, like his uneven shave around his mouth. He slipped a lazy hand into a pocket of his dusty brown trench coat, matching the color of his leather boots and torn, muddy jeans. The other three men that followed him had the same sly grin, though a little more clean-cut than the one before them. "How's about you come wit' us and make some more purty music…."

"Oh, I'm sorry." The girl replied with a genuine smile, lips showing a hint of red lipstick, matching the hinted shade of her cheeks. "I'm waiting for someone… I cannot leave until he gets here."

"Then let's make this clear and simple for ya…" Another gruff man replied, stepping forward to tower over the girl easily by a foot or so. "Come with us and we won't give you a scar to show our pretty little children."

"Oi, Been, isn't she a little young?" Another man asked, putting his hands on his hips, tilting a dusty cowboy hat back to get a good look. "I swear, she couldn't be a day over fifteen, I'd say…."

"The younger th' better." The first one replied, running a hand through his black hair, inspecting the prize before him, who seemed to do nothing but show a sweet smile towards the men. "Been, nab her. Gag her if you must, but I want her back at the campsite without a scratch on 'er."

The taller man nodded with a sick grin and lunged forward, grabbing the girl by the wrist… which ultimately, became his demise.

Four gunshots were heard immediately as the man suddenly found a few of his fingers detached from his hand. Falling back in a cry of pain, gripping his damaged limb, the other three men pulled out their pistols, eyes frantically searching for the source of the shots.

The girl's face suddenly changed from innocent to determined as she leaped up and slammed the back of the man's neck, his larger body falling to the ground instantly. As soon as her feet touched the ground, a shadowed figure appeared from behind her, and brushed past her arm, and moved directly behind the last couple of targets. She knelt down and reached up her dress, pulling out a Government .45 pistol, pointing it expertly towards them.

The two men froze instantly, taken by surprise as they stood there, unaware of the shadow that loomed behind them.

"Billy Rancher, it's the end of the line." The girl grinned, pulling the safety switch off her gun. "Thought you may have been smarter than to take a stroll with so little bodyguards, with a 250,000 Yen bounty on your head. Drop your weapons if you don't wish to have your organs ripped out through your nostrils."

"Pretty touch words comin' from such a little lady." He snorted, leering at her with eyes set to kill. "I'd love to see you try."

"Oh, I won't…. but you may want to worry about my friend behind you." She grinned as both men immediately whirled around, only to be met with the click of a gun, and a furious pair of red eyes.

"I suggest you do as she says." A dark violet-haired man said flatly, the barrel of the gun resting on Billy's forehead. "'Cause my favorite pastime is ripping people's organ out through their nostrils. I'm afraid I've perfected that skill."

The man's eyes widened as a shaky hand dropped his gun, his partner doing the same. "S-Sinner…" He stuttered, trying to meet back at the violet-haired man's glare, but unable to as he looked into piercing red eyes.

"Oi, Chrno!" The girl called, finally standing to her full height as she lowered her gun, aware of the control they already had of the situation. "You're going to make the guy soil his pants."

Chrno didn't reply, as he stared emotionlessly at his 'victim', before smirking a sick grin and slowly pressing his finger against the trigger.

"N-No, please! I'll do anything! I'll give you all the money I have!" The man pleaded, entire form shaking as he felt the tip of the gun press harder against his head.

"Sayonara," Chrno whispered, before pulling the trigger.

A fairly loud 'click' rang through the clearing, before Billy's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and fell backwards, fainted.

The violet-haired man couldn't stand it any longer, and began to chuckle to himself, holding his gut as he noticed Billy had peed his pants.

"How many times have I told you to stop doing that!" The girl yelled, cheeks slightly red from anger, as she watched Billy's partner stare in disbelief. "Get outta here you scum, before I use my gun on you. And I have ammo!"

The man whimpered and looked at her from behind, and nodded, quickly sprinting away the was he came.

She sighed and shook her head, walking to the laughing figure at the edge of the clearing, clearly amused. "You know, you're going to give someone a heart attack one of these days. Then we won't get our reward." She said in a cocky tone, folding her arms as she looked up at him.

"Aah, sorry Rosette." He laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "Some of these guys are just so gullible. That's the third time I left without any bullets!"

"One of these days…" Rosette groaned, rubbing her temples with one hand while the other slid her gun safely in the belt just under her dress.

"Shall we take him in then? Won't be much of a trouble to haul him back into the ship now." He suggested, and bent down, flinging the man over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

"Ooh, I can't wait… We'll get to eat real food tonight!" Rosette sang happily, putting a hand to her cheek like she was in a state of pure bliss. "And a shower…. Oh Chrno, can we stay at a hotel? One with a shower?"

"I guess…" Chrno sweatdropped, and trotted out of the clearing. Yeesh, women and their obsession with showers. What's so great about them anyway?

"You could use one too." She added flatly.


"You smell like cattle!"

"That's only because of our last mission! We barely had enough room on our ship to keep a dozen cows…"

"I think everyone on that ship needs a good shower after that. Stop complaining, 'master'." She huffed, arms still folded.

"I told you not to call me that…"

"If you're not, then why'd you have to shoot the fingers off that one guy? He touched me. On the arm, Chrno."

"Hey, I saw where that was going. I didn't want you to get hurt is all – and can you keep it down? I don't have any bullets if this guy wakes up." Chrno coughed, motioning to the nearly motionless man over his shoulders, and as if on cue, he belched.

"Good gods, he smells worse than a ship left by Reavers…" Rosette immediately held her nose. "Think he has fleas? I think he has fleas."

"I think you need to keep quiet so he doesn't wake up from your repulsive voice and try to escape with our bounty."

Chrno had to sprint the entire way back to the ship, as bullets were shot meaninglessly into the air.


Yes, yes, I know. Short. It's a prologue! Gimme a break! w

Anywhoo, if you're wondering what "Reavers" are, let me put it this way….. As quoted by Zoe from the Firefly series, "If they take the ship they'll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skins into their clothing. And if we're very, very lucky, they'll do it in that order.". But they're basically people, more or less, that have gone insane to the extreme, partake in self-mutilation, and enjoy watching people squirm as they're about to die. Really sick. Don't want to run into them.

:3 I'm hoping to get the next chappie up soon, if homework allows it.