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Mend These Broken Wings
Chapter One: Come Swiftly, Death....

Relena stood stock still in a corner of the darkened room, her breath coming in short rasps. A small sign that she was close to panicking, and she knew that was just what he wanted. Her stubborn streak demanded that she not give in, that she not let him know that she was afraid. She clenched her hands in together in an attempt to calm their trembling and pushed herself closer to the wall, her senses in hyperdrive as she gazed futilely around the room, looking for her attacker. It had all happened so suddenly. She had opened the door to her room only to be pulled inside by a masked man who quickly flipped the lights off. Over the past few years she had gotten quite good at getting rid of assassins and she wasn't about to let this one get away with anything. Bringing her leg up and around she karate kicked him right in the stomach, a move she hoped wouldn't kill him but would buy her time to get away. He had grunted and released her but he stood between her and the door so she had fled to the other side of the room, looking for an escape route. A jump off the balcony would give her two broken legs and she had never been much of a climber so a slide down the drainpipe would probably kill her. There was nothing else to do but to use the darkness to her advantage and hide in the shadows until she could escape or until someone came to check on her. Which should be soon as Heero was only content until a small clan of guards had gathered outside her door. Before she had been exasperated over Heero's overprotection, after all she already had a big brother, but now she was grateful that he had a guard walk by her room every ten minutes. If only she could last that long...

"Princess, I hope you know you are making this extremely difficult." Came the low voice of the masked man somewhere to her left. She whipped her head in that direction, feeling her heart beat wildly in her chest. She couldn't see him and she wondered if he knew where she was. "If you had simply embraced your fate this would all be over."

Relena kept silent and still. She couldn't understand why this man was talking to her, except that maybe he wanted to trick her into saying something that would reveal her location. She had no intention of doing that so she made herself as small as possible and looked towards the door. Light drifted in under it and her sky blue eyes focused on it, wishing she was out there instead of in her bedroom.

~Please, someone, walk by, please...~

"Come out, princess." The dangerous voice whispered close by. "Come out and I promise I will make it quick, painless, very little blood. Which is more than anyone else will offer you."

Relena blinked at the man's words but ignored them, concentrating on the door. Sure, Heero seemed to be leading her towards a death from heartbreak and the world wouldn't be sated until she had been drained of energy, but what did this man know of her life? He didn't know anything about her. He had probably just been hired by some kind of hidden organization that wanted her dead, and was offering a lot of money to anyone who could do the job. She wondered how much her life had been worth to this man.

Suddenly her eyes widened as she saw a person's shadow outside the door. The person seemed to hesitate and Relena knew this was the only chance she would have to get help. Taking a deep breath, she screamed and threw herself towards the door.

The minute the first breath of sound had left her throat, her attacker leapt for her but she had thrown herself to the right and he caught only air. Relena sprinted for the door just as it slammed open. Wild eyed and frightened, she crashed into the guard who caught her with one arm, his other pointing a gun into the darkness at the unseen foe.

"There's a man in there." She gasped, "He wanted to kill me."

The guard pulled a grenade from his belt, pulled the bolt, and threw it into the room. He then leapt for Relena and they both fell to the floor as her room exploded. At the same time, the ship's master alarm went off and people burst from their rooms, shouting and running.

Relena stood shakily as the guard slid off her, and for the first time, Relena saw clearly who it was.

"Heero." She said, trying to keep her voice from trembling. "What's going on? I thought it was just another assassination attempt."

Heero arched an eyebrow at the world 'just' but didn't give a reply. He simply grabbed her hand again and jerked her down the hall, weaving between people who yelled out for someone to explain what was going on. Heero didn't stop until he had dragged her to the flight deck where Duo was shouting out orders to a stunned crew.

"What's going on?" Heero asked, his level voice reaching Duo even over the noise of the alarm. The braided pilot looked towards them and his face relaxed as he noticed Relena.

"So she's all right then." He said, relieved, before going on in a more serious voice. "Maintenance found a bomb on board. We're trying to disarm it but we're evacuating just in case." He paused. "We've got ten minutes." A wailing crew member next to him caught his attention and he turned away, barking orders. "What do you think you're doing, man? Get everyone out of here and to the escape shuttles. Go, now!"

Heero didn't waste a second. He grabbed Relena's arm again and sprinted from the room, giving her no choice but to keep up with him. His mind was focused now, a mission in sight. Get Relena to an escape pod and make sure she got off the ship. Even if the bomb was deactivated it would still be safer to get Relena off the ship, just in case. He had a hunch that the man in her room and the bomb were connected, though he couldn't see the purpose behind it. Whatever it was, Relena would be safe with him.

As Heero pulled towards the opposite end of the shuttle towards the escape pods, Relena called out to the confused people around her.

"Don't panic! Everything will be all right. There are some complications with the ship and were evacuating to be safe. Head towards the escape shuttles!"

Some heeded her words and made mad dashes for the shuttles, others continued to look around blankly until a crew member urged them to evacuate. As they neared the escape shuttles it was plain to see that people were not thinking clearly. They pushed and shouted to be the first in the pods and things were getting a little rough. Ignoring the first shuttles, Heero led her to one of the smaller pods that hadn't been filled yet. He pushed her inside just as Duo came trotting up.

"I pulled the plug on the deactivation. The bomb is triggered to blow no matter what we do. " He said, glancing at Relena. "Hope you didn't leave anything really important on board."

"No, Heero all ready blew up my room." She joked, shakily. Heero jerked a thumb towards the pod.

"Get in Duo, we don't have much time."

Just as Duo stepped into the pod, there was a sound of gunfire and Duo stumbled against her, a bullet lodging itself in his foot. He cursed under his breath and Relena caught him, her face going white.


Heero turned to find the gunman standing not thirty feet away, pistol pointing directly at Heero's heart.

"Well, well, well, I see we're all fleeing to safety. Too bad none of you are going to make it off this ship."

Relena stiffened as she recognized the voice of her attacker earlier. A wave of anger swept through her even as she supported Duo.

"What do you want?" She spat. "You must know that your bomb is going to explode. Do you want to die?"

The gunman laughed. "Oh, princess, death comes to us all. My mission was to destroy you." - Relena jumped at his choice of words. - "And I will see you dead if it costs me my life."

"Why?" She asked, softly, "Do you really hate me that much?"

"War is life. I can not live without war." He growled back, and aimed his gun at her. Immediately time slowed for her. She saw the gunman focus his sight on her and she felt Duo shift, ready to take another bullet for her. But it was Heero that made her scream. He turned slowly and punched the button for the door hatch, watching it close instantly with a sealing hiss. She met his gaze through the tiny glass window and she knew. She knew what he was going to do.

He looked at her tenderly for a moment, all the feelings he had never expressed, welling in his eyes for her to read. She cried out as he mouthed the words, "Good bye, Relena."

and punched the release button...

"Heero!" She screamed, her voice unrecognizable with the currents of her grief. "Noooooooooooooo!"

Time leapt forward.

The escape pod burst from the ship and she stared unbelieving at the field of stars that quickly filled up the tiny window. She had stopped breathing, her mind focused completely on the ship in front of her. She reached out her free hand vainly towards the window just as the ship exploded in a red-orange fireball that blew debris outward with the force of the blast. As the shockwaves reached the pod, she was thrown back, still supporting Duo and she lost sight of the ship as the world tilted crazily.

Relena threw back her head and gave the keening wail of a woman who had just watched the man she loved, die...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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