Three days later...

who can say where the road goes
where the day flows
only time
and who can say if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time

Duo leaned back against the rough bark of the tree, his dark violet eyes
wandering over the quiet landscape. It was strange to think that just a few days
ago this field had been a battle ground. It still looked trampled and the ground
was rent in several places but the grass was already growing back, and here and
there he could discern tiny pink flowers growing among the carnage. Behold, the
power of life over death.

He smirked to himself, wondering if the title of the God of Death still suited
him. As he looked out over the green earth he felt nothing but a comfortable
weariness, a desire to be still and listen to the world's song. Just standing
there, silently, he realized how much he had missed in the past three years. He
had missed living, breathing, the feel of the sun on his back and the kiss of
the moon on the water. The time had slipped away from him, and now that the
rebellion was over he was a little at odds. The stress and single-mindedness of
the war had drifted away and the new way of things had started. What was he to
do with himself if he didn't have something to fight for?

"Duo no baka, get over here and help me."


Now there was something he would gladly fight for. Grinning to himself, he
straightened and made his way down the hillside to where Hilde was rummaging
through the rubble of what had once been the Sank palace. What she hoped to find
was beyond him, but he said nothing. For some reason she seemed abnormally upset
that she had been the one to order the destruction of this once peace oriented
capital. He didn't really understand why, but knew it had something to do with
Rena, or rather, Relena. People died in wars and nations rose and fell, he had
seen enough of it to know it to be true, and it was no different this time. The
A'rateken had been all but destroyed, the survivors scattered to the wind to
live as outcasts. Nothing remained of their empire except the smoky debris he
saw before him. Hilde kneeled in the chaos, looking through the ash and soot for
some remnant of the past that she could give to her friend. He came to stand
slightly behind her, watching her with humour.

"You called, my dear?"

"Yes, I called." She said, irritated but immediately smiled up at him to show
she didn't mean it. "Help me look."

He sighed. "Hilde, come on, you're not going to find anything in this stuff.
Besides, the empress would have thrown out all of Relena's things. She hated

"You never know, Duo, beside I want to give her something. This was her home,
after all."

Duo sighed again and bent down to rummage through the remains of a long ago

who can say why your heart sighs
as your love flies
only time
and who can say why your heart cries
when your lies
only time

Quatre knelt slowly, placing the bouquet of pale roses on the gray headstone
before him. The wind tugged his platinum locks into his blue-green eyes and he
brushed them away, impatiently. He reached out and traced the engraved words,

Dorothy Catalonia
Rest in peace, brave soul.

Simple, elegant. He thought Dorothy would have wanted it that way. She was
probably watching him that minute, laughing at how solemn he looked and making
some sarcastic remark about how only children should cry.

He smiled sadly, and looked up into the dawning sky.
"Who would have thought you would save us, Dorothy?" He asked, a slight catch in
his voice. He hadn't told the others everything about what had happened, saying
only that she had died for the cause. He didn't want to put any guilt on Sally
and Wufei. It hadn't been anyone's fault. Dorothy had made the choice for all of

"Farewell, my friend." He whispered, and stood, feeling a sudden strength come
over him. Her strength.

"Yes," He whispered to her, "It is time to start again."

who can say when the roads meet
that love might be
in your heart
and who can say when the day sleeps
if the night keeps
all your heart

Trowa watched his Arabian friend from a distance, Catherine standing slightly
behind him, his constant source of life and will. Her right arm was in a sling,
testimony to their mad run from the exploding palace and the lacerations on his
back from flying debris made him stand rather stiffly. Watching Quatre, he
realized just how much they had all been through in the space of a week. If
Heero hadn't returned, what might have happened? Would Relena have been strong
enough to beat the empress without him? They would never know, but it did seem
like fate had had this end in mind from the beginning.

A light touch on his shoulder brought him back from his thoughts and he turned
to drown in steel silver eyes.


He nodded once, remaining silent, as he followed her away from the graveyard and
towards the city, where the new day awaited them.

night keeps all your heart

Sally approached Wufei slowly, careful of the warrior's temper. She knew that he
was aware of her, and she stood quietly, waiting for him to speak.

"It's over." His deep voice was solemn.

"Yes, it is." She replied, just as gravely.

"What's left?"


He glanced back at her and she smiled gently, feeling his sense of loss. She
went on.

"This battle is over, but there is a new cause to defend. The right to live a
normal and happy life without fear and without oppression."

She paused.

"Do not live to fight, fight to live."

Something flashed across his face and he turned away from her, watching the
horizon again.

"If that is so, then I am ready for battle." He said, lightly.

She smiled.

who can say if your love grows
as your heart chose
only time


"Hmm?" He questioned, as he lay sprawled out on his back in the long grass, eyes
closed. Relena's head shifted on his chest and a lock of dark gold hair tickled
his skin as the wind ruffled over them.

"It feels different now. The earth, I mean."

He opened his dark eyes slightly to look at her, meeting the ocean-colored gaze
of a Peacecraft. "It's free."

"And so are we." She replied, softly. He tightened his arm around her and she
snuggled closer to him, still slightly drained from her ordeal. She had told him
that the events of that fateful day were blurry, details coming back to her only
in dreams and nightmares. He had stayed by her side that first night, comforting
her as she woke sobbing from the images that emerged from the darkness. He had
been reluctant to leave her side ever since, never straying too far away from
the sound of her voice. Not that he had any desire to be away from her, it was
just twice as hard now to let her out of his protective sight.

"Hey there, lovebirds!"

Heero groaned and Relena kissed his cheek, giggling, as Duo came bounding over
to them, Hilde in tow.

"Relena!" She called, excitedly. "I've got something for you!"

Relena sat up as her friend came running over, her hands hiding something behind
her back. Heero rolled up on his elbow, watching them.

"What is it?" Relena asked, curiously. Hilde laughed.

"This!" And she threw something to her friend. Relena caught it and her eyes
widened, glittering with sudden tears.

"Hilde, I..." She trailed off, totally overcome, because in her hands was a
slightly singed teddy bear. The very same one that Heero had given to her so
long ago. She tried again. "Where...how...?"

"It was buried under a section of steel wall reinforcements so it mostly
protected from the fire. I don't know why it was still in the palace, but..."
She trailed off, shrugging. "Maybe it's a miracle."

"Yes," Relena said, clutching the bear and meeting Heero's soft look. "Maybe it

and who can say where the road goes
where the day flows
only time

who knows, only time
who knows, only time

Fight against the chains that bind you
So the world may see your light
and be guided.


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