Love Means Holding On-Part One

Setting: Takes place in the third season right after the Need To Know episode and winter break.

Notes: I know this there aren't many Everwood fanfics, but I'll usually update regularly. Send all the reviews you can and if you all like my writing I'll write up a new story for all you diehard E/A fans like myself. I wanted to stay true to the storyline right now at least for my first fic on Everwood, so you can tell I started writing this at in January. I hope you like it and remember reviews are appreciated.

Ephram opened his eyes as the continuous beeping of his alarm clock started to make his head pound. The alarm clock signified the end of the winter break and the beginning of confrontation between him and Amy or at least some inevitable interaction. It killed him to know that she was a few blocks away laying in bed and he couldn't call her. It killed him to know that most likely she won't allow him to speak to her let alone kiss or hug her as he had done everyday since they worked out their problems when he returned from Julliard's summer program. He had sent a letter of apology everyday since he had lied to her about Madison. He sent her flowers which alerted her parents that there were problems in paradise. He laid her Christmas gift on the Abbott porch at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning. Ephram purchased the bracelet that matched the necklace he bought her for her present. Even the gift didn't gain a response from her. He didn't want to face the facts, but in the back of his mind he thought, 'Oh God. We're done.'

A couple of blocks away, Amy Abbott lay on her side with silent tears rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly she had flashback of the night at the cabin. She had been so happy and in what she believed to be the best relationship and the last relationship she'd ever have. She believed that Ephram and her were the perfect couple. They had some small communication problems because Ephram's not that good at talking to other people in sticky situations, but she believed that he would always be honest and protect her from harm. Suddenly it all fizzled away and her alarm clock began to go off. She turned it off and rolled out of bed. She went to the window and gazed out. She had been at her window when she heard Ephram pull up on Christmas. She hid behind the curtain as he gazed at her window. She watched him stand there in the freezing cold and snow as he ran back to his car to drive away. She had a small chuckle as she saw him slip on a patch of ice and quickly recover himself. With the coast clear, she quietly climbed downstairs and opened the front door to find a jewelry box and an envelope. She did her best not to make the stairs squeak as she climbed up the stairs and closed her bedroom door. Just to be safe she climbed inside her closet and shut the door. She turned on a flashlight and opened the box. She was dumbfounded as she found the beautiful bracelet that matched her necklace. This made her cry because she wished that he never lied and she could rush over to his house and kiss him and just cuddle with him and fall asleep under the covers. She missed feeling him just lying next her and running his hand over her arm, sending that wonderful tingly feeling of happiness surging through her body. She opened the letter and read it:


I know that our relationship is so up in the air and that I messed up really bad. This letter may sound cheesy to you because you probably don't believe that I love you anymore. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else. It's the truth and I hope you believe me and we can build trust again. I know that every attempt and every different way I've tried to say this just makes our distance become farther and farther away even though we just live a couple of blocks away from each other. I hope you like the present. I still believe what I told you when I gave you that necklace. I think we are forever and if you can't forgive me now then I have to have faith that one day it can all be right again. I've decided that I'm going to give you space from now on. I'll be here for you if you need me and I'll be here if you can forgive me. I'm sorry Amy. I love you.

Merry Christmas,


Amy buried the letter along with all the other apology letters in the bottom of a box in her closet. She laid back against her clothes. She had no idea what she was going to do. Today she had to see him and possibly talk to him for the first time. She didn't know if she could forgive him or not. Should she give the necklace and the bracelet back which would make it clear everything was over? All she knew was that right now it didn't feel right and she just hoped and prayed he wouldn't be there today even though she knew that was remotely possibly because karma was bound to come back and kick her in the ass. She got up and decided that she had to get ready to go back into the hell pit.

Ephram had already gotten dressed and went downstairs. His dad was cooking poptarts in the toaster and pouring three glasses of orange juice. "Why you look like a ball of sunshine today,"Dr. Brown commented with a hint of early morning sarcasm. "I don't feel very good today, okay,"Ephram snapped backed as he scrunched up his long sleeved and began to itch his arm. "Are you feeling sick today?"Dr. Brown asked. "My muscles ache a little and I have this little headache, it's no big deal,"Ephram rushed the conversation along. Dr. Brown walked over to Ephram and put his hand on his forehead. "Whoa. Hey you're burning up. I'm going to get the thermometer out of my medical bag and you go upstairs and get your sweats back on,"Dr. Brown ordered. Ephram didn't argue because he didn't mind not going to school today. He'd love another day of leisure and solitude, oh and wallowing in his stupidity, 'that might be fun,' he thought as he slipped on his sweats. His dad came up to his room holding his medical bag. He got out the stethoscope and the thermometer. He stuck the cold metal part in his mouth and as Ephram began to say something sarcastic Andy told him to keep his mouth shut or else, for medical purposes of course. He then put the stethoscope on his ears and listen to his lungs. "Well I hear a little rattling in your lungs, but it's nothing to treat yet,"he paused to remove the thermometer,"Oh. 103 degrees. Yep. Ephram I'm going to get you the phone and lay it on your night stand. I'm on speed dial and so is Nina next door or at the diner. If anything happens I want you to call me immediately I will be in my office and maybe I'll come home for lunch to check on you. I want you to sleep and regenerate today. Here is some aspirin and fever medicine. I want you to take an adequate amount with no commentary on the taste if at all possible. I would stay if I didn't have a full load today." Ephram just nodded because he didn't really feel like talking that much. "Take care son,"Dr. Brown said as he left the room. Ephram closed his eyes and was at peace knowing he could relax in an empty house today and just sleep all day. He thought it sounded like heaven and with that, he drifted off to sleep.