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It was a sight to behold of grotesque curiosity. Naraku and Mouryoumaru locked in a battle of who could absorb who first.

Mouryoumaru, housing the human heart of Onigumo, wished to be freed of Naraku and Naraku fearing for his own existence was determined to preserve his human heart and insure his continuing reign of evil. Naraku smiled as the heart of Onigumo once again became one with him.

In the corner of Mouryoumaru's cave Sesshoumaru's young human laid. Mouryoumaru had hoped to bring Sesshoumaru into his trap to absorb him to increase his power but, Naraku had found him first.

Sesshoumaru and Jaken approached the fight from the west and Kouga along with his pack brother's Ginta and Hakkaku approached from he east.

Inuyasha, with his pack had already found the fight, charged Naraku using his Kongusouha blast combined with the Red Tetsusaiga to bust the barrier Naraku had erected. Naraku released hoards of demons onto the battlefield to stop the others from helping Inuyasha in hopes his attention would be divided.

Kouga using Goraishi and his pack brothers Ginta and Hakkaku fought bravely against the youkai's, helping to protect Kagome.

Sesshoumaru and Jaken worked their way through the hoards towards Naraku and the cave where Rin laid.

Miroku and Sango fought back to back near Kagome as she fired her arrows along with Kirara and Shippou.

Inuyasha blocked and hacked Naraku's tentacles'This is it, I know it is. Mouryoumaru has been reabsorbed by Naraku, if I can destroy his heart then this will be done.'

The battle raged, in the cave Mouryoumaru had Rin in she had finally awoken. Rin looked out at the battle and seen her lord fighting his way to her. "Lord Sesshoumaru behing you!" As Sesshoumaru hacked the youkai down that had been stalking up behind him, Rin turned from teh scene outside the cave to notice the prone figure near her. "Kohoaku!" His back torn open the shard gone, taken by Mouryoumaru before Naraku had appeared.

Inuyasha had finally fought his way close enough to Naraku to release the power of Dakki, sucking up Naraku's youkai from him He's drawing my youkai away from me. How is this possible?' Naraku began to retreat. Seeing Naraku was trying to escape Inuyasha called for help to stop him " Kagome, shoot him!"

"Right" Kagome strung her arrow and took aim' hit the mark' she released the arrow hitting him in teh chest. The rest of Naraku's body disintergrated from Kagome's arrow leaving only his head.

"No...I will not be defeated!"

"You're finished Naraku! DIE already!" Inuyasha once again called forthe the power of Dakki, slicing Naraku's head in half. The youkai that made Naraku was sucked up by Tetsusaiga leaving a lump of flesh behind. Approaching carefully Inuyasha and Kagome eyed the flesh as it continued to thump with a beat.

"Is that the heart of Onigumo?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, it is what is left of Onigumo" a cold voice answered. Kikyou exited from the surrounding forest with her shini-dama-chuu. Passing all the fighters, she came to the lump of flesh, reaching down to retrieve the shikon no tama and handed it off to Kagome. "My time as guardian is passed, it falls to you."

Inuyasha approached " Kikyou..."

" Inuyasha, I am dead and have no place in this world of the living. Naraku is gone but, he will come back unless Onigumo's heart goes away... to where it was meant to go...I will be attending to the end of this, farewell Inuyasha...thank you for avenging our deceit and my death."

The ground around Kikyou and Onigumo's heart opened up as she and the heart descended to the gates of Hell.

Inuyasha had run to Kagome holding her from being pulled in, shoving Tetsusaiga into the ground to help counter the pull, all around their comrades were also holding back from the pull of Kikyou's descend, as the ground closed they looked around to check on their friends.

"Are you alright Kagome?"

"Yes, what about everyone else?"

They found that all were counted for. Miroku had embedded his shakujou to help hold him and Sango back. Sesshoumaru had young Rin and Jaken taken care of, using Toukijin as Inuyasha had used Tetsusaiga. Kouga was holding on by Goraishi while his brothers held onto him, Shippou and Kirara were safe as well.

"Well I guess we all made it" Kagome said.

"Yeah, we all did " Inuyasha replied."

"Oh, I almost forgot the jewel, I better finish putting the pieces together."

Inuyasha walked over to the crater where Kikyou had stood, it was over. He had done what he had set out to do those three years ago when he found out what had really happened and now Kikyou was at peace and he could move on, it had not been his fate to go with her. Now he could devote all his attention to his pack, he could continue teaching Shippou to provide and protect himself, Miroku still need his help to woo Sango which if things work out that would mean more pack for him to protect and then there was Kagome. She had promised that he would not have to fear her leaving his side, no matter what as long as he wanted her then she would be there. Sad to think but, if it were not for Kagome he didn't think even the needs of their pack could keep him content. 'There wouldn't even be a pack if not for her, she really is the heart.' Inuyasha shook his head to clear his thoughts, he didn't want to even think what his life would be without Kagome. 'Maybe I can show her now how much she means to me.'

As Kagome purified the jewel, it began to go into her body"Inuyasha! Help!"

"Kagome! "

It was too late the jewel had merged with her. Inuyasaha grabbed her and held her close as she began to dissapear.

"Kagome, don't leave me. Please, promised you wouldn't leave!"

"Inuyasha help me, I don't want to go...NOOOO!"


Then she was gone, immortal and mortal cries went out into the night in Japan, in the time of Sengoku Jidai and years ahead.

"Nooooo! Kagome found herself in the bottom of the Bone Gobblers Well in her own era. The well was closed, no more was the light she had come to know so well over the last three years of their journey.