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So time continues, forever pushing forward. Time is the silent witness to life. It sees old friendships strengthen and new one's begun. It sees old loves continue and new ones start. It knows our grief when old ones pass and share's in our joy when new ones enter. Seasons come and go, there will be highs and lows, so the years roll by . . .

The Inu-gumi clan has seen their share of losses and gains. Kagome's Jii-chan lived long enough to meet his great-grandchildren and in that all were thankful. Myouga returned to Canada to serve Inuyasha once again, and with him came Reka, the kitsune hanyou.

Shippou and Reka found love in one another and had a kitsune-hanyou son that they named Kazuki. Sesshoumaru and Rin, through the help of medical science, were able to have another child, and this time Sesshoumaru got to experience child rearing without his brother's help. Miroku and Sango were also able to once again have children thanks to the same help Sesshoumaru and Rin received. They now had a daughter, Shinju, and an infant son named Iomei. Kouga and Ayame followed suit and had another son, which they named Takoda.


Flash ahead 15yrs after Kagome and Inuyasha are reunited:


In a large add-on room in the home of the TaiYoukai of the Americas, sits old Toutousai in a padded rocking chair, the babe Iomei in his arms. Myouga the flea-youkai, unconcealed in his natural form, stands on a castle made from children's plastic blocks. Myouga holds the attention of all the room's occupants as he animatedly tells a story.

"The mighty Inu-Hanyou Samurai Lord bravely fights against the ultimate evil; Naraku: a despicable hanyou made from the unholy union of varied youkai combined with the black heart of a vile human bandit. Lifting his renowned Sword of the Fang, the Inu-Hanyou Samurai Lord pierces the flesh of the evil hanyou." Myouga lifted two of his hands up as if he held a sword. "Cutting into him, the Lord sucks up the youkai's power, leaving nothing behind but the corrupted heart to be cast into hell." Myouga stumbled forward across the plastic castle. "Forcing his wounded body forward, he approaches the beautiful Miko-Hime, who has traveled with him and supported him throughout their quest. Kneeling before her, he declares his undying love for her and asks that she become his Lifemate . . . the Mate of his Heart. The Samurai Lord trembles slightly, awaiting his love's answer." Myouga dramatically tells his audience before him and, having taken on the role of the lord in his story, he kneels down with two of his arms out as if holding someone's hand. He is surrounded by many young ones who inch closer, hanging onto his every word as he weaves his tale of the great inu-hanyou samurai lord, his pack and his miko-hime love.

Sitting around the plastic castle is two inu-hanyou pups, the elder pup is a boy of ten years and the younger, a girl of eight. The boy is a mirror image of his father; silvery white hair and inu-ears with amber colored eyes, while the girl favors her mother, having black hair and inu-ears with brown doe-like eyes. The young girl holds a boy kitsune-hanyou on her lap of only two years old, who has auburn hair, kitsune ears and tail of the same color with sparkling green eyes. Beside her sits a nine-year-old ookami cub with light brown hair held in a high pony tale and stunning blue eyes. A seven-year-old human girl, obviously of oriental descent with her long black hair and rare amethyst colored eyes, sits next to him.

"This is stupid, why was he afraid of a girl?" The ookami-cub, Takoda, asks shaking his head at the flea.

Standing up, Aiko, the black-haired inu-hanyou, looks down at Takoda, shifting Kazuki, the young kitsune hanyou, to her hip and stomps her foot at the ookami-youkai boy. "Shut up Takoda! I love this story; it's so romantic." Aiko says as she sighs with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Takoda stands and takes Aiko's free hand. "Well, yes Aiko, uh . . . you're right . . . it is . . . so . . . romantic," Takoda stutters, trying to save face in front of the young girl.

Shinju leans around them to look at Dakotah, the boy inu-hanyou who has leaned forward to lock eyes with Shinju. Shinju and Dakotah share a mutual look of disgust over the two standing, both rolling their eyes at the mushy display.

"Feh, whatever . . ." Dakotah replies, sighing and shaking his head at his sister, Aiko, and his friend, Takoda's antics. "So Jiji, what happened next?" Dakotah asks, folding his arms over his chest.

Aiko pulls away from Takoda and sits back down next to her brother leaning close to Myouga. "She said yes, right Myouga-ji-chan?"

"Hmmm, yes that is right Aiko," Myouga replied sitting down on the castle.

Dakotah leaned in as well to so he was eye to eye with the flea youkai. "Then what happened?"

Pulling back from the inu-hanyou boy, who was so much like his father, Myouga stumbled over his words. "Well, you see . . . then what happened was..."

"Kazuki knows Myouga-jiji; they lived HAPPYWEE EVER AFTER! Da end." Kazuki, the kitsune-hanyou, yelled, clapping happily as the room erupted into laughter.

In the doorway behind the happy group stands Kagome, a small suitcase in one hand. She smiles at the animated gathering of young ones and gives old Toutousai a small wave bye as he continues to rock Iomei, the infant son of Miroku and Sango. He acknowledges her with a small nod.

Walking away from the room, Kagome exits the front of the house where her lifemate Inuyasha is waiting by his pickup truck. Inuyasha was dressed as always; in a t-shirt, button fly jeans and comfortable moccasins. His long silvery-white hair he has left loose, just for his mate.

"About time . . . what took you so long?" he asks, taking her bag and depositing it in the back of the truck as she climbs into the cab on the passenger side. Walking to the driver's side, Inuyasha climbed in and started the truck, heading down the driveway and turning towards the airstrip. "We should have already left a couple of hours ago . . . I probably should call Mankee and let him know were going to be a little late. What were you doing?"

"Sorry . . . I was checking on the children one more time," Kagome answered, shimming across the bench-seat to sit as close to him as possible.

Smirking at his mate, Inuyasha placed one arm around her shoulders while using the other to steer with, he knew he got the bench-seat in the new truck just for such times. "Everything under control?" he asked, shifting his eyes to her for a moment.

Smiling back she answered, "Yes. Myouga was telling them a story and Toutousai had little Iomei, rocking him."

"Feh, what crap was Myouga filling those pups' heads with this time?" Inuyasha asked, turning the truck into the entrance to the airstrip.

"His favorite . . . the story of the great Inu-Hanyou Lord and his beautiful Miko," Kagome replied as they came to a stop near the runway.

Getting out of the truck, Inuyasha handed the bags over to some of the airstrip workers to load into the plane as Kagome got out of the truck. "You made me wait while you listened to that damn flea tell the pups stories?" Inuyasha asked, turning back to his mate.

Huffing Kagome narrowed her eyes to him. "Inuyasha! I said I was sorry for making you wait."

Wrapping his arms around, her Inuyasha smirked, not really irritated at his beautiful mate. Putting the knuckle of one of his fingers under her chin, he raised her face to make her look at him. Leaning down he opened his mouth, devouring her in a passionate kiss, stroking her lips with his as his hands moved to tangle in her hair. Pulling back and locking eyes with one another, their combined gaze allowed each to see into the other's very soul.

Resting his forehead on hers, never breaking eye contact, he whispered to her, "Trust me. If life before us taught me anything, it's that there are some things that are worth waiting for," he replied, reaching down to wrap his arms around her and lifting her to hold her bridal style. Kagome squealed as he picked her up and carried her toward the awaiting plane.

"So you learned patients without me huh?" Kagome asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Yes . . . and, being with you, I learned to grab for what I truly want in life," he replied while tightening his hold on her. "I believe I've got what I desire right here."

By the next day, they were in the Caribbean islands with Mankee for the Celebration of Life. Inuyasha and Kagome had not been to the celebration since they became parents. Now that the pups were old enough that they didn't feel bad leaving them with others for a week, they were back for the first time in over ten years.

Standing on a platform in front of the gathered crowd, Mankee raised his cup to make the first toast and begin the party. "I declare this Celebration of Life to begin, in the name of our Lord Dog, Inuyasha, and his mate, Kagome!" The crowd erupted into cheers as Mankee turned to face Inuyasha and Kagome at the table of honor on the platform where they were sitting. "My friends . . . always remember, time may turn the pages of life, but it is we that make life what it is! The greatest gift we can find in life is love . . . and love, it is immune to time!"

Inuyasha and Kagome smiled at one another, having learned that lesson well and, turning back to their friend Mankee, they raised their cups to him.

Mankee nodded to his friends and turned back to the crowd. "Now let us all show time what it means to live!"

Inu: dog

Youkai: demon/spirit/magical creature

Hanyou: half youkai

TaiYoukai: demon lord

Ookami: wolf

Kitsune: fox

Hime: princess or high-born lady

Dakotah: Native American means friend. (InuYasha & Kagome's son)

Aiko: Japanese means the little loved one/the beloved/love child. (InuYasha & Kagome's daughter)

Takoda: Native American means the friend of all. (Kouga & Ayame's son)

Kazuki: Japanese means pleasant peace/first of a new generation/shining one. (Shippou & Reka's son)

Shinju: Japanese means Pearl (Miroku & Sango's daughter)

Iomei: Japanese means spread light (Miroku & Sango's infant son)

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