Forget what you know. There was no well, no Feudal Era, no God Tree, and no Shikon Jewel.

Want to know the real story? It was really a manhole, a sewer, a dilapidated old pipe, and the right to rule it all.

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Teenage Mutant Inuyasha!

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit-Er-Manhole


An average high school student walked down the street with her gaggle of average high school friends. School had just let out and they were all a twitter with the latest gossip. Little did they know that within there adored city a most powerful evil lurked, biding his time until -POW- he took over by force.

Of course, being submerged in a world that only involved boys, clothes, media, and the next big test, the girls, as stated, had no clue. And truth be told, they were just fine with that, or would have been had they known they known the alternative.

But this isn't a story about "average high school students". It is about two very un-average people, one of which is masquerading as "average", and doing a very good job at it too. So let us once again avert our attention back to these "average high school students".

One girl broke away from the others and bid them a short good-bye full of smiles and waves. She turned away and continued down an ally, a shortcut to her sunny shrine home. It was a perfectly routine trek… until the rat came. A perfectly horrid, rancid-smelling, huge, rabid rat!

The girl dropped her books and backed away from the rat in fear.

"Don't come any closer!" She warned the animal who continued to sniff its way closer to her. Its beady eyes somehow caught a shimmer of light in the dim alleyway. All of a sudden there was no more ground to back away on. She fell down a hole, a man-hole to be exact. She hit the floor of the sewer with a thud and promptly blacked out, but not before seeing the rat that had been coursing her about to land on her face.

She would have been happy to learn that this particular sect of the sewer had been out of commission for some years and was therefore free of sewage. Of course, the sewage probably would have offered a softer landing. Oh well, every good thing comes with sacrifice.

Though… it was a very poor place for her to be unconscious. You never know what's lurking in the sewer... or who, for that matter.

A shrouded figure immediately approached her; the rat scurried away at the sight of it. It descended upon the unconscious girl and placed its head on her chest. Hearing the strong heart beat, it picked the girl up and began to run with a stunning grace deep into the dark abyss of the sewer.

The figure slowed to a stop as it came to a dull glow of a lamp. A woman gasped in surprise at the sudden presence, but asked for the girl to be brought forward nonetheless.

"Where did you find the girl, Inuyasha?" she asked while searching for some form of ID.

"Keh," he said. "She fell through the manhole you left open."

"Oh dear!" the woman replied. "Did she really? Oh my, I must be getting too old for this."

"No argument here."

The woman ignored the statement. "Well, come on then. Let's go back there and see if she dropped anything on the surface. It looks like she's just come from school so we have a good chance."

The woman grabbed her lamp and they took off for the manhole. Inuyasha stayed down in the sewer while the woman climbed out immediately spotting a pile of discarded school things. Obviously any thugs in that neck of the woods had nothing to do with education as everything appeared to be intact... unfortunately there was no wallet or book bag to be found. Plan B was to see if she had written her name in any of the books… that too proved to be a bust, there were many names in the books, but they all alternated. There was no way to tell which was hers.

They began to brainstorm.

"I could take her to the police," the woman suggested.

"How do you expect to do that?" Inuyasha asked. "You have no way of getting her there."

"Oh yes," she said. "That's right; I forgot that you can't go on the surface…"

"Is your Alzheimer's acting up again, Kaede?" Inuyasha sneered.

"I don't have Alzheimer's!" she snapped. "And I don't see you coming up with any ideas!"

"You could go for help," he suggested.

"You know we can't attract attention here Inuyasha!"

"Well, I'm all out of ideas," he shrugged. "We'll have to wait for her to wake up."

"But we can't do that, Inuyasha!" Kaede cried. "She'll see you!"

"Keh, it's not like there aren't already stories about me floating around anyway," he reasoned. "And besides that, her story could easily be discredited by two things: one, she's a teenage girl, and two, she's got a bump the size of a fist on her head."

She sighed. "I suppose we don't have a choice. But we can't leave her out here; we'll have to take her to your place."

Inuyasha turned away, "Keh."

"You yourself said no one would believe anything she said," Kaede reasoned. "And I have to go get supplies to take care of that nasty cut of her's."

It was true; she did have a small cut above her eyebrow. Inuyasha wouldn't call it nasty, but it could still use some tending to. Besides, this girl would probably just die if she got a scar on her pretty little face.

"Keh," he said again.

Kaede smiled. "I'll take that as a 'yes'."

Fifteen minutes later, the girl was situated on a cot in a strange little compartment of the sewer. It was lit with an orangey-yellow glow which shown on the random array of posters from bands which had long since been forgotten for they were at least 50 years old. They were still in good condition though, about 40 years back Kaede had laminated them for him at the local copy shop. He smiled ruefully at the memory. It was because of his poster's records at that little copy shop that Kaede's house had been searched by the government. Most of those bands had been banned 20 years or so ago.

Time sort of meshed together for Inuyasha; though last he looked it was some time in 2053, and he didn't think it was that long since he last looked, but that really wasn't saying much with him.

Anyway, there the girl was- inside his room like it was no big deal. She was the first girl besides Kaede to be in there for at least 45 years.

Inuyasha paced around casting the occasional glare in her direction. He wondered when Kaede would get her old ass back there.

Oh crap. She moved.

He froze and watched her cautiously. She cracked an eye opened and shut it again. Home safe.

Or not.

Suddenly, she shot up and immediately grabbed her head. "Ow", she muttered. "Where am I?"

Then she saw him with her sleepy eyes and mussed hair. She gasped, "S-stay back!" To make the pitiful scene come full circle, she held up her pillow. Inuyasha had a hard time deciding whether it was supposed to be a shield or a weapon before realizing he didn't care.

"Keh," he said walking up to her.

"I'm warning you!"

"Didn't it occur to you have if I was going to hurt you I could have done it while you were unconscious?"

"How do I know you weren't the one to make my unconscious and you were just waiting for me to wake up to hear me scream while you tortured me?"

"That was an elaborate scenario," he smirked. "Did you make that up off the top of your head or have you been watching too many scary movies?"

"If you're not going to hurt me, then why are you keeping me here?"

"Who said I was keeping you here? The way out is right over there." Inuyasha pointed to a hole in the wall that was covered by a large tarp.

The girl eyed the figure before her and the tarp covered hole. Then she looked back at Inuyasha. There was nothing really remarkable about him, the light was bad, but he was dressed like a normal teen. The only thing that set him apart was the ears on his head… and his hair which looked orange in the light, but she was sure that wasn't his real hair color.

It was then she remembered those old urban legends about the sewer mutant with the dog ears. Then she remembered falling into the sewer. She gasped.


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