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Title: Teenage Mutant Inuyasha!

Chapter 6: Fortune's Fools


Kagome stared on in absolute horror from her hiding place. Kagura had swooped in from the sky, taking Inuyasha purely by surprise and landing on him a devastating blow. At such close range and with no defense, there was no way, just no way he'd be able to continue fighting, or be conscious for that matter. He was a sitting duck and Kagura was going to use this to her advantage. Inuyasha was as good as dead where he lay. Kagura would make sure of that.

Something deep inside of Kagome cracked. She didn't know what was going on; she didn't know why they wanted Inuyasha dead, she didn't want to think about why they wanted her. But that crack deep within her being allowed something almost primal to over take her senses. Logical thought and reason escaped her. She could only see what was right before her, she could only hear the beating of her heart, and she felt as though she were floating.

Suddenly, Kagome found herself facing Kagura. The latter raised her weapon; a noted look of fear creased her features. Kagome paid no attention; she merely held up her hand, the flat palm faced Kagura.

A blinding white light flooded the area; time seemed to slow down. And Kagura was thrown violently backwards, smacking into and cracking in half a tree. She fell limply to the ground.

Kagome fell to her knees panting. The primal force left her with the blast, and she was left almost completely drained. The full impact of what she had done spilled into her mind; were those simply her Miko instincts taking over? She glanced in Inuyasha's direction. He was in bad shape, but the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest assured her that he was alive. That was all she could hope for at the moment.

A twig snapped behind her. Her head flew around to see who or what had made the noise. A vile taste rose in her throat; she turned her head and retched. She let herself fall back the other direction. Sick, disoriented, and terrified beyond all reason, tears began to fall freely from Kagome's eyes.

Two words repeated over and over in her mind like a mantra of doom: 'He saw, he saw, he saw…' Visions of torture, of pain, and of anguish flitted through her head one after the other. 'He saw,' and now she was going to pay for it.

Curling into a ball, having had all her energy drained, she waited helplessly for the tall, dark man to reach her. The glimmering sliver Government Badge on his chest had been burned into her memory. Overwhelmed with fear she began to hyperventilate; she passed out.


The Higurashi family and long since made their way out of hiding. They had seen Kagura take off with incredible speed after Kagome and Inuyasha. They remained planted where they stood, completely useless in the situation and consumed with worry.

Ms. Higurashi watched in a black daze as a plain black, otherwise nondescript, yet clearly Government regulation vehicle pulled up. Two officers got out and approached the trio. They were adorned in the standard forest green uniform, complete with the brass buttons lining the torso, polished black shoes on the feet, an assortment of metals across the chest, and, of course, the shining silver Government Badge over the right breast.

Mr. Higurashi clutched his chest with one hand and breathed, "Lord, have mercy."

Ms. Higurashi collected herself; she stepped in front of the boy and the old man and prepared to speak, though she did not know what she would say.

One of the officers saved her the trouble, silencing her by holding up a gloved hand. He bowed. "Ms. Higurashi I presume?" –she nodded- "I am a representative of the Government Committee of Central Intelligence and I have reason to believe that your family is in danger."

"You're a little late!" Souta cried after having been silent for so long. He, out of all of them, knew the least of the situation, but was perfectly aware that his older sister was in mortal danger. "That crazy woman came and started attacking my sister; she chased her into the forest!" He pointed, "You have to do something!"

The officer's eyes widened slightly. He looked to Ms. Higurashi, "Is that true?"

She nodded and placed her hand gently on her raging son's shoulder.

"Shit," his fellow officer muttered. She then looked at him, giving a silent order to which the other quickly complied. With a swift nod, he took off in a sprint for the forest, the alleged location of the two he was looking for.

But then something happened that had all of the present four staring at the forest, the very same forest that Inuyasha and Kagome had fled to. They shielded their eyes as a blast of light consumed the area. It was followed by the sound of a falling tree. Suddenly all was pitch black and deadly silent.

"Damn it," the remaining officer cursed. She turned to the horror struck family, "I'm afraid we've arrived too late to prevent the problem, but rest assured we will do everything in our power to ensure their safety." Their safety, she silently hoped none of them realized her mistake; they hadn't mentioned the other. What did it matter, though? She was lying through her teeth anyway, she felt so low –especially looking at the young boy; he really did look like his father. However, she had a mission to complete, and regardless the family was far too thunderstruck to make much sense of anything at the moment. She returned her attention to the forest; her partner should have made it there by now.

If anything else, one good thing had come out of this night; the Fabled One had been exposed, now the proper measures could be taken. It would only be a matter of time now.


The officer reached the forest, the blinding light had since seceded, and it was only moments later that he found the clearing. He found the girl on her knees, out of breath. Maybe twenty feet away from her, a motionless woman lay by a fallen tree. A cone shaped marking in the earth started from the girl and fanned out in the direction of the woman, it was the scar of the massive blast he had see not moments ago. On the opposite side of the clearing from himself lay what appeared to be a man. He stepped on a twig, snapping it in half. The girls eyes were immediately on him, terror over took her at the mere sight of him.

He watched with pity as she began to hyperventilate and slightly convulse, approaching her would only make her condition worse. She soon passed out, and he took the opportunity to step further into the clearing. He cautiously studied the woman by the tree; she was still alive, although barely. It was safe to say that whoever sent her would want her back, she knew far too much.

He sighed. Opening his jacket, he removed a knife. This was the part of the job he loathed, but it was absolutely necessary to the operation. He brought the knife down, but it was blocked.

'A force field?' This wasn't good. A bubble of energy formed around her and slowly lifted her into the air. There was nothing he could do to stop it and so was forced to only watch as the woman zoomed away at top speeds to some unknown destination. If he had been truly prepared, he could have tracked it. Of course, he wasn't entirely sure how to attach a tracking devise to a ball of energy.

He returned the knife to its home inside his jacket, exchanging it for a small case. He walked over to where the girl laid and kneeled beside her. He then opened the small case revealing two syringes and a small vile. He removed one of the needles and the vile and withdrew a carefully measured amount. Moving her black hair out of the way, the found the right spot on her neck and injected. He replaced the needle into the case. Next he moved to the man. He removed the other syringe and withdrew considerably more from the vile than he had the previous time. Once again he moved the hair and injected into the neck. He replaced both the syringe and the vile and returned the case to his inside pocket.

He unclipped the small radio microphone from his jacket and turned it on. "Well, I'm almost positive our Intelligence was correct, unfortunately the attacker got away. But we'll deal with all that later. You might as well tell them the bad news, no use in dragging it out." He sighed and put it back. He did not envy his partner.


Souta grew impatient with the situation; them all just standing there. "Well? What is going on? Why aren't we doing anything? We could be helping Kagome!"

The officer's eyes softened slightly with the boy's outburst, but she couldn't let compassion come in the way of her job. "That is what my partner is doing as we speak," she assured him. "He will radio me as soon as he surveys the situation." She tapped her ear piece for emphasis. She offered a comforting smile, hating so very much how good she was at her job.

"Still," the boy pouted, "I feel stupid just standing here. I want to help her."

"Souta," his mother chided. "We all want to help, but there is nothing we can do except hope for the best. We should all be thankful that the Government has stepped in to help us."

Souta hung his head and didn't say another word.

The officer eyes flash and her hand flew to her ear piece. She nodded to the invisible speaker and took the small microphone from her jacket and murmured, "Understood."

They all stared at her expectantly, Mr. Higurashi from where he rested on the ground, and the mother and son before her. The next thing that came from her lips would cause one of either two extremes: sadness and happiness. Regrettably, they would not be receiving the latter.

"I am afraid," she said, "that we did not arrive in time. Both your daughter and her companion were found dead on the scene. Their assailant was nowhere to be found. I am very sorry for your loss and you will, of course, be getting Retribution from the Government."

Ms. Higurashi collapsed to the ground and tenderly held Souta to her as he cried in her lap. Mr. Higurashi, being a man of age and having seen many tragedies in his life tried hard to be a pillar for his family by keeping a strong upper lip, but his efforts were in vain; he was crying.

Struggling to keep composure, the officer said, "Over the next few days we will be holding an investigation that will hopefully find you some answers and closure. Now, if you would all go back inside your home. A team will be here presently to see to your needs, emotional and physical."

The family numbly followed her orders; lifting themselves from the ground in a daze and somehow managing to get inside the house. In the dining room the remains of dinner still sat, up the stairs Kagome's room would still have homework sprawled about. It was as though they had walked into a time capsule.

True to the officer's word, a team did arrive shortly. They attended to all of the family's needs with precision that only comes with experience. With the family well taken care off, the officer awaited the investigation team.


Naraku was feeling mixed emotions; on the one hand Kagura had failed to kill Inuyasha and bring him the Miko, but on the other hand she succeeded in exposing the Fabled One. He looked at Kagura with distaste. Perhaps it had been a mistake to put her on that task alone, but the outcome had not been assumed to be as they were.

He called Kanna to him and ordered her to attend to her sister. She was still useful to him. Of course, if the Government stepped in and killed the Fabled One she would most certainly be punished severely. He had been searching for her for nearly sixty years already and did not want to wait another sixty.

Kagura was lying on the hard metal table. She was a sorry sight. Naraku's lip curled. She was such a weakling. She only survived the blast because he kept her heart. He didn't care to see her anymore and left Kanna to her devices.

Now it would be a waiting game. Surely the Government knew of the legend, surely they would not be so foolish as to destroy their greatest weapon against him. All he had to do was make sure he got her before they unlocked the secret.

The Fabled One would be his.


The Investigation Team had finally arrived. The officer led the small group to the general direction of where the confrontation had taken place. After the scene was documented and properly closed off, the bodies were removed.

"How did they take it?" the man asked his partner as they watched the investigation unfold.

"How do you think they took it," she responded. "They lost a beloved member of the family, not only that, this is there second loss because of Na- the Great Discomfort. And I had to stand there and tell them that they would be given Retribution, like it would somehow make it better."

"You know that this is necessary," he replied. "You'll see everything will turn out for the best in the end."

"I just don't get it," she said after a moment. "I don't understand how you can be so optimistic."

He shrugged. "The alternative isn't much better. I'd rather spend my life trying to make a difference and believe that change is possible rather than just sit back and wait for death."

"You make it sound so easy," she sighed.

"You could do it too," he said. "All you need is a distraction, a hobby of some sort."

She arched an eyebrow and took a sly step away from him. "Suddenly you make a lot more sense."

"You two!" A short hassled looking older man ordered. "Time to head out, we've got a lot of work ahead of us."

"Yes, sir," the officers bowed. Then they started in the direction of their car. They saw that the Distress Team was still carefully monitoring the Higurashi's, helping them get back on their feet, offering counseling to help them deal with the loss. It really was the least they could do.

Somehow that poor family kept getting tangled up in Government affairs. All of it was completely out of their hands. They were renowned as good people, always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, always trying to make the world a better place and then the two tragedies had to befall them, almost because of their good deeds and hard work, it seemed. They were truly fortune's fools.

But then, who wasn't?


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