Prologue: Soul Mate

My name is Nancy Drew. Growing up in River Heights I was a local hero, the girl everyone turned to when they needed a mystery solved, that wasn't enough. I graduated from Wilder University and quickly went on to become a top CIA operative. My co-workers call me Maverick. Those lucky enough to be in a position above my own call me a big pain in their ass. Cute, I know.

Nancy looked at the framed pictures sitting on her desk. The first was of her children, Olivia, Robert, and Jeremy. She smiled proudly. She then looked at the pictures of her long time friends. It amused her to see where they'd all ended up. The last picture was of her and her husband, on their wedding day. She picked this one up and kissed it.

I married Frank Hardy almost as soon as I joined the CIA. Everyone would joke because he was an FBI agent, they said we would never communicate. Seventeen years later it looks like they were all wrong.

Nancy smiled warmly.

Frank is my soul mate, the love of my lifeā€¦and today I will kill him.