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Chapter 2: Goodbye Mommy

Olivia knew without looking that she'd broken all of her nails; she had dug her nails into her armrests at the same instant she'd heard the gunshot. Ordinarily this would have upset Olivia to no end, her vanity being thicker than her luscious brown hair. Now, however, she found herself experiencing something she had never felt before, concern for someone else.

Her mother, her beautiful, generous mother had been shot down in front of her. Immediately afterwards she had heard a skirmish and the angry yells of her father and brother. She could tell by the reaction of the other passengers that they had overtaken the would-be hijackers. She also knew that her mother was dead because as much as her fellow passengers were rejoicing they seemed subdued by a feeling of tragic emotions as well. She could even hear a few of them mutter words like, "dead," and "sad."

Memories passed over her quickly; her family at a picnic while her mother sang her horrible rendition of Barbie Girl, her mother tucking her in at bedtime, her mother comforting her after a horrible date. As the plane began to descend Olivia felt her grip grow tighter on the armrests, realizing she would never have another memory with her mother.

Scene Break

"They're landing!" Joe shouted.

Throughout the invisible ordeal, the whole family had kept their eyes glued to the television and although they could all see that the plane had began to descend safely without Joe shouting at them, his shout of excitement had cemented their own hope.

"God I wish they would tell us if everyone was okay," Carson muttered.

Silently they watched the news coverage, listening as the anchorman gave what little information he had.

"Joe switch over to CNN," Fenton suggested.

Joe did as he was told and immediately regretted it.

"We have just received word that the hijackers have in fact been subdued," the anchorman announced.

A cheer went up in the house of Hardy.

The Anchorman continued grimly, "However we have also received word that there was one death aboard the plane although it is not clear who was killed."

Gertrude placed a hand over her mouth.

Laura gasped, "You don't think…"

No one said anything, none knowing what to say.

Scene Break

Robert ran to his mother's side. "Mom!" As he approached her body laying still he began to panic.

Frank rushed to his son's side and pulled him away from Nancy's body. "Robert go sit with your brother and sister."


"Go!'' Frank ordered.

Robert hurried down the aisle to his siblings.

The would-be hijackers were all unconscious thanks to Frank and a couple of brave passengers. They'd even tied them up with anything they could find aboard the plane. Frank made a mental note to look the criminals up in the FBI's database and figure out how they had managed to sneak guns onto the plane.

He turned his wife's body to face him and felt the blood drain from his face when he saw the pool of red staining her blouse.

He stood and yelled frantically, "Is anyone here a doctor!"


"I'm a veterinarian!" a woman yelled, making her way up to the front of the plane. "I'm not sure what good I can do but I'll take a look."

Frank nodded grimly, "Please help my wife. That's all I can ask of you."

The woman nodded in understanding and Frank rushed to the cockpit.

"You need to land the plane!" He shouted.

The pilot had obviously suffered more than anyone had realized. Frank could see bruises all over his head and arms, his shirt was in disarray and a steady stream of blood came from what resembled a nose.

He looked at Frank and told him through clenched teeth, "I'm trying, those bastards did something to my controls and my co-pilot is out cold."

"Is there anything I can do?" Frank asked.

"Do you know anything about planes?"

Frank shook his head and realized the pilot could not see him as he was standing behind the pilot's chair, "No."

The pilot was silent for a second, "Then go tell the passengers to stay seated and put on their seat belts, the seatbelt lights aren't working for whatever reason and I get the feeling this is going to be a rough landing."

"Yes sir."

"And while you're at it, maybe you can find out what happened to the Air Marshall I had on board."

Scene Break

"The plane has made it's emergency landing now at…"

Gertrude held her breath as she listened to the report. So far they hadn't given any information on the single victim of the hijacking and the suspense was beginning to wear on her. She looked around the living room, she couldn't imagine what must have been going on in everyone else's minds. She caught a look of intense pain on Joe's face, she hadn't seen that expression on his face since he had forgotten to take his painkillers for his broken leg.

Joe had always had Frank to depend on. It was because of Frank that Joe had even bothered graduating high school. His sense of apathy had taken hold of him early freshman year and while his parents had been full of despair and worry it was Frank who spent four years keeping his brother in line, making sure he did his homework, showed up for classes, and stayed out of trouble. It was because of Frank that Joe had found his passion for solving mysteries. Admittedly, Joe hadn't had the discipline for anything along the lines of police work but after a few years of working amateur jobs beside his older brother he knew what it was he wanted to do with is life.

Gertrude knew that if Joe were to lose Frank now he would never forgive himself, he would find some way to irrationally blame himself for Frank's death. Even if Frank was okay and it was Nancy or one of the kids that had died, Joe would feel guilty. Though it was obvious Joe loved having Nancy as a sister-in-law, only Gertrude had realized why. Joe felt as though he now had two close siblings to count on instead of only one. As for his nephews and niece, Joe had only one chance at being an uncle and had always planned on being the perfect uncle to the three of them; especially since he doubted he would ever have kids of his own.

Gertrude unconsciously clenched the bottom of her blouse as she fixed her eyes on the television. She watched as the plane touched ground and she watched as the plane taxied to a stop.

"Open the doors," Laura murmured.

Scene Break

Jeremy looked out of his window. He busied himself with counting the emergency vehicles headed towards the plane; three ambulances, one fire truck, eight police cars, and an entire SWAT team.

"They must think we were in the middle of an even larger emergency than we actually are," Jeremy said to himself.

Olivia opened her eyes and Jeremy could see that they were still red with fear and sadness.

"Olivia, you know its going to be okay," he placed his hand on her shoulder attempting to comfort her.

She frowned and pushed his hand away, "Stop with that damn calm sensibility! You and Dad both need to grow hearts! Someone just died for God's sake!"

Jeremy kept his mouth closed and looked away from his sister. After a few seconds he murmured, "I know Olivia it's just that it's not like you to…"

"To what?" Olivia asked angrily, "Want to mourn my mother's passing? She is the only one we've got, no one could ever replace her."

Jeremy looked into his sister's grief stricken face and he understood.

Scene Break

Amy Livingston couldn't have had a better day. She'd told her father off, something she'd never been able to do. After over twenty years of being a victim to his drunken, abusive behavior, she'd finally found the words to tell him exactly what was on her mind.

The irony of it all didn't escape her. She was the editor for one of New York's premier review journals, she spent her whole life perfecting her use of the English language in order to express her thoughts so completely that even her illiterate ex-husband understood her, and yet she had never been able to tell her father what she thought of him and how she had hated him since her childhood years.

Ann had smiled to herself thinking that in the middle of her writing slump, the worst writer's block of her life, she had still managed to find the passion that had been eluding her, if only to use it as ammunition. After she left her father's house and grabbed her bags she had tried to buy a plane ticket to New York. Of course, all the planes to New York City were booked, Ann hadn't expected any less of holiday travel so she was pleased to learn that there was still another way she could get to her blonde boyfriend.


"Excuse me Miss?"

Ann had already placed her bags on the ground and had begun to stretch her travel weary limbs. She looked in the direction of the voice, "Yes?"

A woman dressed in an American Airlines uniform addressed her formally, "Miss Livingston there is a flight that I was able to find for you."

Amy's face brightened, "That's wonderful!"

The woman nodded, "A plane is going to leave in about twenty minutes, it will make a connection several hundred miles out of your way but the connecting flight should get you to New York in ample time."

"Thank you so much!" she hugged the woman, who seemed a little uncomfortable with the contact.

The woman smiled tightly, "Yes well here is your ticket," she handed Amy a boarding pass, "Get to Gate 3B immediately."

As the woman walked away, Amy looked at the information on her boarding pass. Flight 601, connecting in Richmond, Virginia.

End Flashback

That was where Ann's good day had ended. Now, seated in the back of a plane that had to make an emergency landing because of some crazed lunatics she was starting to wonder whether the flight really had been a blessing. As she gazed out her window at the flashing lights of police cars, ambulances and other vehicles, she wondered if maybe she shouldn't have just waited until after the holiday season to piss off her father, at least then she could have already been in New York with Joe.

Ann reminded herself to thank the heroes of the flight once she deplaned. She wished she could have seen exactly what had happened but she was seated in first class, the only seat that had been available and had been unable to make out what had been said or done. All she could gather from the other passengers was that two parents and their son had saved everybody's lives. Her writer's instincts began to churn. She wondered if her editors would be opposed to running a story on some brave heroes. Ann grabbed a pen and some notebook paper from her backpack and began to scribble down ideas. A pour of ideas, swirling, dancing came rushing out of her mind and onto the paper. As her horrid writer's block ended she smiled sardonically to herself and thought maybe her day had been a good one after all.

Scene Break

"What's going on?" Laura asked frantically. "Why aren't they letting anyone out of the plane?"

Fenton rubbed her shoulder, "The policemen on the ground are probably communicating with the pilot to get a better grasp on the situation."

"But what about the ambulances?" Gertrude asked, "shouldn't they at least be allowed to take the injured."

Joe looked at his aunt, "They didn't say anything about any injured…" He had to choke out the last words, "just dead."

Scene Break

Robert sat, unusually silent, and stared at the chair in front of him. It had felt like hours since they had landed though he knew it had only been a couple of minutes. He knew that the policemen were speaking with the pilot to figure out what was going, if anyone was armed, and if there was a bomb on board.

He looked at his sister and brother. Robert frowned when he realized that Olivia was crying, his frown grew deeper when he looked at Jeremy. On his little brother's face was a look of overwhelming emotions. He knew Jeremy must have been overwhelmed by the whole experience, Jeremy had always been the most sensitive child in the family, but there was more. Mixed in with the confusion was the unmistakable look of deceit.

Scene Break

Amy Livingston pushed the button for the Stewardess. When no one came she pushed the button more frantically. It worked, a stewardess came rushing down the aisle.

"Can I help you?"

Amy grabbed the stewardess' shoulder, "The name of the rescuers, what was it?"

The stewardess was alarmed by the intensity of the woman's voice. "It was something simple, something like Harry or Hartney or-"

"Hardy?" Amy interjected rudely.

"Yes that might have been it but what-" She was interrupted as Amy dashed out of her seat, letting her writing utensils and paper scatter.

Amy ran through the section dividing first class and coach afraid of what she would see. The words of one of the passengers echoed in her head "someone died." The young reporter felt her heart pound as she threw the curtain open and stepped into coach; on the ground in front of her was a dead body.

Scene Break

Robert nudged his little brother, "What did you do?"

Jeremy looked at him with innocent eyes, "What do you mean?"

Robert wasn't fooled, he had always told people that Jeremy would make a great actor. Unfortunately for Jeremy the only person who could see through him was his brother. "You have a look in your eyes that gives you away. So I will repeat, what-did-you-do?"

Jeremy rolled his eyes, "Just watch." He turned towards his sister, "Olivia there's something I should tell you."

Scene Break

Amy fought the urge to vomit. She thought with false humor that vomiting on the body would make the job more difficult for Forensics.


She looked up and into her brother-in-law's face. "Frank!" she exclaimed as she threw herself into his arms for a hug, "Oh my gosh I just heard from one of the other passengers that it was some FBI agent and his CIA wife that saved us and I knew it was you!" She stepped back and asked, "Where's Nancy?"

Frank pointed at a seat. Amy looked, "Oh my Gosh Nancy!"

Nancy smiled weakly as she held a spot on her side.

Amy rushed towards her. "Nancy they shot you!"

"Only in the side," Nancy told her, "I've been hit worse. And thanks to this doctor," she motioned towards a woman with black hair, "I know it didn't hit any vital organs."

The woman shook her head, "I'm just glad I remembered all of human anatomy." At Amy's confused expression she explained, "I'm a veterinarian."

"Well shouldn't you be deplaning?" Amy asked, "You need stitches, or pain killers, or, or something."

Nancy nodded, "The pain killers would be nice but I'm not mortally wounded, I should be fine."

Amy looked from Nancy to Frank, "Where are the kids?"

Scene Break

Olivia punched her brother in the gut before screaming at him. Her mind was racing, as were her legs, as she made a dash to the front of the plane. She barely registered seeing Amy, instead she threw herself onto her mother's lap and gave her a tight hug.

"Mommy," was all the girl could choke out before bursting into a fresh round of tears.

Nancy moved her free arm to comfort her daughter, "Olivia I'm okay, I was just grazed I promise."

"B-but I thought."

"Oh honey what did you think, that your old mom would let some stupid hijackers get the best of her?" Nancy was beginning to feel intense pain from the pressure Olivia was unknowingly putting on the bullet wound.

Frank noticed. "Olivia doesn't your father get a hug?"

Olivia immediately rushed to her father and enveloped him in a hug.

"Now where did you get the idea that your mother was…" he couldn't even bring himself to speak the words.

"Nowhere," Olivia told him, "I'm just glad you two are safe." She looked at her mother, "Are you hurt!"

Nancy held up a hand, "It's okay Olivia, like I said it's just a graze."

The pilot's voice came over the speakers, "I would like to inform everyone that we will be deplaning. We will be letting our injured passenger off first, everyone else will be deplaned in order of row and seat to decrease any panic."

Robert stared out his window once more, "Jeremy we made an emergency stop right?"

"Yup at the nearest airport."

Robert smiled, "We made it to New York."

End Chapter

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