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Another Side, another story…

Chapter 1: Secrets revealed!

(Dark Magician & Holy Mage)


Sunlight shone through a pair of blue seashore curtains and onto a double blue bed with blue angel wings and gold, cursive writing written all over it. There was a matching blue comforter, matching blue pillows and matching blue sheets. Sleeping in the bed was a teenage blonde beauty. Her blonde hair, tinted with red was fanned around her head.

Slowly her eyes opened to reveal a pair of exotic and beautiful eyes. They were deep green like fiery emeralds with inky navy blue circles around them. The pair of eyes held knowledge beyond her age. They also held secrets ready to be revealed.

She slowly sat up and her long hair fell to her waist and her covers fell to her stomach to reveal a black singlet and a pair of black three-quarter pants.

She looked around and found her owl, in a cage much to her irritation, her father had forbid her to let him fly freely. He had silver feathers and aquamarine eyes. When she looked at her owl, his eyes opened and she smiled softly to him before getting out of bed and treading bare-feet on the light blue carpet and she walked to the cage.

"Good morning, Riku." She smiled and took out a packet of owl treats and opened it and poked some through the bars of the cage and Riku took it gratefully.

She then took off her black singlet to reveal a plain black bra and then she opened her wardrobe and took out a baby blue tank top which said 'superstar' in glittery silver writing. She also took out a pair of light grey, tight cargo flares. She then replaced her three-quarter pants with the cargoes and pulled on her tank top and went to her dresser and started to brush her hair. It was silky and smooth and had no tangles or split ends.

She was humming while recalling what had happened during five years of her life.

She had found out she was a witch when she was eleven and received a letter saying she had a place in a magic school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So she now attends Hogwarts with her cousin, Harry Potter who's famous in the magic world. Two years ago Lord Voldemort, the most sinister wizard in 100 years. They had barely escaped but with a huge loss. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black had disappeared who through the Veil.

She stretched before walking to her window and pulling the curtains opened and smiled at the view of children playing and teenagers playing basketball.

"What a fine day, don't you think, Riku?" Ari smiled.

Riku hooted in agreement before they heard a yell from next door.

"PIG!" It was Harry Potter yelling at his best friend's owl, Pig, short for Pigwidgeon. Ron's owl was very twitchy and by the sounds of it, Pig had pecked Harry til he awoke.

"OK! I'm awake!" Harry yelled and then he heard the sound of feet falling onto carpet.

A minute later she heard a door being slammed open and a pair of feet storming to her room.

Three loud knocks.

"Harry, come in." Ari sighed and watched as Harry opened her door and walked in with his fist outstretched. In it was a hyper small owl, the size of a snitch.

She held out her palm and he dropped Pig into her palm and sighed.

"Did Pig peck you really hard?" Ari smirked.

"Painfully hard." Harry nodded and pointed to his temple which was bleeding.

Ari gasped before grabbing her cousin's hand and dragging him quickly into a white bathroom where she opens a shelf and takes out the first aid kit. She then got out some ointment and some bandaids.

When she was done patching him up, they went back to her room to read the letters.

The first one was from Ron and the second one was from Ginny. (Ginny and Ari are very close)



You must be wondering why the envelope is so thick, right? Well I'll tell you. One is for Harry and your present is in the other package. Ginny got an owl! Her name is Juliet, whitish blue with grey eyes. Hmm… we are thinking of sending her soon, she's carrying your present. Are you and Harry able to make it here, Hermione's coming over and staying til school starts. I need to talk to you about something, and I seriously need your help. Ginny tries to be helpful but it's hard talking to her, you are much easier to talk to. Well gotta go! Mum is calling!

P.S Ginny is prefect.

In need of your help,


There was a silence before Harry broke it.

"Wanna have a guess what he needs you for?" Harry asked with a knowing grin.

Ari smirked in return before speaking.

"Ron has the hots for Hermione!" She sing-songed.

"Back at the dorm, he used to mutter Hermione's name in his sleep." Harry smirked before Ari froze.

"What's the matter?" Harry looked concerned.

Ari was quiet and still for a moment before a wicked grin started to appear.

"Hell! You look just like the twins!" Harry edged away from her but she reached and grabbed him by the collar and placing her mouth dangerously near his ear.

"Hermione also has the hots for Ronnie." She smirked and soon Harry joined her in smirking evilly.

"Maybe we should set them up." He smirked and then he and Ari both nodded in unison.

"Now that, that's settle, onto Ginny's letter!" Ari screamed right in Harry's face with a huge grin.

"Oww!" Harry clutched both his ears. There was a throbbing pain in his ears. "What the hell did you do that from! Ow! Bloody hell! Damn!"

"Harry, you cuss way more then the Weasley family put together sometimes…" Ari softly pushed in away from her with her fingers shoving his chest lightly.

"Read the damn letter out!" Harry hissed and then Ari rolled her eyes and pointed at the door.

It took awhile but the door soon closed by itself.

"How the fuck do you do that?" He asked but soon found himself looking over his cousin's shoulder and reading the letter from Ginny.

Hi Ari!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Guess what? I'm a PREFECT! Can you believe it? Professor McGonagall picked me instead of Stella! Oh god! She's gonna hate me now! Anyways! Collin and I got together! He is so unbelievably sweet! Hope you find someone of your own. Anyways, hope to see you soon!

P.S Do you have a hot guy in mind?

From your best friend,


"You girls are nuts! Is this what they call girl talk?" Harry rose an eyebrow and Ari laughed.

"You could say that, dear cousin."

"Right… What's that flying towards the window?" Harry pointed at something whitish blue and with –

"Hedwig!" Ari squealed and quickly opened the window and the owls flew in.

Hedwig was Harry's owl. She was a snowy owl with white feathers and black eyes?

She flew to Harry and perched onto his shoulder and nipped his eye affectionately.

The whitish blue thing turned out to be the owl mentioned in Ron's letter.

"You're Juliet right? Ron never mentioned you were such a beauty." Ari smiled and took the owl to Riku who was watching with amusement.

Juliet was hooting happily at Ari who was smiling. Slowly she dipped her beak into Riku's water bowl and started drinking.

Harry untied the letter from Hedwig's leg and she joined Riku and Juliet.

"Pressies!" Ari squealed.

"And letters from Hermione! I wanna hear her confession about Ronnie!" Harry smirked and Ari slowly opened the letter.

Dear Ari,

How's your holiday so far? Mine is alright, I went to Greece. Can you believe how big 'The Temple of Zeus' is? It's gigantic! I hope one day you and Harry go there! It is just amazing!

"She's lecturing us again…" Harry muttered.

"Let's skip it, and find the good bits." Ari grinned and her eyes skimmed through the letter before they stopped halfway.

"Damn girl! She writes too much!" Harry whined.

"Harry, shut up, you whine – THERE!" Ari pointed to a paragraph.

You told me earlier to talk to Ron, I might when we go to The Burrow but what if he doesn't feel the same way I feel about him? Goddess! Help me!

"I'm not goddess…" Ari mumbled before reading on.

I really hope Ron notices me this year. Oh god! He is so hot! I wish he would notice me as a girl and not just one of his best friends. Ari, what if he finds someone else? I wouldn't be able to stand it!

Ari and Harry both noticed the tearstains on the parchment.

"Wow, she really loves him." Harry murmured.

I really can't talk about it via letter! I want to see you and Ron and Harry and the others! I really miss you all! Anyways, I got a haircut! I hope Ron will like it! Cuz, I love it! Got to go, dinner. See you!

P.S Happy Birthday and say hi to Harry for me.

Your good friend,


"Wow, intense." Harry took the letter and studied it.

"Very, anyways, time to open pressies, I got… one from Ron, one from Gin, one from Hermione and one from Mrs. Weasley." Ari counted her presents.

"You're missing one, wait." Harry opened the door and ran to his room while Ari grabbed her presents and walked to her bed and took a seat.

Harry soon returned with a present in his hands. It was wrapped in baby blue wrapping paper which was glossy and had Blue Bears all over it.

"Wow, thanks." Ari took the present from Harry's outstretched hand.

"I think I will open yours last." Ari smiled and opened the one from Ron which looked like a flat rectangle.

"What the hell is that?" Harry looked at the weird necklace that was inside the box.

It was made of silver and had an eye in the middle which the pupil was made of sapphire and had a swirling orb in it.

"Dunno –hang one! - There's a note!" Ari took the note.


This is the Soul Necklace; it is able to let you have glimpses from the future and the past. Actually it's the gem that gives you the power and well the rest is for decoration.

"It's pretty." Ari smiled and the gem suddenly lit up and both Ari and Harry's faces lit up from the blue light.

"Why don't I put it on for you?" Harry suggested and Ari nodded and handed him the necklace and her back faced him.

He carefully put it on and Ari stood up and walked to the mirror and smiled at the necklace.

"I wonder how Ron chose it." Harry walked to Ari who smiled.

"I dunno, let's open Gin's one." Ari held out her hand and the package flew into her hand.

She opened it to reveal a small box containing…

"Tarot cards!" Ari gasped with delight and smiled happily.

"Why are you getting so emotional over a deck of tarot cards?" Harry looked at his cousin weirdly.

"Well, while we were visiting Diagon Alley last year, this caught my eye. Of course Gin and Mione saw me looking at it. I didn't bother buying it since someone had gone and bought it but now I have my very own." Ari smiled blissfully.

"Ok… next one is Hermione…" Ari was about to open it when Harry stopped her.

"Let's guess first." Harry grinned and they spent the next ten minutes guessing.

"Hogwarts: A history."

"Nah." Ari sniggered.

"Your turn."

"Ways to kill Draco Malfoy."

"Wish it was for sale."

And so they continued to guess until they ran out and Ari opened it to reveal.

"Cassandra Seer's Divine Skills…" Ari read the shiny gold print on the book.

"What a shitty title." Harry snickered and Ari nodded her head in agreement before opening it to the first page.

"It's unbelievable to think Hermione would go anywhere near these books." Harry laughed and soon Ari's giggles joined his.

Harry handed her the last present which was from Mrs. Weasley.

Ari opened it anxiously to find a box with a homemade chocolate cake with the words 'Happy Birthday' in white icing.

"Yummy!" Ari smiled and closed the box when she heard or rather sensed someone walking up the stairs.

The footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs.

"Ari, Harry! Breakfast!" Petunia called.

"Alright." They both called in unison.

They both went to the bathroom but Harry had to relieve himself so Ari stayed outside.

Ari heard many voices downstairs and was about to look when she heard the toilet flush and Harry coming out while Ari went in for her turn.


The door opened and Harry went back inside the two brushed their teeth standing next to each other while they had different thoughts in their heads.

They both finished brushing their teeth at the same time and they walked together down the stairs and into the kitchen where she found the three Dumbledores and Professor McGonagall sitting down at the kitchen table while Dudley and Vernon were glaring at them but Petunia was laughing with Madam Dumbledore.

"Good morning everyone." Harry and Ari said in unison while the adults stood up.

Ari and Harry took a seat before Petunia placed a plate of food in front of them.

"What brings you all here, Madam Dumbledore?" Ari asked happily while cutting a piece of bacon off the rest.

"Oh we will tell you two once you have finished your breakfast and we got presents for you." Professor Dumbledore grinned.

"Right." Ari smiled and then she and Harry quickly ate their breakfasts.

"Slow down!" Madam Dumbledore laughed. "No need to hurry, got plenty of time!"

The two hungry teens slowed a bit but continued to easy quickly.


"So… are you two not choking at the moment?" Headmaster Dumbledore asked with a chuckle while the other adults laughed. Harry and Ari both shook their heads while they went to the living room and sat down at the sofas.

"So, you want your present first or the explanation first?" Madam Dumbledore asked.

Ari looked a Harry who shrugged.

"It's your birthday, not mine, you decide." Harry shrugged and made himself comfortable.

"The explanation then." Ari smiled and all the adults' faces went grim.

"Very well…" Professor Dumbledore fiddled with his fingers.

"Ari, the reason why we came today was to tell you the truth we kept from you, Dudley and Harry for sixteen years." Madam Dumbledore started to explain while Dudley stared.

"And that would be?" Ari asked.

"Please let Kate finish explaining before asking questions, Ari." Professor Dumbledore added.

Ari nodded before looking at Madam Dumbledore.

"Well, remember that time I told you I had a daughter?" Madam Dumbledore asked and Ari nodded her head.

"Well, we had to give her to a very dear friend of mine to look after until she was ready to know. Well, that friend of mine has being looking after her for sixteen years. We had watched her grow magically for five years. She is a very special witch who we didn't want to give away but had to because of Lord Voldemort, now we have come to tell her the truth." Madam Dumbledore explained.

"So…" Ari began slowly while the adults looked at her.

"Are you saying… I am that daughter of yours and that you are my parents?" Ari looked at Petunia and Vernon who nodded slowly.

"Oh my god!" Ari clamped a hand over her mouth while falling back into the sofa.

"I had a feeling because I saw the way you were looking at Ari but I never thought it was true…" Harry's mouth hanged open.

"But, Lord Voldemort was gone for fourteen years, one year after, Harry defeated him but why couldn't you come and take me back? Didn't you want me?" Ari had tears in he eyes.

"Honey, of course we wanted you but we couldn't since their was still Voldemort Supporters around and they were looking for you but they never knew where you were. You're the chosen one, the balance between light and darkness, you are no normal human, have you ever wondered why you could perform wandless magic so easily while others were struggling to even lift up a feather without their wands?" Madam Dumbledore's eyes shone with tears.

"I have always wondered but how?" Ari stared at the newly-found parents.

"You have inherited some from me, however you have surpassed me and you were able to do it with out the proper training and it had taken me years to even me half as powerful as you." Professor Dumbledore smiled proudly at his daughter.

"You have no idea how hard it was to not be able to tell you for so many years, I had almost told you one time when you said you had a dream of a huge manor that was beautiful. You had seen yourself standing in front of it with a huge smile while Harry was in the background laughing." Madam Dumbledore's whole composure collapsed and she sobbed in her husband's chest while Professor Dumbledore stroked her hair lovingly.

"That manor was the Dumbledore Manor, the reason we came was to also tell you if you and Harry would like to move in with us since Harry's father, James was a great friend of mine, even though I wasn't a Marauder I knew about the map. Lily and Kate were very close, almost like you and Ginny, Ari." Professor Dumbledore smiled.

Now I know why I feel so comfortable around them, they are my real family, even though I love the Dursleys dearly, I just don't belong here, Harry is the only one who understood me. Ari thought to herself.

Headmaster Dumbledore heard everything because of his ability of Legilimens but he kept his mouth shut.

"You have a choice, Ari, if you feel you like you belong here you can stay and we would not object but if you would like to live with us, it is your choice." Professor Dumbledore explained.

"Well, mum, dad, Professor Dumbledore, Madam Dumbledore, Headmaster Dumbledore, I have decided I want to live with the Dumbledores. I feel I belong with them, mum, dad. They are after all my real family." Ari looked at her adoptive parents sadly.

"Very well, I have being expecting this." Petunia wiped her eyes.

"Harry, how about you?" Headmaster Dumbledore looked at Harry who gulped.

"Err… I think I will stay with Ari."

"Very well, should we start packing?" Professor Dumbledore stood up and Ari and Harry both nodded and stood up.

"Ari," Petunia called and Ari turned around.

"Your presents from us." Petunia handed Ari three presents while wiping away the tears in her eyes.

"Thanks, mum." Ari smiled.

"Ari, from now on it's Mrs. Dursley, I am no longer your mother." Petunia explained sadly.

"And it's Mr. Dursley now." "Vernon added.

"Alright, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley." Ari smiled and she and Harry ran up to pack.


Ari had opened the presents and from Harry it was a silver bracelet with stars in between the thin chains. Madam Dumbledore had given her a silver locket and Professor Dumbledore had given her a silver heart ring with a real sapphire in the middle. Headmaster Dumbledore had given her sherbet lemons and Professor McGonagall had given her silver wristbands made of silver. It is said to increase your accuracy and amplify your powers.

The Dursleys had given her a set of baby blue candles, an art set and Simple Plan's latest album. (Don't own)

She had also finished packing with the help of her real mother. Madam Dumbledore had used magic to pack while in Harry's room, Professor Dumbledore had did the same.

"I am gonna miss this place a lot." Ari smiled sadly at her empty room.

Kate had shrunk her stuff so it will all fit in her suitcases.

"You can always come visit us." Petunia's voice said from behind them.

"Ok, mu- Mrs. Dursley." Ari wiped away the tears in her eyes before picking her suitcase up and walking out of the room at the exact same time Harry walked out of his room.

Kate and Jarrod both smiled before following the teens down the stairs and to the front door where the others were standing.

"You ready?" Headmaster Dumbledore asked.

Ari nodded confidently while Harry looked at Ari uncertainly.

Sure he wanted to leave the Dursleys but the way Ari is acting is so unlike her. Sure she was always calm and serene. (Well most of time) He had expected her to be crying at the moment but she looked like she wasn't crying at all or she had cried at all. She looked like she was wearing an emotionless mask with cold eyes.

"Well, let's go." Jarrod laughed.

"Ari, Harry, good bye, come over whenever you want." Petunia waved as they left the front door.

"You drive a car?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Yep, nice car, eh?" Jarrod smirked.

"A black BMW Z4 convertible! Sick!" Harry drooled at the car.

"Yep, get in." Jarrod and Kate hopped into the front.

"Err… there are only two seats at the back…" Ari sweat dropped.

"Minerva and I will apparate." Headmaster Dumbledore smiled from the doorway.

"Bye, Ari." Dudley and Vernon waved with watery eyes.

"Bye, riceballs!" Ari called as they drove away.

Harry laughed at the comment.


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