Clouds and Snowflakes

A/N: to start off with: I don't own Inuyasha or any of the affiliated characters. Beyond that, this is just a short little ditty about some of Kagome's thoughts on our Inu-chan. It could be a sequal to The Rain, but I'm not thinking of it as such. I haven't written anything fiction-like in over a year, though, so I'd sppreciate some feedback. - Many happy thoughts!

You know when you look up in the sky and see a cloud that looks like a bunny? But then it turns into something else, like a lion or a bear? That's how Inuyasha is to me.

One moment, he's all sweet and stuff, then the next it's like I don't even exist, or like I'm nothing to him but a shard-detector. He'll be sitting there, talking to me, then all

of a sudden someone says something, or nothing happens at all, and he starts calling me wench, bitch, or the like. I would say that he has two separate sides, two

different personalities, but even when he's being mean to me, he'll protect me. And sometimes, when he's being all gruff and stuff, he'll look over at me and smile. I

know I'm not supposed to see this, but I'll catch it occasionally, like a snowflake on my tongue. It'll be there for just a moment, and then be gone so fast you barely even

get a taste. But even so, you can still remember the simple fact that it was there. With Inuyasha, I have to take things as they come, and understand that the complements

he gives, and the smiles I get, and the nice words are all temporary. But that's just the way he is. He grew up with such a harsh life, to be anything other than brusque is

to be weak. And Inuyasha is anything but weak.