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Right, this is a story about love … that's all…

New character created by me:

Princess Catalina Sadorski from Moldavia, brother land of Transylvania, Hungary

Moldavia is ruled by Catalina's father: King Alphonse Sadorski

Lord Gabriel Van Helsing (knight of Holy order)

Count Vladislaus Valerious and of course he is the Prince of Transylvania (knight of Holy order)

Chapter 1 Living in the dark

December, Year 1460 Hungary,

Full Moon, but at the same time, stars over the sky, wind blowing gently…

It's a wonderful night…..

Inside the village called Moldavia, there is a high mountain with wonderful scenery, there is a large gorgeous castle stand on it - The Castle Sadorski.

This royal castle, everything is bright, extravagant ……but there is one chamber on the third floor in this castle…. fills with darkness.

In that chamber, there is a 4 poster bed covered with vivid violet satin, creamy curtain with golden trim…What a lovely bedroom…a big sandalwood wardrobe in Spanish style with beautiful graphics of floral carved on it, just like other ordinary girl bedroom. On the wall around, there are some paintings hanging. On each painting, there is a beautiful girl dressing gracefully. When you look at it, the girl is smiling to you… She is so called the most beautiful girl in the Hungary.

But there are some weird things in that chamber, there is no single stand of candle lightens, even in the late evening. Besides, the dresser next to the bed, oddly there is no mirror on it.

And inside this dim room, there is only a few beam of moonlight shining through the windows. Beside the window, there is a girl sitting. She gets a long silky silver hair just like the moonbeam, wind blowing through her hair, make it more fantasy, just like in the fairy tale. An ivory skin covered her body. She is wearing a beautiful ocean blue grown with some butterflies pattern on it, which make her even more like in a dream. And most of all, She gets a pair of stunning eyes. They are as blue as the sky and when you look through them, there are thousands of stars inside. The appearance of this girl is just as the mirror image of that paintings hanging. She is Princess Catalina of Moldavia – The Princess of Purity.