Escaflowne: Fight for Gaea.

Chapter 1 A flash from the future.

The scene opens on a warm July afternoon. A 17 year old Hitomi is getting ready for the 100 meters; her best time is around about 12 seconds. Her friend and track team manager, Yukari, is stood at the edge of the track, with Amono another runner and Hitomi's first crush.

It was around two years before now when Hitomi was taken from Earth, in a beam of light to the planet of Gaea. They all remember her leaving and the time she was gone, Hitomi tried to explain what happened and where she was but they never understood. On Gaea Hitomi found her true love-Van Fanel- a king of the country of Fanelia, she had often thought if it was right to return to Earth.

"You ready kanzaki?" Amono shouted from the side lines.

"Yer I'm ready," Hitomi rubbed her neck where she once wore a pendent which she left on Gaea with Van, as she thought of this her mind filled with thoughts of him.


Hitomi took off her mind drifting. Suddenly she saw him standing on the track in full body armour, his face wore an expression of sorrow and his eyes were full of sadness. As she passed though him she felt ill and collapsed.

Hitomi woke to find herself in a desolate land were fire and sky met and the land as far as the eye could see was black. As she began to walk she noticed the Earth and the Moon hung in the sky, she said to herself in an almost whisper "Gaea?" she could not believe her eyes, there looked as if a war had raged, deep down inside she knew what she saw were not scenes of the past, of what the people of Gaea called "The Great War," the one she had stopped before it destroyed all of Gaea.

A flash of lighting gave Hitomi a shock and made her turn to a hill where a man like figure stood, as she walked closer she noticed it was not a man but a Guymelef - a machine like armour a man controlled from inside - someone was stood on its shoulder. A woman! She wore a white dress that was blown by the slight wind, her long black and white hair made her eyes seem dark, her face was expressionless and filled Hitomi with fear, in her hands there was a black bladed sword that seemed to glow, as she raised it the Earth began to shake and it fell from beneath Hitomi's feet.

Hitomi awoke with a start to find herself in the schools med-room, alone; she soon found a note on the side and her bag on the floor.

Kanzaki Hitomi,

The new bitch of a nurse made us leave,

You have to call your mother when you when you wake,

And call me when you get home.

Hope your OK.

Uchida Yukari.

Short and in hurried handwriting. She noticed a P.S.


Don't let the bitch see this,

We have flu jabs soon and she hates me as it is.

Hitomi Laughed as she read the rest of the note.

Hitomi dressed and cleaned herself up a bit as she looked in the mirror the woman from her dream, or was is a vision, stood behind her, Hitomi turned to find herself alone in the room once again.

Who was the Woman in White?

The next day Hitomi woke to the front door slamming she looked at her clock which read 10:00, she sat up with a jerk that made her head spin then realized it was Saturday, as she began to lay back down her eye noticed the read writing on her calendar. Hitomi walked across her room with a groan it was a mess and she knew her mother would have her head. Hitomi read what was on the calendar,


In a mad dash Hitomi found something to wear and ran out the house door forgetting her keys and Yukari's present in the process. Hitomi ran all the way to Yukari's house to find her and Amono sat on her front garden step.

"And what time do u call this?" Yukari said standing up and waving a finger at Hitomi.

"I'm…sorry…Yukari…I just… got up," Hitomi was bent over trying to get her breath back.

"Don't worry Kanzaki, after all you did collapse yesterday," Amono smiled and Hitomi remembered why she had liked him so much and Allen, Allen Schezar was a knight Caeli from Gaea that lived in the country of Asturia, he had saved her life and took and uncanny likeness of Amono.

"So what you got me?" Yukari looked at Hitomi with a devilish look in her eye.

"Oh…no...I'm sorry Yukari, I left it at home!"

Yukari laughed and began to walk in the direction of Hitomi's house.

When they all got there and found the spare key Hitomi noticed a small package addressed to her on the floor among the mail.

"What is it? Is it something from your dad?" Yukari asked forgetting herself for once and leaning over Hitomi's shoulder to get a better view.

"I don't know; it doesn't look like his handwriting,"

Hitomi, Yukari and Amono all stood silently in the hall as Hitomi opened the package. As she unwrapped the brown paper they all gasped, there in the folds of the paper lay Hitomi's pendent.

"I…I…thought you said you lost your pendent Hitomi?" Yukari looked at her friend then at Amono.

"No I never lost it, I gave it to…to…Van," Hitomi drifted off and a sadness came to her eyes.

"Maybe we should go?" Amono reached for Yukari's arm only to be pushed away.

"Look Hitomi, I know you went missing and all but the whole story about that different world, and dragons, and stuff…" Yukari looked down at her feet; she was now stood in front of Hitomi with her hands on her shoulders "…JUST TELL ME WHERE YOU WERE!" Hitomi had not moved and just kept looking at her pendent she could not see the concern on her friends faces and they looked at her.

"You don't understand…you never have, you never will," Yukari looked over to Amono,

"Hitomi…I'm sorry it's just…"

"Just leave me alone!" Yukari was taken aback by what Hitomi had said; she stood back from her friend and answered in a sullen tone,

"OK. I'm sorry for what I said Hitomi it's just…it's just, I'm worried for you, you haven't been the same since you returned…" Yukari looked as if she was about to cry "…but you know, if we were to find you a nice guy or something…"

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE YUKARI, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, YOU NEVER HAVE; NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I TELL YOU!" Hitomi burst out into tears and ran upstairs to her room.

Hitomi flung open her door and threw herself onto her bed. She sobbed there for sometime all the while thinking of Van and everyone on Gaea and how much she missed them. She hated how her life had turned since she returned; the strain of her disappearance had taken its toll on her father resulting in a messy divorce.

"Hitomi!" Hitomi's mother called from downstairs, "Hitomi go to the store for me, there's a list and some money on the side,"

Hitomi dragged herself downstairs and walked to the shop, as she paid she noticed she had put her pendent into her pocket, Hitomi decided to wear it and began the walk home.

As she walked she noticed it was unusually dark and cold. Suddenly a gust of wind forced Hitomi to stop and close her eyes. When she opened them a clocked figure stood a little in front of her.

"Who are you? Are you lost?" Hitomi moved a little closer to the figure.

"You are unhappy…come with me…come with me and help me…you do not belong here…you belong with the young king…you want him?" Hitomi gasped at what the man had said he…he was from Gaea…how? "He wants you too, Miss Kanzaki…he is unhappy too," Hitomi's eyes widened and she ran towards the man dropping the shopping bags.

"You know Van, what has happened, please I don't Van to be unhappy," Hitomi was close to tears, "please can you take me to Gaea, Take me to Van!"

The man nodded and raised his arms. Hitomi's pendent began to glow; in a flash a beam of light came from the sky and took her away to Gaea, where the Earth and the Moon hangs in the sky and where anything and everything is possible.

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