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Chapter 16 The Fate Of Gaea!

"You are right Miss Kanzaki." Hitomi faced the man stood behind her it was no other than Zaron himself. Hitomi turned back to see Marth but he had gone. "He has learnt nothing. I have read the walls leading to Zandria and I unlike the others I now understand, although we allow Gaea to be reborn the past does repeat. The people respect us for a short while but after a few generations they forget and the pain returns."

"Pain? How does worshiping your kind erase the Gaean people's pain?" Hitomi still didn't understand why he wanted to destroy Gaea because of pain.

"They lived by the rules; everything was peaceful in the times when they worshiped us. There was no crime or war, no one knew of poverty or hurt people died from old age or illness not murder. They asked for our help and we helped because they helped us in return they were perfect."

"They made you feel like gods?"

"We were gods."

"So what? Marth doesn't want to give up on being god? How can he if there is no one left?" Zaron smiled, Hitomi did not know who she was supporting, both of them made no sense, both of their ideas to her were wrong.

"There is Zaibach." Hitomi had completely forgotten, Marth had been the former Emperor of Zaibach, he would have known about Dornkirk's plan of destroying Gaea and making it in his eye, how he believed it should be. "Marth plans to begin again, with Zaibach in rule. His powers combined with Kari's are enough to accomplish this."

"But in time pain will only return. Is that your philosophy?" Zaron nodded.

"Because some of Marths blood was used in the transfusions he was not complete, that is why Kari is the way she is; they have become one. Although he is still technically dead a small part lives within her which is why you saw that vision - the one you had before I took you to Gaea - that is what will happen. With the sword she will end her life coursing Gaea to be reborn."

Well that made sense. "But how do you plan to destroy Gaea?"

"It is not just The Bringer, Taker and Chosen one that can control life and death, I found etched into the wall and in ancient texts that if all Zandrions were to be destroyed then Gaea would follow." Hitomi gasped only five Zandrions existed. Zaron grinned as the realization of the matter hit her and laughed as he started to fade.

"No you can't!" Hitomi screamed, "You can't destroy everyone, they deserve to live. I don't want this to happen. People need to live with their pain it's what makes them stronger. Van, Allen, Kari they all have people that help them deal with sorrow and hurt. I don't want them to die!" Hitomi was in agony. She just did not know what to do anymore.

Hitomi stopped as she heard a voice coming from her left and a small light appeared, "Gaea's fate rests in the heart of the Chosen one." Hitomi ran towards the light, and soon found herself in familiar grounds. It was the gardens in Zandria.

Hitomi walked through the gardens; they looked so beautiful; she could hear the birds and smell the flowers in the breeze it was such a contrast from the burning city of Palas.

"You arrived." Kari was stood before her, she looked perfect no scars her hair pure white again but this time she stood as a Draconian, her white wings so splendid and the two oval shapes on her forehead completing her magnificence.

"Kari!" She smiled at Hitomi, although her eyes were full of such sorrow Hitomi hated to look at them.

"Please help me Hitomi. I don't want to suffer anymore. I want to return to my original form. I don't want to feel the pain of everything. The Zandrions acted so selfishly and only I have suffered the consequences." Her voice was filled with the pain reflected in her eyes.

"I cannot help you Kari, because if you die Gaea will be reborn and I do not know what that means, I don't want the people of Gaea to suffer any more then they have to, I don't want Zaron to kill the elders and destroy Gaea either. If I could I would take away your pain so that you could live and be happy, if I could I was reverse what the Elders did to you, so that this never began but I can't." Kari's eyes drifted to look at the flowers, she then turned to look at Hitomi again tears slowly running down her cheeks.

"Thank you Hitomi, I have seen into your heart and I know what must be done." Hitomi was confused but somehow she knew everything was going to be fine. Hitomi smiled back and felt herself crying too, then like several times before a pillar of light surrounded Hitomi to take her back.

Hitomi's eyes snapped open and she sat up quickly looking around the room she was in. It was very small containing only her bed and little floor space. She looked out the window beside her bed but did not recognise the surroundings. She got up to leave when her door opened; she was surprised to see Van.

"Hitomi you're finally awake." Hitomi pushed past him to find they were in 'The Dragons Head' inn in Quintez.

"What happened?" Was the only thing she could ask?

Van took Hitomi back into her room, sat her down and told her what had happened in Palas and since she had been unconscious.

He said that during their fight a pillar of light surrounded Zaibachs Guymelef and it disappeared. He returned to the Crusade to find that a pillar of light had also taken Allen away. Van told her that on returning to Quintez they heard stories of pillars appearing all over Gaea. He said that Escaflowne would not open up anymore, and that he could not remove the energist, Escaflowne was just like a statue.

Van said that rumours were appearing that all old Zandrion shrines had also disappeared which was backed up by the fact the one in the forest had gone too.

Hitomi later learned that the damage on Palas had been unbelievable but that there was less then expected dead. She found out that a few days after the pillars of light spread across Gaea a new Emperor of Zaibach had shown up offering help to all the counties that needed it.

Everything on Gaea seemed mind-boggling everything was fine! It was like the Zandrions never existed all evidence of them had gone; the only worrying thing was that Allen was missing.

A few days later after regaining consciousness Hitomi was stood on a balcony at the inn, when she saw Kari. She was stood right next to her in-fact.

"Kari! What happened? What did you see in my heart?" Hitomi asked, looking at her old friend.

"I saw the answer. I had asked you to end my life but that was selfish of me, people on this planet they don't need us to help them anymore, they just need to be left alone so I took away the Zandrions link with Gaea. Only one door remains encaseā€¦" Kari looked out into the forest.

"Encase what?"

"We do not know where Zaron has gone, as I and the remaining Elders broke the link we think Zaron is either here on Gaea still or trapped in-between time if he is on Gaea then he make seek the remaining door and the peace will be disrupted."

"But Kari if you are still alive doesn't that mean Gaea will slowly fall into turmoil?" Kari smiled.

"Because I broke the link, I no longer feel Gaea's pain. I have limited powers and soon I will die but Gaea will not suffer anymore because of me and my kind. It is just like we never existed and our actions will no longer determine the fate of Gaea."

"So I'll never see you again?" Hitomi felt the tears running down her face, she had been through so much alongside Kari; and gotten to know her so well the thought of never seeing her again hurt. Kari looked as if she was about to leave when Hitomi stopped her she had one more question to ask. "Kari wait! What happened to Allen?" Hitomi saw the sadness return to her eyes.

"We don't know!" Hitomi gasped. "We are looking for him, but our searches have come back negative."

"Hitomi!" Hitomi looked to see who was calling her, it sounding like Van.

She turned to question Kari, "But-" she was gone; Hitomi hated how they did that.

"Hitomi, there you are. What's the matter? Have you been crying?" Hitomi embraced Van, even with everything back to normal and Kari no longer feeling the pain of Gaea she still had her own pain to deal with.

"Van? I want to stay. I want to stay here on Gaea. I don't know what I would do if I lost you!" Van tightened their embrace.

"I would love you to stay."

The End.

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