Night Warriors: The New Threat


Part 1 of 4

Author's note: I don't own any Darkstalker character; all Darkstalker characters are copyrighted to Capcom. James a.k.a. JJ is copyrighted to me, just not while I use him in my Darkstalker fanfiction stories. Enjoy.

It's a beautiful mid windy night; at his post at 10:00 p.m., was Lt. Col. James. James is a well-respected man among his team, the Marine's Fifth Infantry Team. He's a great leader and fighter; his team that he leads look up to him as a hero. James, armed with a flash light, walked around his bouncer making sure that it wouldn't catch on fire, or female cadets didn't sneak into the male bouncer to have sex or he'd be in trouble with General Ly. James stopped two feet away for the bouncer's door. James did about face and saw a woman coming towards his bouncer. James flashed the light towards her.

When she was in plain view, James had never seen the woman that was walking towards him. James yelled, "HALT!"

The woman stopped about five feet from him. James looked at the woman, "Who are you?"

The woman answered, "I am Colonel Aensland, Morrigan."

James saluted her. "I'm sorry to question you, ma'am."

Morrigan replied, "It is okay, Lieutenant Colonel, you're just doing your job."

James answered, "Thank you, ma'am."

Morrigan smiled at James, "You're also a very strong man."

James blushed for a second; "I never heard a higher rank tell me that I'm strong before, ma'am."

Morrigan replied, "You also have beautiful eyes, Lieutenant Colonel."

James realized something. "Are you trying to hit on me, ma'am?"

Morrigan walked slowly towards James. "It took you long enough, Lieutenant Colonel."

James started to walk backwards from Morrigan. "I can't go out with a rank that's higher or lower then me, ma'am. It's against regulations, they will demote me."

Morrigan replied, "Well it's a risk you have to take."

James answered, "You're beautiful and all, but I think it won't work out, ma'am."

James turned and started to walk away from Morrigan. Morrigan turned into her succubus form and flew towards James. James heard something coming towards him, but it was too late. Morrigan tackled James to the ground and stuck her fangs into his neck. James felt his life slip away from him. Morrigan stopped sucking his blood and got off his back.

James had enough strength to roll over to see Morrigan in her succubus form, "What are you, and what did you do to me?"

Morrigan laughed, "I am the ruler of all the Demon World or as some of you humans call it Demon Realm, and I'm a succubus."

James replied, "You didn't answer my question, what did you do to me?"

Morrigan sat on top of James. "I sucked your blood, Lieutenant Colonel. I'm surprised that you're still alive."

James replied, "I am Lieutenant Colonel James J. Grijalva, leader of the Fifth Infantry of the United States' Marines, it is going to take more than a woman or what you say you are to kill me."

Morrigan started her finger down his chest. "In that case." Morrigan cut herself with her nail, "Drink my blood and become more then a man."

Lt. Col. James looked at her; "I rather die than drink your blood."

Morrigan smile evilly, "In this case you don't have a choice."

Morrigan looked deeply into James' eyes and had him under her control. Morrigan put her bleeding arm close to his mouth, "Drink." James put her arm in between his lips, then bit her arm and started to drink her blood. Morrigan moaned as he drank her blood. Morrigan was so turned on by the way James drank her blood. Morrigan was surprised to find a strong man in the Human World. Morrigan felt weak for a second and made James stop biting her arm. Morrigan was so turned on by the way James drank her blood, she almost forgot that he was actually drinking her blood. Morrigan's cut healed and she put her hand on his check; "Do you want to know why I didn't just kill you off?"

James didn't answer, because he was in a trance still. Morrigan sighed, "I didn't kill you off, because I didn't want to waste your strong body. In fact, you're the only strong human I ever met." He just sat there with a blank face, emotions removed from him. Morrigan got off of him and turned her back to him.

Morrigan looked back at him, "Coming?"

James stood up and walked to her side. Morrigan took hold of James and flew up towards the night sky. In the sky, Morrigan made a key appear and unlocked the protected gate to the Demon Realm.

...To be continued...