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Dark wants Daisuke, so does Krad, Satoshi and Riku wants him too! Who's gonna get Daisuke? It's R-rated.


Possession. Prologue.

Daisuke arched his back, and moaned. Hands were running up and down his back while a tongue was licking his swanlike neck.

A smirk found its way onto a handsome and dark face.

"You're mine Daisuke…mine and only mine…my little one, you've been hurt so many times…Let me show you what it's like to be loved".

"No please don't…" Daisuke struggled.

"Just give in koi…I can give you what you want! I can give you the world if you just give in to me…

You know you want me…".

"I don't! Please stop! Get out of my dream! PLEASE LEAVE!" Daisuke cried. He didn't want this, why couldn't he just vanish! Like spots on your clothes when you wash them!

Daisuke woke up, all sweaty. "Daisuke are you okay!" Dark asked. "Yes…just a dream…" Daisuke said. "You moaned and everything!" Dark said. Daisuke blushed madly, "Dark, please don't!". "Did you see your lover's face?" Dark teased, "DARK!", "Was it a hottie? Then it must've been me!". "Ha ha…ha…" Daisuke said.

Next morning.

"Breakfast Dai-chan!" Emiko said and waved Daisuke to the table.

"Morning Dai-chan!" Dark said and smiled.

"Good morning Dark" Daisuke said.

"Dai-chan could you please get some bread for me at the grocery?" Emiko asked.

"Sure mom!" Daisuke said and ran off.

After he got the bread he went home again, but on his way home, he met a stranger.

The stranger pinned Daisuke to the wall, "Ne, you remember me?" he said as he kissed Daisuke's neck. "Please leave…" Daisuke growled. The stranger pressed his chest to Daisuke's.

"You're a guy!" Daisuke gasped, "It's not about gender, my love, it's passion".


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