A/N: Hi all...new fic from me! It's centering around Cedirc Diggory, Oliver Wood, Marcus Flint and Roger Davies as they try to lose their virginity in an American Pie style before their seventh year is up! It's mindless fun, a little OOC and not too crude...for now! Enjoy!

Chapter One: The Bet.

"I see you dared to show your face after that pitiful, pitiful defeat last year," Marcus Flint said, shaking his head as Oliver Wood pushed through the door into Ravenclaw's Quidditch changing room.

"It wasn't a pitiful defeat, it was Potter and we wouldn't have lost if you hadn't tried to kill half my team," the Gryffindor Captain replied tightly but his face soon broke into a grin.

"Good to see you Wood," Marcus said, standing up and returning the grin. The boys embraced quickly in a manly fashion then took to slapping each other on the back, chatting about the summer.

"Oi, forgot that you're actually in my changing room did you?" Roger Davies demanded from across the room. Oliver turned and grinned wider.

"Sorry mate," He replied and he and Roger went through the same as Oliver did with Marcus.

"Brilliant last game mates, really cracking," Roger said to his two friends, turning back to his board and flipping over a page so he could write more ideas down. "Of course, nothing on what I've got in store for unsuspecting fools!"

Marcus and Oliver scoffed loudly.

"I've been training with my Chasers all summer and believe me, it'll be one sure shock to the system when you play us," Oliver said, puffing up his chest proudly.

"Please," Roger replied, rolling his eyes.

"All summer, eh?" Marcus asked, a grin cracking on his face. "Hot and sweaty with three girls for two months. Bet that was hard work!"

"Shut up," Oliver said, bristling. "It's not like that, they're my Chasers."

Both Marcus and Roger stared at him, trying not to laugh.

"Alright, I had to keep telling myself that or I wouldn't be able to sit on my broom properly! Merlin, have you seen Katie sweaty? Better still, sweaty in one of those weird sports bra thingies? Merlin above," Oliver added with a sigh, fondly remembering his summer.

"You do know Katie's my cousin, don't you?" A voice demanded. All three boys turned to the doorway, confused and surprised at another voice.

"Diggory!" They all called together when they realised who it was. Cedric Diggory grinned boyishly and walked over to them.

"If it isn't the duffer himself. Going to finally quit Quidditch for good?" Marcus asked, still grinning.

"Not a chance. I've a cracking team this year," He replied, flicking his hair from his eyes.

"Oh, spiffing is it? How marvelous!" Roger replied mocking Cedric's well spoken words.

"Shut it Davies," He replied but embraced him anyway. "Good summer?"

"Not as good as Wood's it seems," Roger chuckled, nudging his friend in the ribs. "All summer with three very fit women can't be bad for the soul."

"Really? Lucky dog," Cedric replied, looking at Oliver who had gone considerably red.

"Nothing happened. Nothing has ever happened. Its rubbish," He moaned, sitting down on one of the benches.

"Feel your pain, mate. Dry all summer. Can't understand it, I'm a good looking guy, aren't I?" Roger asked.

"No," All three replied in unison.

"It's worse for me. I am good looking and still nothing!" Cedric argued. "All the girls I like end up being really shy and stupid. It's getting to really get up my nose."

"How about you Flint? Being quiet over there...how was your self proclaimed summer of love?" Oliver asked Marcus. He looked up at three expectant faces.

"Dry," He explained quietly. "Drier than a knats crotch."

"Charming," Cedric sighed as the two other laughed openly.

"We'll have to do something about this. It's getting to be pathetic. Laughable even. This is our last year at Hogwarts with young women all around, most all ready and willingly," Roger exclaimed. "We're shut up with them twenty four seven. We'll never have that sort of chance again after this!"

"True," Oliver shrugged.

"Are you proposing a bet, my cockney chum?" Marcus asked, folding his arms and beginning to grin.

"Indeed I am and quite rightly too. A bet for us to finally take advantage of all the tantalizing flesh wandering about this very minute. The first one to get with someone, preferably good looking."

"And female," Marcus added, looking pointedly at Cedric.

"Oh ha ha," Cedric replied with a sarcastic smile.

"Well, you're a constant source of worry to me Cedric," Marcus sighed. "Are you? Aren't you? Who knows!"

"Anyway," Roger continued before the 'is Cedric gay' argument flared up once again. "By the end of the year, I want all of us to look back as men. Real men. Who's in?"

"Me," Marcus said at once, raising his hand. "I can't go on like this, I really can't."

"Me too," Oliver added, nodding his head.

The three boys looked at Cedric.

"I suppose me too then, even if it is all abit crass," He sighed.

"Sorted then. A few rules. No poaching out of other peoples houses, must be full, consented sex with a real girl...meaning no spells of any kind and...No teachers," Roger added with a grin.

"Oh yeah because I really had my eye on Flitwick," Marcus said sarcastically, pretending to be put out.

"Tough luck Cedric, no Cho Chang for you!" Oliver laughed. "But all the highly attractive Hufflepuffs you can manage!"

"Hey, my house has some fine young women," Cedric argued.

"Women or warthogs?" Marcus added quietly.

"Don't know why you're joining in, Slytherin isn't renowned for its beauties either! Gentleman, I think I have pulled the long straw on this one!" Oliver said, stretching up.

"Shut up you smug ba," Marcus was about to retort but Roger spoke.

"I think I have the easiest...the aforementioned Cho Chang. Be there by Christmas!" He said, laughing richly.

"That's my ex girlfriend you're talking about," Cedric said hotly.

"And tell us Ced...why did you and Cho break up?" Oliver asked in mock seriousness. Cedric thought before replying, a big grin spreading over his face.

"Because she wanted to wait for marriage!"

The boy's laughter echoed around the empty stadium for the remainder of the night.