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Chapter Thirty-Five – Here Comes the Rest of Our Lives.

It was a bloody miracle that Cedric didn't either have a heart attack and die through stress or murder Marcus in cold blood through the duration of the NEWT exams. He was so tightly wound that Marcus just couldn't help himself and constantly annoyed, teased or harassed Cedric in some way, usually involving throwing chewed up pieces of paper at the back of his head so they stuck in his unbrushed hair and hardened so it hurt when he tried to pry them out.

The NEWT's lasted a week and the seventh years were extremely glad when they were over. They now had two weeks to enjoy the rest of school and soak up the gorgeous June weather. Of course, these weeks were the ultimate crunch time for the four Captain's as the school year was drawing to a close and none of them had won the bet as of yet.

Oliver had thought out a brilliant plan of action, a nice romantic picnic under the stars that would hopefully lead to nookie. Hopefully. The only thing was that he wasn't entirely sure if he was quite ready yet, he loved Katie and she'd made it pretty clear she was ready when he was and it was all so perfect, the end of school and the beginning of their new life as adults, why shouldn't they have sex and seal the whole deal?

To Oliver, it didn't seem quite right that one of the reasons he wanted to lose his virginity was so he could rub Marcus' face in it, however sweet that may be. It just didn't seem respectful to Katie for one thing and Oliver could guess her reaction if she ever found out. But Oliver decided to arrange the picnic anyway as a nice treat and he guessed he'd just go with the flow.

"Breath?" Oliver asked tentatively. Roger leant forward and Oliver breathed dramatically on his nose.

"Good," Roger confirmed with a nod. "Have you got a condom?"

"A what?" Oliver asked quickly. "No! No, I don't! Oh my God, I don't!"

"OK, calm down, I have some," Roger reassured, reaching into his front pocket of his jeans with a slight roll of his eyes. He was helping Oliver get ready for his moonlit picnic and he was now beginning to think it was a mistake.

"Thanks but we might not even do it, I might not even need it, is it normal to feel this nervous? I don't even know if it's humanly possible to be this nervous! I'm shaking, can you see it? Is it noticeable? Oh my God!" Oliver started prattling on as Roger handed him three condoms. "Three? Why do I need three? Do I use them all at once? Merlin, she could get pregnant! Oh, I don't know about this!"

"Calm down Oliver, for crying out loud!" Roger urged, grabbing his friend and giving him a slight shake. "You are just going on a date, like any other date and if it leads to something more then great! Just relax and be cool! Be cool!"

"You're right," Oliver replied, taking a very deep breath and putting the foil packets into his pocket. "You're right."

"Of course I'm right," Roger nodded. "Now, it's nearly time to go so have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow!"

Oliver turned very white at his words and swayed on the spot for a few seconds until Roger snapped his fingers and Oliver woke from his stupor.

"Yeah, I'd better go," Oliver replied, trying to keep confidence in his voice. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Oliver stood up from where he and Roger were sitting in his dorm room and checked himself over in the full length mirror. Roger had helped him pick out blue jeans, a crisp white t-shirt and a navy zip up jacket. He thought he looked pretty good and Roger gave him a reassuring nod.

"Come on, I'll walk you downstairs," Roger laughed as Oliver picked up his little pre-packed picnic basket for him and Katie.

Oliver left Roger near the main entrance to Hogwart's and made his way over toward the Great Lake where he had arranged to meet Katie. It was approaching quarter past seven and the sun was just beginning its decline behind the mountains giving the lake a pretty pinky orange glow.

Oliver threw the blanket out over the grass once he had reached the spot underneath the huge Weeping Willow tree that hung over the lake and whose lazy branches caressed the waters surface. It was a very pretty spot and Oliver was glad he'd picked it. He checked his watch and in ten minutes Katie would arrive.

Oliver busied himself by arranging the food from the basket onto the blanket, he had got pumpkin pasties, sausage rolls, some potato salad, a few packets of crisps and a massive slab of Honeydukes chocolate for dessert as he knew how much Katie liked it. He had also brought along some bottles of Butterbeer and even a few candles to create an ambient mood (according to Roger).

Just as he lit the last candle, Katie approached with a lazy smile on her face. She was dressed in a pretty white sun dress with her blonde hair loose and slightly tousled.

"Hey," She said, looking over the blanket. "This looks good."

"I like to make an effort," Oliver smiled easily as Katie flopped down next to him. She gave him a small kiss on the mouth and they parted shyly, as is this were their first date all over again.

"Merlin, I forgot the plates!" Oliver exclaimed, slapping himself on the forehead.

"No bother," Katie shrugged, "why'd you think we were born with plate shaped hands?"

"Oh, you are good," Oliver smiled and passed her a pastie. They ate slowly and they watched as the sun slowly made it's descent behind the mountains.

"I can't believe we're actually leaving," Katie said softly. "I mean, it's crazy that we'll never go to classes again or get told off by Filch or anything like that again!"

"I know," Oliver replied. "I've been thinking the same thing. I've spent every waking moment of my life with Ced, Roger and Marcus for the past seven years and after next week, I'll be totally on my own."

"Not totally alone, you'll have me. I hope," Katie added with a smile. "Shall we talk about it?"

Oliver swallowed and thought this could be it, or this could eventually lead to it. Oliver now began to panic slightly.

"Yeah," Oliver managed to get out and Katie smiled.

"Great. I know you'll be busy, what with Puddlemere United and I'm going straight into Healer training but I really want this to work outside of school and I hope we can make this work, I know we can. What do you think?" Katie asked rather breathlessly, her cheeks were tinted pink but her bare arms were covered in goosebumps, something that always happened when she was nervous.

"I really want that too! I'm serious about you and we can make time. Look, maybe not right away but perhaps we could get a house together, I mean we've practically lived together for seven years but it doesn't have to be right away, it's just that I'm moving away from home and I take it you are too so we might as well live together?"

"Oh Oliver, are you sure? Merlin, I didn't expect this! How exciting, oh just let me process this!" Katie exclaimed, grinning widely. She put her half eaten pastie down and lent over to throw her arms around Oliver's neck and give him a tight, excited hug.

Oliver blinked very quickly and repeated what he had just said in his head. Had he really just asked Katie to live with him? What was he doing? Was he ready? He decided it was too late now anyway.

"Merlin, I can't believe this!" Katie repeated, still grinning widely. Her happiness was very infectious and Oliver felt his apprehension ebb away. It wasn't that bigger deal anyway, they loved each other, were adults now and it was bound to happen soon enough anyway. Plus, it wasn't exactly as if Oliver had proposed, was it?

"Come on, let's finish the food, it took me ages to prepare this!" Oliver said with a smile and picked up a sausage roll. He didn't feel so uncomfortable suddenly and sat back with Katie while they ate and watched the lake rippling in the breeze.

It didn't take long (and a few hints from Katie) for Oliver to break open the massive slab of Honeydukes and soon the twosome had bellies full of rich, caramel chocolate.

"Yum," Katie sighed as she popped one last chunk into her mouth and laid back on the blanket, her blonde hair spread out around her head. She looked up at Oliver and smiled at him sleepily.

"You're so pretty," Oliver said softly. "I'm very lucky."

"Oh shut up! You could have any girl in Hogwart's!" Katie argued with a laugh, giving Oliver a nudge in the ribs. "The amount of girls I over hear talking about you is untrue!"

"Oh really?" Oliver teased, grinning. "Perhaps I've been wasting this picnic on the wrong girl?"

"Yeah right! You're mine, Mr Wood," Katie teased back, giving him another nudge. Oliver pretended to collapse in pain but landed on top of Katie, peppering her face with kisses as she feigned disgust and half heartedly tried to push him off while laughing so much her sides began to hurt.

Oliver stopped rather abruptly and Katie stopped laughing, looking at him curiously. Oliver was still above her, his hands either side of her face propping him up and it was as if it was the first time he had ever laid eyes on her. Oliver believed he was having some kind of epiphany, if he had known what the exact name was, and he realised now was the moment that would change his life.

"I'm ready," Katie said softly as if she had just read his mind. She smiled slightly nervously and put a hand on his shoulder, her fingers touching his neck. Oliver swallowed and for the very first time in his life, he wasn't thinking about Quidditch as he bent and met Katie's mouth with his own.

- - -

"It's nearly time for you to finish," Madam Pince said quietly as she walked over to Marcus with her cup and saucer cradled in her hands. Marcus looked over his shoulder from his dusting of book spines and sighed inwardly. "I have something to tell you, about Blaise."

"Blaise?" Marcus echoed, turning fully around and looking at the librarian. He hadn't thought about Blaise for a good few weeks now, what with exams, Quidditch and snogging her Mum.

"Yes. I know how much you like her but I have to tell you, she isn't exactly your type. More so to the point, you aren't exactly her type," Madam Pince explained carefully. Marcus gawked at her.

"Blaise is a lesbian? Oh my...," Marcus began, a huge smile rupturing over his face but Madam Pince interrupted him.

"No, Blaise isn't a she, she's a he," Madam Pince explained further. "Blaise was born a boy and still is but she just likes dressing and acting as a girl. Why do you think she's so defensive? And strong?"

"Merlin's pearls," Marcus sighed, hardly believing his ears. Hang on, Blaise had given him oral earlier in the year...oh good God. Thankfully, Marcus had failed to remember that small fact thanks to the fact that Madam Pince had flung her tea aside and thrown herself into Marcus' arms, startling him greatly.

"Madam Pince!" Marcus exclaimed, holding her at arms length.

"Call me Emilia," Madam Pince purred. "Come on, let's not pretend any longer, take me Marcus, take me now!"

Marcus could do nothing else but oblige her. It probably wasn't the best decision he'd ever made in his life but he kissed her deeply and pushed her backwards onto the table behind them, falling on top of her and making Madam Pince giggle like a first year.

That night, Madam Pince, ahem, Emilia, made a man out of Marcus Flint.