Travels Through A Mirror

Part 5

By Songbreeze and AlantisB

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...Talking in Japanese...

"...Talking in English..."

'...Thinking in any language...'

~&~&~... Scene Changing...~&~&~


He was hiding. That much Heero Yuy knew for sure. He was hiding in the

shadows as a blonde haired boy sat across from him on the stone staircase.

The boy looked a doppelganger of his comrade, Quatre Reberbra Winner. His

face, marred by shadows was looking across the room at an old man of about

seventy. The man said something about beseeching gods and making a mirror a

doorway of some sort. Then as soon as the man threw some...thing into the...

cauldron, a bright light filled the room.


Heero bolted up right as soon as his eyes opened. 'Good.' He thought as he

noticed that he was still in his room. Panting heavily, he left his room in

search of his other comrade in arms, Wufie.


Quatre woke up with a start. Blinking rapidly, he gazed around the dorm

room. To his right, Duo lay snoring, sprawled across the bed. To his left

lay Trowa, he was fast asleep on his side, facing Quatre with his arm over

the side of the bed where his gun usually resided. 'Hmm... I guess that

while he lived with the mercenaries, he had to make sure his was armed at

all times. Or they would have killed him... Or worse.' Quatre swallowed hard

as he though what could have happened to his friend.

Sighing heavily he banished all thought from his mind and rolled over and

fell back asleep.


As usual Trowa, Duo and Quatre were up and dressed as soon as the first rays

of the morning sun streamed through the window. Today was December

twenty-third, two days before Christmas. The trio of young men was supposed

to go out to Hogsmade so they could buy their school supplies.

"Hey! Quatre!" Duo hollered across the Common Room in Gryffindor Tower.

"Shh! Duo, it's 8 in the morning and some people are still trying to sleep!"

Hissed Quatre as he crossed the room to speak with Duo. "What do you want?"

He asked civilly.

"We're going to Hogsmade today, remember? We gotta leave early, common! Lets


Quatre sighed at the over exuberant Duo, while Trowa just shook his head.


Leaving the common room, they trekked down the numerous halls until the

stood in front of the Gargoyle statue the blocked the entrance to

Dumbledore's office.

"Now, what was the password... anyone remember?" Duo asked.

"Jelly beans," stated Trowa, who jumped a bit when the gargoyle jumped down

from the post and reviled a door.

Just as Trowa went to open the door, a frazzled looking Professor Trelawny

popped out and stared straight at the three boys. Her eyes widened and she

paled considerably. Without so much as a "Hello," she rushed down the hall

to her room.

"What was that about?" Duo asked.

"I have no idea," replied Quatre. "It doesn't matter though. We must go and

see Professor Dumbledore."

With a sigh, Duo followed Trowa and Quatre through the door and into

Professor Dumbledore's office.

"Good morning boys. I trust that you have all slept well."

"Yes, thank you, sir." Replied Quatre, speaking for all three.

"Umm... Professor Dumbledore, we were wondering what time we are to leave to

get our school things."

"Ahh... is that all? We will leave after breakfast, I will come and collect

you in the Great Hall."

"Professor Dumbledore, how will we pay for our supplies?" Trowa asked.

"Do not worry about it, I will see to that." The Professor said.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now, I suppose that you are getting hungry?" He asked as

Duo's stomach rumbled.

With a sheepish smile and a nod of his head, Duo dragged Trowa and Quatre

outside the office and out into the hall.

Once outside the hall, Duo placed an arm around both Trowa and Quatre and

said, "Well, you heard the Professor, time to eat!"

While Trowa masked his feelings with indifference, Quatre said, "Duo! Is

food all you think about?"

Mockingly, Duo gasped. "Quatre! You wound me!" HE said as he placed a hand

over his heart. "You KNOW I think about things other than food!"

"Oh?" Quatre asked as he arched his eyebrow.

"Yeah! I think about sleeping and sex and Heero... Ooh! Heero covered with

chocolate sauce! Yum..." Duo said as he prattled on and on about the

different sauces he'd like to try on Heero.

"Duo!" Quatre said in a stern voice.

Duo looked over at Trowa, then turned back to Quatre. Lowering his head he

whispered, "Oh come on. It's not like you don't want Trowa like that," into

Quatre's ear, and was rewarded when Quatre turned a pleasant shade of cherry



When Harry woke up, he noticed three things. First: the new kids were gone,

second: Ron was still asleep and third: the sun was up. Stifling a groan,

Harry got out of bed and went to the bed beside his. "Hey Ron!" Harry

whispered as he shook the red haired boy. "Wake up!"

"Noooo, gimme five minutes, Mom." Came the muffled reply.

"RON!" Harry shouted.

"AHHHHH!" Ron screamed as he bolted out of bed, "I'm up! I'm up!" Turning

around, he saw Harry Potter.... A laughing Harry Potter. "What's so funny?"

"No-nothing." Harry choked out. After a few moments, he had calmed down

enough to speak. "You'd better get dressed, breakfast won't last forever,

and besides, Hermione and I want to go to Hogsmade today. Are you going to


"Yeah, I'm running out of dung bombs."

"So, I'll meet you in the common room in a few, k?"

"Sure." Ron said as Harry left. Getting up, Ron rummaged around his trunk

and pulled out his robes. After pulling them on, he dashed down the stairs

and into the common room where he saw Harry and Hermione. "Good Morning


"Morning Ron." Hermione said smiling.

"Hey Ron." Said Harry, "Ready to go for breakfast?"

"Yeah, lets go." Ron said as he headed towards the portrait hole.

The three teens made their way down the hall, when they spotted the three

new kids coming out of Dumbledore's office.

"Well, you heard the Professor, time to eat!" They heard the brunette with

the long hair tell his companions.

"Duo! Is food all you think about?" The little blonde to his side asked him.

In a sarcastic voice the brunette, Duo replied, "Quatre! You wound me! You

KNOW I think about things other than food!"

"Oh?" The blonde, Quatre asked.

"Yeah! I think about sleeping and sex and Heero... Sex with Heero. Heero

covered with chocolate sauce! Yum..." The brunette.

Harry, Ron and Hermione took a double take at the boy's answer. 'Who's

Heero?' and 'What?' were the most predominant thoughts that ran through the

trio's head.

"Duo!" The blonde said in a reprimanding voice.

Looking closer, they saw Duo's head move down to whisper something in

Quatre's ear after he looked at the tall boy. Sporting amused looks as they

watched the blonde went from looking normal to looking like an overly ripe

tomato in less than ten seconds.

The three boys kept walking down the hall as their little spat ended, the

tall one looking behind them. Harry, Hermione and Ron knew they had been

seen when the boy made eye contact with all three of them. He eyes flashed

form a moment, before turning back to their normal, passive, look.

Glancing at each other, the three Hogwarts students had one similar thought

run through their head, 'Who are these guys?'


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