Title: The werewolf and the raver
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: PG-13
Warning: This fic contains use of alcohol and some rough language.
Summary: Tonks finds out exactly how much fun Lupin can get... when mixed with a little alcohol. Lupin-Tonks

Chapter One
The Invite.

She ran over the list of people in her mind.

Sirius was confined to the house. The twins were "busy" with product creation. Bill was stuck up the ass of a prissy french chick. Molly and Arthur didn't seem the type to want to go out clubbing. Dumbledore had more important things to do. Charlie was off doing gods knew who (yes, who). She had severe doubts Snape would ever want to even be seen dead with her. Kingsley was on guard duty. Mad-Eye was too scary. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were all too young.

And she couldn't rightly go ask Harry since he was still stuck at the Dursley's until it was time for them to go get him. Secondly, he didn't know her yet, so that idea was out of the question. Well, and he wasn't old enough either.

She sulked and slowly walked into the study with heavy feet. Sirius was curled up in a seat with a book. She sighed loudly and plopped herself into one of the other seats. Sirius didn't seem to notice, so she sighed loudly again.

"Yes, dear cousin of mine?" Sirius said plainly, turning a page in the book.

"I wanna go out but I don't want to go alone," she said, sighing again.

"I'm sorry, Nymphadora. As much as I would love to go out with you, I can't," Sirius said with a regretful tone. "Why not ask the twins?"

"Product testing."


"Giving Floor English lessons."

Sirius snorted slightly to cover a laugh."What about Lupin?"

"Ew. He's old and acts it Sirius," Tonks scoffed.

"Not always," Sirius shrugged. "There was one time in our Seventh year we slipped him a good bit of Scotch and Firewhiskey-"

"I don't think I wanna hear this..."

"-He was more than willing to take on the dare to give all the older Gryffindors a striptease." Sirius gave a slight laugh. "Those were the days."

"That is not a mental image I wanted in my head Sirius, thanks." Tonks said bitterly. "He doesn't have a fun bone in his body anymore though."

Sirius looked over at her and smirked. "Oh yes he does. Should have seen us down here the other night playing drinking games. Shameless, fun-loving hussy when he's been drinking. And if I recall correctly, one hell of a dancer."

Tonks' ears perked. "Dancer? What kind of dancing?"

"Ballroom, tango, you name the exotic dances he can probably do them. Well, except for belly dancing. That was a 'girls only' thing..." Sirius looked back to his book and shrugged. "Get him in some relaxed clothes. Get him a couple drinks. Well, actually-" Sirius seemed to think a moment. "-two margaritas should do it. Very low alcohol tolerance. Comes with the lycanothropy, I think. Never met a werewolf that could hold their liquor."

Tonks raised an eyebrow. "And how many werewolves have you known?"

"Just Remus," Sirius shrugged. "Look, if you don't want to take him for your own personal fancy. Then take the lad out for pity. He needs to get out more than I do. Do it as a favour to your poor, house ridden, cousin. I'm sick of seeing him mope about every night when he's still able to get out and have fun if he wants."

"He never struck me as the dancing type." Tonks commented. "But, I'll take your word for it. But, I swear, if he just sits at a table with that lost puppy look I'll bloody kill you."

Sirius just gave a small smile and flicked his hand slightly, as if shooing her away. Tonks bounced up out of her seat and practically skipped to the door.

"Oh, and Tonks." Sirius called. "Whatever you do, do not let him get a hold of any whiskey." He paused. "Unless, of course, you want a sex crazy werewolf trying to get in your pants."

"Right-o Sirius," Tonks gave his a mock salute and darted up the stairs. She was already mentally going over what all she was going to be feeding Remus when they got to the club.

Start with a nice, mild coke and rum. Then perhaps a margarita, like Sirius suggested. If he's not loosened up then we bring out the shots of tequila.

She knocked on Remus' door loudly. "Remus! Lemme in!" Without waiting for him to call back, she barged in.

He was sitting on his bed, reading the paper. He simply folded the corner of his paper over slightly and looked at her. "May I help you, Tonks?" he asked flatly. "Since you obviously have no idea what it means, when you knock and no one answers, I'm assuming this is important."

"I want to go out dancing and listening to music," Tonks said, fists on her hips.

"Have fun," Remis said plainly, straightening his paper.

"I don't want to go by myself and well, you haven't been out in a while. I figured I'd see if you wanted to come along," Tonks gave a bright smile.

"Did Sirius give you the idea to ask me?" Tonks nodded. "So I'm guessing it would be pointless to try and convince you otherwise, since he probably already informed you of how I get when I have a few drinks?" Tonks nodded again, grinning ear to ear. "I'm going to have to beat him within an inch of his life later."

"I'll help," Tonks bounced across the room and tore the paper from Remus' hands. "Come on. Let's get you ready to go. You have to look at least like you belong in the club. Yes, yes... Relaxed, casual, muggle clothes. None of the suits. I don't want people thinking you're my dad or something."

She grabbed his arm and yanked him to his feet. "Let's see what we have to work with here." She took a good look at him in his slacks and sleeveless undershirt. "Hmm, nice. If I could say so myself." Her hands slowly ran up and down his arms several times before she made herself pull away.

"Erm, right," Tonks cleared her throat. "Perhaps a light coloured over-shirt would be all you need. And, of course, shoes. Go to it!"

"You're not going to try to take advantage of me while I'm inebriated are you?" Remus asked, walking over to his wardrobe.

"I like you Remus," Tonks said plainly. "But not that much."