Title: The werewolf and the raver
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rating: R!
Warning: This fic contains use of alcohol and some rough language.
Summary: Tonks finds out exactly how much fun Lupin can get... when mixed with a little alcohol. Lupin-Tonks

The End.
"Tonks!" several voices hissed.

She had apparated into the little kitchen, which was filled with several other wizards. Then she had proceeded to step on a few toes before being lightly pushed away by each of them. Eventually she just ended up stepping on and tripping over her own foot. Then, when she had tried to catch herself by grabbing hold of the counter, she had ended up flipping a plate into the air so that it hit the tile floor with a shatter.

Lucky for her, Remus had caught the back of her jeans before she could go face first into the floor. He held onto her while she recomposed herself

"Sorry," she said meekly, which was greeted by a series of hissed "shh!"s.

"Okay?" Remus whispered close to her ear, amusement ringing in his voice.

Tonks felt herself blush lightly when one of his hands lightly brushed over her hip to make sure she was still in one peice. She nodded and he promptly stepped away from her.

It had taken her time, even now there were times she would suddenly remember a forgotten memory, but her and Remus had practically gotten right back to the way they were before they had ended their first relationship. She had even gotten used to him grabbing hold of her on her way down to the floor, after tripping.

Similarly, Remus had once again become accustomed to trying to ignore the flushes that would cover her face after he saved her from a broken nose, or worse. Gods knew, if he didn't ignore the lovely colouring of her face they would never get anything done.

Though, it had taken no time at all for either of them to once again get used to several things their souls had missed during the separation:

An endless amount of teasing on both parts. Such as prior to leaving Order Headquarters, Tonks had asked Remus what he thought of her spunky, spikey violet hair. He'd said it made her look peeky, with a bemused smile tugging at the corner of his lips. She had in turn hit him with a pillow and huffed, "Well, we can't all be old grey-haired sex gods now can we?" to which he'd promptly replied, without the slightest hesitation or giving any indication her pillow attack had phased him, "You could, actually, considering you're the metamorphagus of the relationship. Though it would look rather curious to see two of me running about the place."

The warmth of each other's bodies late at night as they drifted to sleep. Though, yes, it had taken Remus about a week of getting used to the way Tonks' nimble little fingers would trail along his inner thigh before she managed to slip into a deep sleep. And it had taken her getting used to him lightly trailing his fingers down and up her back. Though it was often very obvious both of them didn't really want to be sleeping, their exhausted bodies would overpower any other bodily desire. Instead, the otherwise very arousing finger play would lull eachother to sleep.

Starting and ending each day with smiles on their faces. Depending on who the first one awake was, which was usually Tonks for some ungodly reason, the other would get a most pleasant of wake up calls in the morning. Especially when other was wanting to be thankful for the restful sleep they had gotten the night before.

Sneaky, knowing glances. Tonks' glances were usually followed by the slow, seductive roaming of her eyes as she slowly, mentally undressed him from across the room. Remus' were generally combined with an alluring half-smile. Either way, it was looks that let one know exactly what was on the other's mind. And usually left them wondering how they had ever managed to catch the fancy of the other.


That night, when everyone had started settling in for the evening, the two lovers stole away to the bedroom Remus had long ago laid claim to. Both making very sure that no one had seen their passioned kiss against the door, before escaping inside of the room. Tonks tended to the door while Remus made his way across the room to an old record player.

She placed a silencing charm around the door, as she heard him put his selected record onto the turntable. A magical latching of the locks took place as she heard the first scratchy sounds of the needle being placed to the record. Warm lips touched the side of her neck and the soft gentle sounds of a tango filled the air as she made double sure the twins wouldn't be able to use any Extendable Ears to confirm the state of affairs between their new friend and their old professor.

She nudged Remus with her hip slightly and ran her fingers through her hair until it reached the length she desired. A short bob, just long enough for Remus to run his fingers through and to grip tightly in the heat of passion. As if to test her theory, Remus reached up and lightly took a handful of her pink hair and cocked her head slightly so he could have access to the side of her neck with his mouth.

"Hmm... I remember now," Tonks hummed. Remus' hands were on her hips, moving her slowly in time with the music and in almost perfect unison with his own body.

"What do you remember love?" Remus asked softly. His hands slid around to her stomach and started to slowly working her shirt up

"What made me fall in love with you," she smiled

"So it wasn't the 'kinky werewolf sex' after all?" he teased, pulling the shirt over her head.

Tonks snickered slightly. "Actually, I think it may have been the 'kinky werewolf dancing' that led to 'kinky werewolf sex' that I fell in love with. Whatever in the world made you want to end up being such an arousing dancer?"

"It stemmed from being friends with a few girls. They all said that they loved it when a lad was a good dancer, so naturally I tried to use my knowledge to my advantage. Sirius and James actually ended up becoming rather suitable ballroom and tango dancers before graduating Hogwarts -" Remus explained before Tonks yanked his head back down to her neck to silence him.

"Spare me the history lesson for right now Professor. I just wanted to know why you learned it." She squeaked slightly when he bit her neck playfully. "At any rate, it was that one night that I took you out to that rave, and you got caught in all that glittery stuff. The one thing I could never remember was why I was so turned on that night. When we had been dancing together -"

"You'd done your hair black with red streaks that night, by the way," Remus hummed.

Tonks stiffled a laugh as she remembered seeing Remus and a goth girl snogging that night Sirius had talked her into taking Remus clubbing. "You got confused that one night didn't you? Thought it was really me you were snogging at the club eh?" Remus flushed lightly. "Anyway, I can remember it rather clearly now for some reason. When we were dancing, you held me close to you no matter what kind of dance it was, it felt like you were showing me what you could do to me once we got someplace we could be alone."

"Because I was trying to show you what I could do to you. Which reminds me, if we don't get over to that bed right now I'll be showing you what I can do to you against a sturdy door or wall."

"Is that intended to encourage or discourage me from going to the bed?" Tonks asked.

The look in Remus' eyes darkened as a slow smile spread across his lips. "You have ten seconds," Remus challenged in a low, dark tone. "Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four-" He paused when he realized she wasn't moving, instead she had her usual smug, non-wavering, smile on her thin lips "Well fine then. three.two.one."

AN: Well, this is it. The finale. I hope all of you that have been reading this story have thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the plot did go somewhere completely unexpected to everyone, myself included. And, though yes, the previous chapter is kinda reminiscent of "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" (after I went back and re-read it after the review that stated so), a movie which I love with no end, the similarity is actually rather coincidental. My muse just told me "Make him obliviate her, heh" so I did. My muse is vicious but I appreciate her. ;)

I hope you enjoyed Werewolf and the Raver.

Oh, and one last thing:

s- SIRIUS is Tonks' cousin. Not Lupin. ;)