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Chapter 1: The Arrival

Once again, a nice day in Roshtaria has begun. The birds were singing, children were playing and one should think of this as a perfect day. But for some people, the day had too much of perfection. Shayla sat on the balcony, observing sullenly how Makoto and Rune Venus were walking through the garden.

"Nothing happens around here. Makoto has no time to hang around with me, Miz Mishtal and her fiancée are on their trip and Afura is only sitting around and reading books..."

Londs appeared behind her. "Say, you are not bored or something, are you Ms. Shayla?" He asked ironically.

"Where did you get that idea from, Londs?" Shayla stated even more ironically.

It was not difficult to tell. Except for Jinnay's few attacks, excitement was as rare as snow in the dessert.

"I don't know... popped up in my mind..."

"Wouldn't hurt if more cute guys from the other world would appear here..."

"What? Have I heard-" but Londs couldn't finish his sentence, because they both heard a loud bang. Not far away, they saw two persons falling down from the skies, screaming like little girls.

Londs and Shayla both watched that scene until they heard the thud. Londs slowly turned his head to look at Shayla suspecting.

"Were you ever accused of Witchcraft?"

"Hey, that wasn't me!"

The princess told Alielle what happened and asked her to look after those two persons and to bring them to the castle, if they're still alive. Shayla was worried indeed, because that height they fell from. But, on the other hand, she was very excited.

Two worrying hours later Alielle came back, two boys of Makoto's age with her... Those two seemed to argue.

"I don't care what you do. Have you realized that we are far away from home at all?" The one with black hair asked. The other one was smaller and had blonde hair.

"You mean we shouldn't tell everything?" he asked?

"That's what I am telling you..."

As they came near the castle, Makoto crossed their way.

"Hi! Haven't seen you guys before, I am Makoto. Where are you from?" Makoto said nicely and offered his hand.

Both foreigners looked pensive at first. Then the black haired one reached out and they shook hands.

"Hello, my name is Vash. This fellow here is Shinji."

The other boy lifted his hand.

"Hi, people! Pleasure to meet you."

After Makoto made clear that this is a different world...

"I still can't believe we are in another world."

At their back, both carried swords. Vash was a black haired and black dressed boy with lots of tribal ornaments on his clothing. He was wearing sunglasses and looked strong. He must be 19 or 20 years old. Shinji looked younger. He was somewhat over 16 or 17 Years old and he was a weakly boy. He was wearing military clothing and he wore steady boots.

Makoto told them his story, how he got stranded here, along with Nanami and Fujisawa, that Roshtaria would be a wonderful place in peace if it wasn't for Jinnay and the bugrom, who are responsible for providing chaos from time to time. Rune Venus invited the two newcomers to live in the castle and gave orders to prepare two rooms for them.

Both introduced themselves to everybody in the castle. It seemed they came from a similar world like Maktoto, but they didn't tell anything about their activity in their world yet.

As they reached Shayla, Vash got sight of her. Shayla didn't know why, but her heartbeat increased and her body temperature went up. Vash came closer and was about to talk to her when Afura positioned herself between them and began to chatter with Vash. Anger rose in Shayla...

'Why does he talk with her? WHY?' her hand began to tremble.

All Shayla asks for is a little change. Then, the change is here, but no one cares for her. Afura steps aside and Vash now sees her. Shayla was so fury, she looked like she was going to blow up soon. Vash turns to Shayla and only sees a figure of fire approaching him. Most of the people looked nonplussed. As Shayla passed him, he only said: "Thanks for the conversation."

"I don't understand it. She was so excited earlier..." Londs said with a frown.

"Can't say why, but I don't think she likes me very much." Vash said.

As Shayla reached her room, she dropped herself onto the bed, depression written all over her face.

"Why did I act like that? This stupid goat Afura..."

Both young men were brought to their rooms, not missing a second to watch in awe how big this castle was. Then Alielle guided them through the whole castle and the only reaction coming from those two men was a loose jaw and gazes of amazment.

To make the day perfect, a big celebration dinner filled the large hall.

The dinning hall was decorated nicely and the smell of a roasted something was in the air. Fujisawa smirked with glee as the dinner began.

"Why are you carrying swords?" the princess wanted to know.

"Oh, common equipment to us..." Shinji said and tried something that looked like chicken.

"Are you in a constant fight in your world?" Afura asked with interest.

"To tell the truth, I can't remember a year without war..." Vash stated as if it was a common thing.

"I am sorry to hear that..." the princess said concerned.

"It is for certain that they are not from our world!" Makoto said to Nanami, who only nodded.

Shayla wasn't eating her food; she kept on playing with it. Vash noticed that and had to smile. As Shayla saw that, she turned her head offended.

"Don't you have something nice in your world? Something that brings you joy?" Namami asked.

"Well, food of course! And music, as well as technology!" Shinji said while thinking hard. Vash stood up.

"I thank for food and hospitality. I am very tired from all that excitement. If you permit, I will go to sleep now."

"No problem! Have a good night and pleasant dreams" the princess said and bowed her head slightly.

Vash walked away, followed by Shayla, who was followed by Shinji.

"Mr. Vash?" Shayla asked shyly and Vash turned around.

"Yes Miss Shayla?" Vash asked, a trace of fear in his voice.

"I wanted ... I... only say ... Have forgotten..." she mumbled.

"Hey, you'll miss the dessert!" Shinji said from behind.

Shayla turned around quickly and gave him some death glares and as her fiery aura died down, she turned towards Vash again.

"I only wanted to say ... ... I believe..." Shayla began as she looked into his eyes; her face got all warm during a nice blush.

"If it occurs to you again, you know where I am to be found." Vash said in a calm and warm voice.

She opened her mouth but nothing was to hear. Vash turned and went off, leaving Shayla behind with her thoughts; his sword sparkling in the moonlight. As he was gone, Shayla noticed she has stopped breathing a while ago and exhaled now.

After several minutes, Shayla also went to her room. The smell of a unique chance is in the air and this time she'll use the chance, she swore before falling asleep.

End Chapter 1.

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