Chapter 16

The summer was drawing to an end and Lily and Emmie were preparing to go back to school. Lily wasn't exactly sure how she felt about this. On one hand she was excited to return to school and to see her teachers again. On the other hand, she and Emmie had had a blast during the last few weeks of summer. To her surprise, Emmie was fascinated with all muggle things. She had spent hours watching the TV and laughing with the funny characters—she never tired of it.

"Ewww! Get your disgusting thing away from my new sweater!" Petunia shrieked, interrupting Lily's thoughts by pointing to Lily's wand which had somehow landed on top of her sweater. She then picked up the wand with two fingers and tossed it at Lily.

"For one thing, it's not a 'thing' it's a wand that I could blast you into smithereens with." Lily retorted, mocking the way Petunia said "thing." "And for another," she continued, "DON'T THROW IT AROUND!"

"You can't blast me into smithereens," Petunia scoffed, "mummy said that you're not allowed to use ma…ma…magic outside of school." She said "magic" like she was a third grader stumbling over a particularly hard word during spelling class.

"Watch me," Lily challenged, rolling up her sleeves and pretending like she was about to perform a spell.

"Just keep your wand off my sweater." Petunia said, exiting out of the room in a hurry, just in case Lily was serious.

"Don't worry, I will. I don't want your germs getting all over it!" Lily called after her.


Lily just shook her head at how easy it was to frighten her sister. Did Petunia really think that Lily would disobey a wizard law? How could someone be so unperceptive as to not know somebody that they had grown up with for twelve years?

Elizabeth Potter had to threaten James and Sirius by claiming she would take out the Quidditch pitch if they didn't get down from it and started with their packing. After about fifteen minutes of protest, the begrudgingly flew down and ran upstairs to James' room. Once up there, Sirius started stuffing his robes, books, wand, and supplies into his trunk absent-mindedly. James however just sat on his bed, staring into space. It took Sirius about fifteen minutes to notice that he wasn't doing anything.

"You okay?" he asked, looking at his friend in concern.

Sirius looking concerned was enough to make anyone laugh, especially when he was forcing it, as he obviously was right then. "Yeah, I guess." James shrugged.

Sirius then went back to his packing until James interrupted him.

"Do you think I'll make the team?" James asked.

"What?" Sirius asked, shaking his head.

"Do you think I'm good enough to be a chaser on the Quidditch team?" James clarified.

"Oh!" Sirius said, finally comprehending James' question. "Yeah, of course—you got past me on almost every shot."

"Yeah, but you're not that great of keeper." James stated bluntly.

"Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there mate. I can picture myself as a beater though." Sirius said, sitting down on his bed and crossing his arms. "Besides, girls dig beaters."

"I can't picture you as anything!" James laughed. He couldn't contain himself—he just kept laughing until a pillow, thrown by Sirius, hit him square in the face.

It was six o'clock on the 31st of August and Elizabeth Potter was certain that her son was not going to miss the train this year. She woke them up as she always did—by pouring a bucket of water on their heads. When that didn't work, she dragged them halfway downstairs until the finally got annoyed and walked down themselves. 'They're too young to be sleeping in this late,' she thought to herself, shaking her head.

James and Sirius each ate their three bowels of cereal while waiting for James' mum to finish their breakfast of eggs.

"You know, I'm not as hungry at six o'clock in the morning." James exclaimed while yawning.

"Good," Elizabeth said, "then two eggs will suit fine?"

"Whatever…" James said in answer, laying his head on the table.

"Don't you fall asleep young man," his mother warned, pointing a threatening finger at him, "or you won't get any money for train ride."

"I'm up, I'm up!" James said loudly, sitting up as quickly as if the table had just burned him.

"While I finish these eggs, you boys go up and bring your trunks to the front door."

"But mum!" James whined, "It's 16:15 in the morning, the train doesn't leave until eleven—and it only takes a half hour to get into London."

"Yes I know, I'm, however, going to drop you two off early to show you how good it feels to be early." Elizabeth said simply.

"It feels boring." Sirius muttered.

"What was that Sirius?" Elizabeth asked pleasantly.

Sirius coughed in reply. "Sorry Mrs. Potter, I have a bit of a cold."

"That's what I thought. Now finish your homework and get into muggle taxi, it should be here any moment."

"What about our trunks, mum?" James asked.

"You just finish eating, I'll get your trunks." Elizabeth assured. She then took out her wand and muttered "Accio!" The trunks came zooming down the stairs and landed with a THUD!

Within the next half-hour, the trunks, the boys and the mom were all loaded in the car and headed toward the station. The car ride was long and boring, with the two usually hyper boys tired, it added less light to the whole affair. James wasn't looking forward to starting his classes up again. He'd enjoyed the time away from work and wasn't looking forward to making up new excuses for not doing his homework.

He'd thought he'd done very well last year, considering how hard it was. However, his parents weren't too happy when they'd found out he'd gotten a D in History of Magic and a P in Potions. He hadn't meant for them to see it, but he'd made the mistake of leaving his grade slip on his bed with all the other things that his parents found it necessary to go through of his. He had tried to convince them that P stood of Perfect and D for delightful, but that didn't go over so well.

He then decided to go another route and told his parents that his teachers were being biased against him and that the exams were completely subjective. Since Binns had been their forever, and both of his parents knew that his tests were just jotting down a bunch of names and dates, they didn't go for that one either.

When they reached the station, the boys gave their stuff to the conductor and went to get into their cart, or the cart that they sat in last year anyways. However, when they got there, they found that it was already occupied.

Lily and Emmie were discussing what they'd heard second year was like when they were interrupted by two cocky boys.

"What are you doing in OUR cart?" he asked in his abnormally loud voice.

"I didn't your names on it." Emmie retorted.

"But we sat here last year!" James said stubbornly.

"The only reason you sat here last year was because you came late and it was the only cart available." Lily pointed out.

"Nuhh uhh!" Sirius said in a babyish town for lack of anything better to say.

"I know!" James agreed, "I mean, how easy would it be to kick Peter Pettigrew out of a compartment?"

"Yeah!" Sirius said, in the same tone.

"Besides, I was sitting this compartment too, remember?" Lily stated.

"But you left halfway through the train ride." James recalled.

"Anyways, first come, first serve. Those are the rules." Lily informed them.

"Since when have we paid attention to the rules?" Sirius asked. "Now get out of here before I curse you into the oblivion!"

"And he will do it!" James added as a side note.

"Whatever." Emmie said shaking her head and pulling Lily out with her. "They're not worth it." James heard her mutter to Lily. He however, chose to ignore this.

"Exploding Snap?" Sirius asked cheerfully, taking a deck of cards out from his robe pocket.

"Sure." James shrugged, sitting down and rolling up his sleeves.

The start of term feast had gone exactly the same as the year before, Lily decided. After it, she said good night to Emmie and begrudgingly started up to her room to see her room mates for the first time since last term. When she got up there, she saw three of them sitting in a circle, laughing.

"Where's the other girl?" Lily asked casually.

Kaitlyn shrugged but Marlene said "Can't you see we're in the middle of something here?"

"Sorry," Lily shrugged, before getting into bed.

After laying there for a few minutes, she saw light coming through her curtains and Rachel's face popped in. "Hey," she said, "Wanna play?"

"Play what?" Lily asked.

"Truth or Dare," Rachel said mysteriously—she had a mysterious air about her. That is, as mysterious as can be for a twelve year old. Or maybe Rachel was thirteen, Lily couldn't remember.

Lily didn't have anything else to do and she wasn't tired, so she got in the circle—in between Kaitlyn and Rachel.

"I'll go first!" Rachel self-appointed herself.

"Kaitlyn, truth or dare?"


"Have you ever seen a condom?"


"Okay it's your turn now!"

"Okay…erm…Rachel, truth or dare?"

"Err…how about, truth."

"How far have you gone with a guy?"

"You mean numbers wise?"

Kaitlyn nodded.

"One…and…2—but only a little bit!"

"OH MY GOD!" Marlene shrieked. "WHO?"

Rachel blushed a little bit, "Frank," she admitted.

Lily had no idea what they were talking about, but she didn't want to admit it. She just hoped that she didn't get a question like the first two.

"Okay it's my turn. I choose Marlene"

"Okay." Marlene said, looking up at her.

"Truth or Dare?"


"Err…have you ever thought about getting castrated?"

"WHAT? NO!" Marlene shrieked.

"So you wanna have kids?"

"Probably not."

"Why not then?" Rachel pressed.

"Cause it's gross…just the thought of it! Do you?"

"I believe I get the choice of Truth or Dare."

"No I wasn't asking that to you…I was just wondering…but, never mind. I choose Lily, truth or dare?"

Not wanting to know what their dares would be like Lily said, "Truth."

"Are you a virgin?"

Oh great, Lily had no clue what this was—she couldn't tell them though, or they'd think less of her than they already did. It was probably something gross though, all the other ones certainly were. So her best bet was to say no.

"EWW! NO! Of course not!"

As if on cue, all three of the other girls burst out laughing.

"What?" Lily asked, confused, "What's the matter?"

"Who's the lucky guy?" Rachel asked through giggles.

"What?" Lily asked, even more confused.

"Who did you have sex with?" Rachel clarified.

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