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Harry found himself seated in a small private common room that had been arranged for Sirius and himself for the duration of their stay at the castle. Sirius was called away to meet with the 'Order' but because Harry was looked at as the enemy they felt it would be best not to include him, not that he minded. After spending the afternoon flying with his 'would-be-father' he was thoroughly exhausted and in need of rest.

However that didn't seem to be what the powers that be wanted him to have as he was shortly after sitting disturbed by someone knocking on his door.

"I'm coming," called Harry tiredly as he slowly pushed himself out of his chair.

The person at the door was not who he expected, "Oh, hello."

"Can I come in?"

Harry motioned for his guest to come in and sit.

"Thanks," she said before sitting.

"No problem," said Harry trying to be casual with his guest and hide the awkwardness of the situation. Harry collected the tea set and brought it over to the table.

"I don't quite no where to begin," she said first.

"I can't say as I have a clue of what to say either," said Harry, "I can't imagine you'd ever want to see me let alone talk to me, especially after what I did to you and your family."

"Jytar, did horrible things," she said trying to take away some of the guilt that he was feeling. "But you did do something for us that was good."

"Hmm," said Harry looking up slightly surprised.

"You helped my husband come to terms with our loss and for the first time since . . .," she paused to wipe away tears, "the first time since Jytar killed Henry and Amy he kissed me and meant it. He showed emotion and for that I suppose I should thank you."

"Don't," said Harry, "I don't deserve it. As much as it pains me to say this there is every possibility that I could have become just like Jytar or he like me. I won't leave here until I've killed him and then I'll go and you'll never have to be reminded that I even existed."

"But I don't want to," she said a bit more strongly then she meant to, "I don't want to forget," she said softly this time. "James said something to me. He said that you reminded him of how good our son once was. He came to terms with the fact that our son is dead. But, seeing you gave him hope again."

Harry was really puzzled. In all the realm of possibility, this was one scenario that had never occurred to him.

"I keep thinking this is another way for Jytar to torment us," she said through tears that had begun to fall.

Without his permission, Harry's body moved itself to pull his 'would-be-mother' into a warm and caring hug. "I won't let him hurt you anymore, I promise." With that Lily completely broke down into gut wrenching sobs and tears all the while Harry did his very best to sooth her.


"Hello Professors," said Hermione cheerfully as she walked through the empty halls of Grimmauld Place. Remus had inherited the house after Sirius passed and allowed the 'Order' to continue using it.

"Hello Hermione," said Remus sadly. He just didn't have the energy to respond to her with equal fervor.

"Oh, cheer up Moony," said Hermione, "We have to keep going on and fighting for all we're worth."

"Sure," mumbled Remus as he made his way to his cage in the dungeons for his 'special time of the month'.

Hermione frowned slightly before wheeling about and marching up the stairs to locate Ron and Ginny.

"We need to talk," said Hermione strongly.

Ron and Ginny both raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Ron, put up the proper wards around the room please," said Hermione before taking a seat across from her subordinates.

Ron knew better by now than to question her too much and just did as she asked him.

"Okay, so what's this all about Hermione?" asked Ginny impatiently.

"We need to tell Remus," said Hermione lightly as though it was not a big deal.

"No," said Ginny and Ron together.

"We agreed that what we know would go no further than the three of us," said Ginny.

"But he's in so much pain," protested Hermione, "He's lost all hope."

"He'll tell them what we did and that even assuming that he even believes us," protested Ron.

"It would crush him even more if he thought we were having him on," said Ginny adamantly.

"But we have to do something for him. You've seen him, he's fading away into nothingness," said Hermione trying to hold in her tears.

"What if we did like Sirius did?" asked Ginny.

"Go into the veil?" questioned Ron stupidly.

"No," said Ginny resisting the urge to smack her brother, "Become animagus."

"It would be possible," said Hermione, "however, even if we do there is no guarantee that we'd be an animal of any size to be of more than an annoyance to him."

"We should still try," said Ginny, "think of how much he'd appreciate it."

"Then it's settled," said Ron, "Starting right now we do everything we can to become animagus to help out Moony."

"Agreed," said Ginny and Hermione together.


"Hey Harry," began Sirius loudly as he entered the room but suddenly quieted at the sight of a Lily sleeping on the couch. He could see her cheeks were streaked with dried up tears and her nose was red as well.

Harry entered and motioned for Sirius to join him in the other room.

"Harry, what's up? Why is Lily asleep on the couch?" asked Sirius.

"She came here to talk to me and next thing I know she's spilling her guts and then crying her eyes out as though there was no tomorrow," said Harry exasperatedly.

"Did you contact James to let him know?" asked Sirius.

"I checked Potter Place but there was no one there," said Harry, "If I had to guess, I'd say it's not in use in this dimension."

"James was at the meeting tonight, notably more cheerful by the way," said Sirius with a grin.

"Can you contact him and let him know that his wife is asleep on our couch?" asked Harry.

"Sure," said Sirius before turning and leaving the rooms once more.

Harry contented himself to sit in the chair across from Lily and watch her sleep. He had the distinct feeling that this was the first time she'd slept so well in a very long time. Soon enough Harry joined her in the land of dreams.

Lily was startled awake a bit later by the sound of someone thrashing about.

"No," mumbled the sleeping from of Harry, "Don't kill him. Cedric, no . . . Wormtail you traitor . . . Voldemort, stop . . . leave them alone . . . mum, help me . . ."

Lily could only listen so long as Harry thrashed about before she crossed the room and put a soothing hand on his sweaty forehead calming him slightly.

"It's okay sweetie," she said to him soothingly. He visibly began to relax ever so slowly as she continued to talk him down.

Inside Harry mind something else entirely was beginning to take form.

"Well now, what have we here?" asked a sickening voice.

"Jytar," said Harry coldly and calmly, "I can see now why I came to this dimension. It would seem that the connection you and I share is infinitely more powerful than the bond we shared with Voldemort."

"So it would seem," said Jytar, "I must say that this is an interesting turn of events. I've rather enjoyed seeing your past memories."

"And making me relive them is just an added bonus eh?" asked Harry.

"Take what you can get," said Jytar with a shrug.

"To think, that I could have ended up as weak as you," said Jytar, "You're truly pathetic aren't you?"

"I don't know about that," said Harry, "I survived your use of the killing curse without much effort. Matter of fact, you're lucky you left when you did or it may have backfired and killed you instead."

"Indeed," said Jytar, "I am curious to find out how much of a challenge you'll really be."

"More than you can handle I'm sure," said Harry, "So tell me, how is you do such a horrible thing to your mum and dad?"

Jytar laughed maniacally, "I just had to guarantee that I would never die. You see, I have to kill everything before I can die. A world as polluted as this with such feeble being as humans should not be allowed to exist. Those two were the only ones capable of killing me and now that they are dead and my mother can never again have a child, nothing can stop me."

This time is was Harry's turn to laugh, "Those damn prophecies are something, aren't they? You let them rule your life and next thing you know you're misinterpreting them and causing all kinds of unnecessary mischief. For example, you and I are technically family, polar opposites, but blood relations nonetheless. But here's the kicker, I came here after you did. I guess I'm just going to have to kill you for them."

Jytar didn't like Harry's little lecture at all as could be derived from the ugly sneer that decorated his face.

"Oh, one more thing before I eject you as painfully as possible from my mind. Don't come near Lily and James Potter again or I'm going to have to kill you sooner," said Harry with a deadly calm. And then before Jytar could rebut, Harry ejected him viciously from his mind. Unfortunately it hurt him just as much for doing so.

Harry shot awake in a world of pain from moving, "Bastard," Harry mumbled before collapsing backwards into dreamless sleep.

"What was that?" asked James and Sirius at the same time. They had the impeccable timing to arrive at the exact moment Harry shot up and then collapsed.

"He was having a nightmare," said Lily trying to explain though she was equally confused herself.

Sirius turned pale, "Was he talking in his sleep? Did he look like he was in physical pain? Was his forehead feverish?"

"Yes, yes and yes," said Lily worried.

"Shit," said Padfoot hitting the wall hard.

"What is it Sirius?" asked James concerned.

"Professor Dumbledore and I were slightly worried about this happening. You see, Harry has a kind of connection to Voldemort. The same as Jytar would have had but it would seem that he connection between Jytar and Harry is so much stronger that he can negate Harry's mental shields," explained Sirius. He was surprised by his own explanation as it was so accurate and clear but then again, with all the time he'd spent with Riddle in the last dimension was bound to rub off a little.

"In other words?" said James.

"Harry needs to kill Jytar soon or his mental state may turn to reflect Jytar's," said Sirius severely.

"No," said Lily shaking her head, "I can't lose another one."

James shot forward to embrace his once more sobbing wife.

"Not again," said Lily, "Not another child that is part of us."

"Lily," said James sympathetically.

"I know he's not ours," said Lily cutting ahead of James, "But he is ours now and for as long as he'll have us, if that's okay with you?"

"Of course," said James kissing his wife happily.

"Thank you," said Lily hugging him closer.

"So what do we do now?" asked James looking to Padfoot for answers.

"We get Jytar and Harry together as soon as possible."


"Hello Harry," said a disembodied voice.

Harry felt as though he was floating in a void free of everything but him, the voice, and his thoughts.

"Welcome Harry," said the voice again.

"Where am I?"

"Here," said the voice, "But then here is not there and there is not here."

"What?" asked Harry confused.

"Exactly," said the voice.

"Who are you?"

"No one, everyone, nothing, everything," said the cryptic voice.

"So why am I here?" asked Harry.

"You are an anomaly," said the voice.

"You are one of only two," said the voice.

"Huh? What do you mean one of only two? Do you mean me and Jytar?"

"Yes," said the voice.

"But I already knew that," said Harry. This voice was beginning to get on his nerves.

The voice already laughed, "No you didn't. Harry you are an anomaly, one of the only two ever created in any universe or dimension as you would say."

"I don't understand," said Harry, this was making less sense as time passed.

"You're not supposed to yet," said the voice, "You and Jytar are the only ones ever born to Lily and James Potter in any dimension. This makes you an anomaly. You see, in every dimension, at some point in time everyone exists in some form or another except for you and Jytar."

"So what?"

"Harry, there is a thread that connects all living being in every dimension and every time one of the other selves dies that sting gets shorter distributing the power of that one being into all of the other. The string has never been as short or as strong as it is between you and Jytar. Should you kill Jytar you will be the 'One', a god among men but still with the limitations of age. However, should Jytar kill you, all dimensions would fold in on themselves and be annihilated."

"Why would I get strong and he would destroy everything?"

"Jytar is not in balance with the universe. He lacks love, compassion, and happiness. Without those essential qualities he could not accept those qualities from you and thus it would cause a tear in space time and destroy everything. You however, are in balance. You know hate, despair, and suffering, but you also know love, compassion, and happiness and thus you would be able to fully accept the power from Jytar and make it a part of you and create balance within that power," explained the voice.

"So if I don't win then everything is lost," said Harry, "Great, you know, I could have done without knowing that you bastard voice."

"I am sorry to burden you with this Harry but you must know or else risk mental breakdown when you come into contact with Jytar's powers. It took us so very much power to prevent you ending Jytar's existence upon your first arrival in this dimension," explained the voice.

"Wait, you stopped me from killing him, but why?"

"If you had killed him then, all would have been lost as your brain would not have been ready for it," explained the voice.

"And what? I'm supposed to ready now?"

"Now that you know of it, you will be ready to meet it when the time comes, though you still might not survive even knowing it will come," explained the voice further.

"Tell me, if I take this power and I can't sort through it and my brain gets fried, will I destroy all dimensions?" asked Harry.

"Not at all," said the voice, "but all hope of saving your home dimension will be lost and once Voldemort has finished there he will not stop. He will sweep like a plague through all dimensions destroying everything."

"No pressure right?" asked Harry sarcastically.

"Quite a bit actually but we're sure you'll be fine," said the voice.

"Thanks," said Harry with even thicker sarcasm.

"You're welcome, now, it's time for you to wake up, he'll come to you soon enough, be ready," said the voice, "Oh yeah, don't tell anyone about this conversation."

Suddenly Harry found himself in his new room with light streaming through the window. On his left he could see Lily and James sleeping together on the couch however Sirius was nowhere in sight.

Either Lily was a very light sleeper and the soft groan Harry let out woke or she just had an amazing sense of timing and woke up just after he did.

"James, he's awake," said Lily.

"I don't want to get up Professor McGonagall," said James in his half-asleep state.

Lily's response was a sharp elbow jab to the rips with woke him up instantly. After dealing with her husband Lily came to Harry's side and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Hi sweetie," she said kindly, "feeling better?"

Harry was suddenly feeling very confused, "Um, you know I'm not your son right?"

"I know," said Lily sadly, "We've lost our children. But, James and I thought, that if you wanted, we'd like to be your parents. I know you lost your mum and dad when you were little, we hoped you'd let us . . ."

"I would love that," said Harry, "but, I can't ask you to do that for me. I don't want to break your hearts when if comes time for me to leave and I will leave. I have to."

"We understand that Harry," said James, "We thought, that perhaps it would be best for us to leave this place, to go with you through the veil. We could get a fresh start and you'd be able to do what ever it is that you need to do but knowing that you have parents there to support you through all of it."

"You'd really do that for me?" asked a stunned Harry, "Knowing all the danger that seems to follow me everywhere I go, you'd still go with me?"

Lily looked to James for reassurance before she looked at Harry and nodded.

"Alright, but don't complain later when you find yourselves fighting for your lives because someone or something wants to kill me," said Harry cheekily. He knew and understood the risks but he also know how much they'd already lost and how hard it must have been to come to him with this.

"Like I'd miss out on that kind of adventure," said James with equal, if not greater, cheek in his response.

"You've created a monster," said Lily with the first smile Harry had seen her crack yet.

Suddenly a thought struck Harry, "What about Moony? Won't he miss you?"

"Harry, Moony was killed by the ministry in our sixth year after he attacked Severus Snape during a full moon. Severus followed him out to the shrieking shack unknown to any of us," explained James sadly as he thought back on the loss of his dear friend.

"But that can't be, you saved Snape from Moony. It was supposed to be a prank by Sirius," said Harry in disbelief.

"To my knowledge Sirius never sent Snape there. From what Snape said, he'd followed him for going out of bounds with Voldemort on the loose," said James.

"I guess that's just one more difference," said Harry, "But boy is Moony going to be happy to see the both of you."

"What about Peter?" asked James hopefully.

"Death Eater," said Harry coldly, "He betrayed us to Voldemort. He was our secret keeper."

"He was a traitor there too," said James sadly, "As horrible as he turned out, at one time he was once a good friend."

"Let's not dwell on it," said Lily finally, "I don't know about you two but all this emotional healing has left me quite hungry."

"To the kitchens," said Harry striking a heroic pose like he'd seen in Dudley's comics when he was younger.


"Harry, I hate to wake you so late but there is an attack underway in which Jytar is attending personally," said Dumbledore, "He keeps calling for you to show up as he kills off muggles and wizards alike."

"Right then, I suppose we should go," said Harry getting up and dressing himself right away in his black battle robes. "Are my parents there already?"

"No, I felt it best for them to remain hidden for now," said Dumbledore, "I feel that Jytar would only try to hurt you by hurting them if they were to show up there."

"And how exactly are you preventing them?"

"They don't know," said Dumbledore with a slight twinkle behind his eye.

"You can down right manipulative when you want to be can't you?"

"The burden of command Harry, something that you must come to understand," said Dumbledore calmly before creating a port key, "This will take us just to the outskirt of where the battle is taking place."

Harry nodded before adopting a more serious attitude.

Harry and Dumbledore arrived to the sound of someone calling out "DUCK!"

Harry instantly put up the strongest shield he could before dropping and rolling away from his arrival point.

"What's this?" asked as slithering, sickening voice, "I call and he just comes to me so foolishly. I must have done something right in a previous life . . . wonder what that could have been?"

"On the outskirts of the battle?" asked Harry scathing to Dumbledore, whose robes were slightly scorched by fire.

"This was the outskirts of the battle when I left it," said Dumbledore with a shrug.

Harry just ignored him and focused in on Jytar, "Hello me."

"I am not you," said Jytar angrily.

"Yes you are, you just don't like it," said Harry, "Imagine, some one who wants immortality trying to kill himself. Doesn't make much sense if you ask you." Harry could see that his twisted logic was both pissing Jytar off and slightly confusing. Both of which, Harry considered to be a good thing at this time.

"I am not trying to kill myself, I am trying to kill Harry James Potter, a wretched weakling who was supposed to have died years ago. I am Jytar now and forever," screamed the insane boy.

"Well, last time I checked, 'forever' was a long time and according to my watch you only have a few minutes left to live," said Harry looking at his watch and making a big production of it.

Jytar narrowed his eyes, "I can see that talking to you will serve no purpose, I shall just have to kill you then."

Harry knew the time for banter had ended and now he'd have to fight to the death against himself, but what Harry found surprising was that Jytar fought just like Tom Riddle did. Fast, with powerful spells frequently. Suddenly, Harry found himself smiling.

Jytar didn't like that smile on Harry's face and suddenly there was nothing he could do about it. Harry seemed to know his fighting style down to the last detail even though they had only ever dueled one time for less than a minute.

Harry continually pushed closer and closer to allow him to use some of his close range combat. Jytar never knew what hit him. Harry had been smart enough to drink his strengthening potions before they even took the port key and now as a result every one of Harry's hit felt as though he was being hit by a giant.

Jytar was hit hard enough in the stomach to cough up blood . . . his blood . . . his blackened, evil blood. It was not a sight he had seen in many years. It enraged him so and suddenly Harry was on the defensive as Jytar used killing curse after killing curse attempting to hit Harry.

Harry dodged as quickly as possible and when it wasn't possible he conjured something to block the spell. And then it happened, Jytar got wise and sent the killing curse at a small Muggle girl that one of his servants was holding for him. Harry didn't even think twice about get in the path of that killing curse.

Once more the spell hit him and created an enormous amount of energy and light but this time the light seemed to become concentrated in Harry's hand. The energy just sucked inward until it formed a swirling ball of green energy.

It took all of Harry's effort to contain that energy but he knew he would soon lose control so he did the only thing he could think of. He pushed it back towards Jytar.

Jytar was actually paralyzed with fear. He couldn't move, he couldn't apparate, he couldn't do anything but watch as his impending doom approached.

"No!" screamed a female voice from somewhere. Before Harry could stop the Death Eater woman she stepped in the path of the energy ball. Harry had never seen such a horrible sight as the woman cried out in pain. There was a flash of light and an explosion of magic.

Suddenly all was calm once more.

"Jytar," whispered a fading female voice. It was the Death Eater that saved his life.

Jytar smiled smugly as he approached his loyal servant. For Harry was beaten and he knew it. It took every last ounce of magic that Harry possessed to stop that curse and then push it back at the caster.

"My loyal servant," said Jytar with a smug smile, "You death allows me to continue my work. But before you die, I shall look upon you once as a final gift."

Jytar knelt down next to the woman and removed her mask.

There was a loud gasp from everyone assembled. There, lying in the grass breathing her last breaths was the youngest Weasley, Ginny.

"Ginny my pet," said Jytar, "You've served your master well though I shall miss your services as my spy."

"No," said Ginny, "Both sides, I was a spy for both sides."

"Ginny my pet, why would you tell me this now," said Jytar, "Surely you must know that I would have to hurt you."

"Too late," breathed Ginny, "You've broken my heart. I loved you so much. The love only a man and a woman can have. I sacrificed my life for yours because I loved you so and now," Ginny coughed spitting up a blood, "You will forever be marked by my love and the sacrifice I gave for the sake of love. You will know love again Jytar. Let you feel the ache in your heart that I have felt for all the time I've known you."

Jytar looked taken aback and then profusely angry, "You wretched little cur, how dare you defile me with something like love."

"Love follows its own will Jytar," said Ginny weakly. It was easy to see her life would soon be gone, "And with my death, you will once again feel love. It is all I have left to give to you my love." And at that sentence Ginny's life faded completely from her eyes and once more magic filled everything around them.

"No," said Jytar in a whisper, "No, no, no, noooooooooo!" he finally screamed in rage.

As the light faded Jytar was once more visibly but he was clutching his chest in severe pain. "You wretched, horrible, lovely girl. You've killed me." Jytar collapsed to the ground unmoving.

To say that Harry was surprised would have been the understatement of the century. Not daring to believe, Harry limped forward tiredly before he rolled Jytar over face up.

He was indeed dead but there was an odd sort of contented smile on his face.

"In become the monster he made a deal to give up his ability to love and to never again feel love on the pain of death," explained Dumbledore from behind Harry, "Young Ginevra's act broke that deal and so Jytar was made to pay the price for his choices."

"But I though only I could kill him?" asked Harry.

"I never did you tell you exactly what the second prophecy said did I?" asked Dumbledore, "The prophecy said that one of his blood would follow after him and bring about the end of his reign. This was the part that Jytar knew of and so did you. The other part of it was simply that one who knew of true love would make him whole again allowing him to finally find peace. And now he has found peace for himself."

"I understand," said Harry, "I never knew that Ginny felt that way about me."

"Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't," said Dumbledore, "but you will never find out if you don't try. But that is neither here nor there. At the moment we need to get you away from this place before the Minister of Magic shows up and causes more trouble for us."

Harry nodded, "Let me just pay my respects to the both of them." Harry kneeled down next to Ginny and sent a silent prayer that she would be protected and cared for wherever she ended up. With that he reached up and closed her eyes.

Harry next kneeled next to Jytar, "I'm sorry it came to this. I promise you I'll look after mum and dad for you. Maybe if you get lucky you will have a chance to apologize to your brother and sister." Harry place his hand on Jytar's forehead and sent a small prayer that he would be punished too severely and that he could maybe be forgiven someday.

It was then that Harry felt his magic welling up inside of him. Suddenly he remembered the voice's message. The string that connected them had severed and all of their combined powers were moved into a single entity. Time and space were as one for only a moment and in that moment Harry gained understanding of his life and its meaning to all dimensions. He knew his purpose and he knew that he would do whatever he could to ensure that it happened.

At the same time in his home dimension one 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' was screaming in agony and pain unlike anything he'd felt since his body had been destroyed the first time. The Death Eaters around him only heard him screaming over and over "Harry Potter is coming". It did not bode well for his future nor the future of the Death Eaters.