Journey to Qui-Gong

By Pepe,ok

Disclaimer: I don't own any Mulan characters . Disney does. Not mine. Disneys.

Summary: this story takes place after Shang falls off the bridge in Mulan 2. It is told as seen by him.

Authors note: This is my first fic ever so please don't be too harsh when reviewing.

Another note: The first few chapters may be a bit short because I'm not sure how many pages I have to type to maker it long enough.

One more note: Just kidding. On with the story!

My life flashed before my eyes. The only thing between me and a painful death was Mulan's hand. My heart beat fast as Mulan called to me "Shang! Hang on!"

"It won't hold us both" I called back. I felt my fury melt and my love for her come rushing back as I realized that this problem had no winning solution. As the rope strained further, I knew that if I wanted to save at least one of us, there was only one thing I could do: Drop.

"Mulan" She looked at me, tears streaming down her beautiful face. "I'm Sorry"

I let my hand slip, bracing myself for the pain. "Shang, please no!" Mulan cried, but it was too late. I had slipped from her grasp and felt my heart drop as I fell to the river beneth. The last thing I heard was Mulan screaming my name. I plummeted until I felt a sharp pain in my head and everything went black.

The world was a blur. Where was I? Who was I? My eyes closed as I tred to remember. The bridge. Mulan! Was I? I couldn't be. I survived my fall off the bridge. I thought harder. I was on a mission with Mulan and the gaurds. I was escourting them to Qui-gong to get married. All Mulan had said was hitting me like a hammer.

"My heart tells me my duty and I follow it!"

" You don't trust your heart. Sometimes I wonder if you even have one."

She was right. How could I have been so blind? The gaurds and the princesses were in love, and I came in and smashed it , not to mention my own relationship to bits. But, I thought, could I set it right again?

" What am I gonna do?"

ok! That's it 4 chapter one! Sorry its so short. Future chapters will be longer, I promise! And question: do you think mushu should come and talk to shang to get him to go to qui-gong ? I need him to find out what mulan is doing somehow. My other idea is that'shang will see images of mulan talking to lord chin and he'll go after her.Please RR and tell me what you think of these two ideas.