Chapter 8

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We said goodbye to the princesses at the doors, for they had more to discuss with their father. Yao, Ling and Chien Po took us to the stables to tack up our horses, also bringing Chin Tu to her new home. When our horses were ready, we had a brief chat before departed.

"It's gonna be weird getting used to living in a palace" said Yao, breaking the awkward silence.

"We'll miss you guys" I said, speaking for Mulan as well as myself. "Of course we'll plan visits and that."

"Why don't you guys come back in the next month or so?" offered Ling, "word has It the emperor is planning a banquet in honour of his daughters being home and the alliance being upheld."

"We'd like that." Said Mulan.

"Well, goodbye." We all said at once. We started just shaking hands, but ended up in a group hug having our innards squeezed out by Chien Po. After being put down, we were about to mount our horses when we heard voices coming from the room in the palace nearest to the stables. It sounded like a voice that I hoped I'd never hear again: Chi Fu.(okay, he wasn't in the movie but I'm adding him to my story) He seemed to be talking with the princesses.

"What do you mean, you married your escorts? What about the alliance?" he asked in his normal pompous way.

"The alliance has been upheld another way." Ting Ting said defensively. By her tone of voice you could tell that she did not see him as more than a filthy rat either.

"Well what can you expect from a dishonoured woman and an incapable general? Spending so much time around them their habits must have rubbed off on you three." He said. I looked over at Mulan. I could see the pain in her eyes, even thought she was trying not to let it show. I wasn't hurt by his comment about my "incapability", but angered.

"And those unworthy soldiers." He continued, " The string bean and the little angry man and the whale! I can't believe they lived through the war" Yao began to walk put of the stable, his sleeves rolled up and his face red.

"Those are our husbands and we love them!" said Mei loudly. Yao stopped where he was.

"Yeah!" agreed Su. "It Is not your place to tell us who we can be with and who has honour!"

"How would you know anything about honour," asked Ting Ting "Being someone who doesn't have any! Come on, girls." With that, they slammed the door, leaving Chi-Fu alone, sputtering in annoyance. All of us, still listening had forgotten our anger and were laughing. Mulan and I mounted our horses, said a final goodbye and set off for her village.

We had just dismounted Chir and Khan and opened the gates to her house, when we saw that the mob of people had come back. We guessed that this was another act of Mulan's grandmother. She must have heard word that we were coming home. Just to avoid being mobbed, we decided to walk around the side and enter through the yard. We opened the back door and the sweet smell of the magnolia tree filled the air. We heard a voice coming from the other room.

"Mulan?" it was Fa Zhou. He walked (or rather limped) out to greet us. "Welcome home, child."

"Hello, Baba. I've missed you so much." She answered. They hugged hello. Just then Mulan's grandmother and mother walked in.

"Oh you're back!" squealed her grandma. " You must have seen that I invited a few people over to celebrate your return with a special dinner." Fa Li looked puzzled. She walked to the window to see at least one hundred people standing in their front yard.

"a few!" she cried. "Grandma, we can't possibly feed them all!"

"um… I have to go now." Said the grandma as she scurried from the room.

"get back here!" called Fa Li, who began after her. Fa Zhou, Mulan and I exchanged glances before starting to laugh uncontrollably. After we calmed down, we decided to have a small supper and left the visitor issue to grandma, who finally got them all to go home. At dinner, the conversation was all on our little adventure.

"you fell off a bridge?" Fa Li asked in surprise when we told her. "and you're all right?"

"Praise the ancestors." Said granny. After our story had ended, we all decided it was time to turn in. we had decided we would stay with Mulan's parents until we could find a house of our own. Mulan and I were given the guest room.

The next morning, I remembered what she had told me about this "guardian" of hers and how he wanted to keep his job. I knew how to fix it, and luckily I had what I needed on me. I told her to get into something nice and to come out to her shrine with me. I had small chest that had been in my family forever, and I had left it at the Fa household when I first came. When we were both ready, we walked out to her shrine.

"So, this guardian? What's his name again?" I asked.

"Mushu. He's a dragon that can do a lot either for you, or against you". When we reached it, she asked me what I was planning to do.

"Watch and see." I told her. I reached into the chest and pulled out a tablet with the names of my ancestors and placed it in her temple. "I'm combining our family temples." We stood up and we both suddenly heard what sounded like clapping and cheering. I looked to the ceiling and saw a little red blur darting around. He was still hooting when he parked himself on the ground in front of me. He realized his mistake and quickly covered his mouth waiting for my reaction. It took a moment for my mind to register that this was her guardian. This shrimpy little dragon was a Fa family guardian? But then, this was Mulan's family I was talking about.

"So this is the famous Mushu." I said. He looked up at me. Mulan nodded.

"Somehow I pictured you…bigger" I said truthfully. The dragon looked at me quizically.

"Say what?" he said, then addressed Mulan. "You told him about me? About us?" Mulan laughed.

"I have no secrets from my husband, Mushu. I told him everything." She informed him. His face suddenly became unsure.

"Everything?" he asked nervously when he realized that I could have torn him to shreds right then for what he did. He sought refuge behind Mulan's skirt. I smiled at him.

"That's right." I said, kneeling down and mock bowing to him." Great golden dragon of unity." He smiled nervously.

"I still don't get it." Mulan said. "what does combining our temples do?" Mushu answered for me.

" It gives me back my pedestal!" he cried.

"Remember when I said I had a way to fix things?" I asked Mulan. Mushu's face lit up.

"Oh, Mulan, you know how to pick 'em!" he said. That got a laugh from Mulan and me.

"But wait, can you do this?" Mulan asked, "Aren't there rules?" I took her hands.

"Of course." I answered. "Right next to the rules about dressing up as a man and joining the army." She giggled and smiled. Mushu jumped up onto my hat and started flapping it like wings.

"Hey, what do you know? This thing just might work out after all!" he said before jumping down. Then he started shouting at what he probably thought were Mulan's ancestors, even though to the human eye they were invisible.

"Hey! Yo! Where's my masseus? Saving China gives me knots like you wouldn't believe!" Wow. Not only was he selfish, he was arrogant too. But that didn't change my liking of him. At last, everything was perfect. Mulan and I were together, her dragon was happy, and my heart was content.


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