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Chapter one – The Ultimate Dream

It was inside a narrow dark alley that a small blond child found himself running for his life. Ignoring the sharp stings from the various small wounds on his body, he blindly stumbled along, listening with his fear-heightened hearing for the heavy footfalls of his pursuers. Gasping for breaths, the only things that were keeping him going were the spikes of fear and adrenaline.

But he knew, no matter how fast he ran, he would eventually lose in this unjust "game" of tag. He whimpered softly when he, through the pounding of his heart, heard gleeful shouts echoing loudly around him. Throwing his head wildly about him, his eyes searched for any likely escape route. Unfortunately, like most of the alleys, it was closed-off between two buildings with not even a window for him to bang on for help. It was this bitter conclusion that he came to and fresh tears welled over the already stained cheeks.

"He-Help," he choked out, a word most children of his age would not know the meaning of. "Please…"

Suddenly, a hand shot out from nowhere and grabbed the frantic boy by the shoulder. He gave a squeak before he was pulled into the protective layers of shadows and against a warm body. With an arm and a leg wrapped around his limbs and a hand clamped over his mouth, he was unable to struggle other than a few spasms due to fear. He was edging towards hyperventilation, feeling his mouth dried and skin clammy, when he heard a voice beside his ear.

"Please stop your struggling, Naruto, or they will find us."

The boy, Naruto, immediately became still, unsure whether it was due to a direct order to him or the loud bangs that indicated the close proximity of his pursuers. The two grown men stopped a couple of metres away from the hidden duo, looking around with obvious excitement that was tinted with annoyance. Naruto was sure if he did not stop his heart anytime soon, it would definitely give them away.

"Where did that whelp go?" one of them, a large masculine man, yelled angrily, testosterone and adrenaline pumping wildly. He slammed a meaty fist into wooden box next to him, failing to notice how the splinters bounced off before they reached the wall.

Naruto held his breath and was surprised when the person behind him shielded him from the sharp toothpick-like wood. A few stuck to flesh but the silhouette was silent and had remained still.

"He can't be too far away!" the equally macho companion gruffly replied, narrowing his eyes and casting his sight further down.

The figure behind Naruto suddenly flicked a wrist, allowing a pebble to fly out and away from them. Clattering nosily when it landed, it instantly drew the attention of the two irresponsible men. The two adults glanced at each other and loped after the noise, their faces supporting wicked grins as they went. The hunt was on once again.

Soon the dark alley was silent again with dust settled back down to normality, only to be disturbed again when Naruto stumbled out into the limited sunlight. He stared fearfully at the silhouette despite the fact that he was just saved by it. But there were just too many reasons why someone would want to save him, and it was always better to be safe than sorry. "You… Who?" he stuttered, backing into the wall behind him.

The figure hesitated before slowly stepping out of the shadows and it was then Naruto finally saw who had saved him. A boy, no older than Naruto himself, came into the light. He was dressed in simple tee-shirt and shorts but they were completely black, further enhancing the pale complexity of his skin and hair. While most might seemed dull or cold in so much black, the way the boy was carrying himself gave the air of kindness but was awkward with the current situation. He gave a tentative smile to the blond, attempting to form some kind of link between them. Blue eyes met gold eyes as the two children stared at each other.

Avoiding any big movements, the boy crouched slightly so he was no longer looming over Naruto and said gently, "My name is Hitsuka. Please to meet you, Naruto." He extended a hand that was meant for a handshake but quickly retreat it when the blond flinched. "Sorry, sorry," he said quietly, trying not to startle the child any further. "Please, I am not here to hurt you."

Naruto was uncertain how he should respond to this sudden kindness. He had already learnt that even children would not hesitate in hurting him. Well, "monkey see, monkey do". But this boy… he was like no other. His eyes focused on the wounds from the wood shards on the boy's arm and cheek. They were merely small artificial wounds as they had already stopped bleeding and beginning to scab over, they were still evidences of protection.

Swallowing hard, Naruto nodded and when Hitsuka reached out again, he only shuddered slightly before allowing the other to pat him on the head. While still on guard and was sure that Hitsuka would be disgusted with him now, he was surprised to see the boy was still smiling and was not repulsed by him. "You… friend?" he asked quietly, wasn't sure who he should trust anymore.

Sadden by this tentative question, Hitsuka nodded. "Yes, I am your friend." He reached into the backpack he had with him for his drink bottle which he used to wet his handkerchief. "Here," he said, patting the ground, indicating that Naruto should sit down, "I will clean you up a bit and you should rest for a while too."

Following the instructions, Naruto sighed deeply as he only just realised how tired he was. He did not fight the wet cloth when it was wiped across his face, instead he allowed himself to enjoy the rare attention. Searching for any sign of annoyance or displeasure, he constantly found himself surprised by the fact that the other, Hitsuka, genuinely wanted to help him. With the sunlight casting down on them, he smiled softly at the angle-like image his saviour portrayed completed with a halo of reflected light around his white hair.

When Hitsuka was done, he permitted himself a small flinch that he made sure went unnoticed by Naruto. Despite his knowledge, it was still a bit discerning to find someone unscratched under all that blood and grime. Picking himself up, he offered a hand to the blond child. This time, without any hesitation, it was accepted by a small hand that felt strong despite its frailty.

"Come, I will walk you home now," he said and chuckled. "But you'll have to give the directions."

Naruto giggled as well and, giving the widest grin he had, he said, his voice filling with emotions, "Thank you."

"You are welcome."

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