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Eden finally calmed down enough to talk to Nicky. "Caitlyn never takes it off. It was her mother's before she died."

Nicky nodded. "Well, maybe it just came off. Which means she's missing it & we have to find her & give it back." He smiled, standing up. He offered his hand & Eden took it.

"Thank you, Nicky." Eden smiled at him, wiping her tears away.

"No prob. Hate to see a girl cry. Even an idiot like you." He teased.

"Well, at least I'm not a jerk." she teased back, grinning. Then she turned to the group of Digimon. "We're going to go look for our friends. Are you guys coming?"

All 16 Digimon nodded. The two kids smiled & they began to walk. Suddenly, they heard someone shouting out for help.

Without thinking, Eden began to run again. Nicky chased after her, muttering something about 'stupid idiot needs to stop running away like that.'

When Eden ran into a clearing in the forest, she didn't see anything. "Hello!" she shouted, looking around. "Is anyone here?"

"Down here!" a familiar voice cried out.

Eden turned & noticed a big hole. "How weird. A random hole." But she walked over to it anyways. Looking down, she saw a flash of blond hair & blue eyes. "Greta?" she shouted in shock.

The girl in question looked up & rolled her eyes. "Great, they send a baby to save me."

Eden held back her remark & reached her hand in. "Grab my hand!"

Greta stared at it. "I can get out myself!"

Eden rolled her eyes & reached lower. "Come on, Greta. I'll pull you out."

"How about no?" she turned her back, ignoring the helpful hand.

Eden bit her lip. "Fine, then I'm coming in!" She jumped in. Greta turned & stared at her. "Why did you do that?" she asked quietly.

"Because you weren't going to grab my hand. So I'm going to boost you out." Eden clasped her hands together. "Stand on my hands."

Greta looked at her, surprised that she would help her. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because you called for help, so I came. Now step up." Eden ordered the surprised girl.

Still in shock, Greta nodded. "Thank you…" she murmured as she stepped into the waiting girl's hands. Eden pushed her up & Greta scurried out.

Eden waited for Greta to come back. She began pacing then shouted up "Greta! A little help!"

When no one answered, Eden pursed her lips then sat down. "Well, Nicky will come for me. I'll just wait."

10 minutes had passed by & Eden was beginning to get worried. "What if something happened to him? Or the Digimon? Or Greta?" She cringed at the thought of the blond haired girl. 'Why do I care about her? She left me in this hole?' But she remembered her mother always telling her that all people are good, just some have been hurt, so they pretend to be bad & that Eden should be nice, even if she doesn't want to.

Standing up, Eden began to stretch. "Well, I guess I could try climbing out." She grabbed a hunk of dirt & began climbing up. Finally, about 5 minutes, she made it out, dirty & tired, but she was out of the hole.

Standing up, she looked around. "Wait a minute, this isn't where I was before." she said out loud as she looked around at her surroundings. Instead of a forest surrounding her, it seemed a lake did. "Am I on an island?" she thought out loud.

But when she looked down, she gasped. She wasn't on an island, she was actually standing on the water! "Is this possible?" she wondered out loud. She took a wary step & the water rippled underneath her foot.

Eden began taking small steps, scared she would fall under. Finally realizing that for some strange reason she wasn't going to fall, Eden began to relax. "You know, once you get over the fact you're literally walking on water, this is pretty cool!" She giggled as she began to run & skip on the water. She did cartwheels & all kinds of other stuff.

Out of energy for anything else, she slowly sat down, but the water held up. "This isn't even wet…" she murmured. She began to think out loud. "OK, for some reason I started out in a forest, then I was in a hole & now suddenly I'm walking on water. Oh no! where are the others?" she stood up, looking around for some sign of her friends.

After 10 minutes, Eden sat down in disappointment & worry. "Well, at least Nicky has the Digimon. I just worried about Greta, Caitlyn & Celina."

"Princess…" a soft voice called out.

Eden looked up, startled by the voice. "Hello? Is anyone there?" she called out as she stood up.

"Princess, you are in danger. You must leave now." the voice said.

"OK, who are you & why are you calling me 'Princess'? How am I in danger?" Eden cried out.

"Please Princess. Leave now." the voice warned as a bright light appeared.

Eden shielded her eyes. When the light died down, she stared at the apparition in front of her. This figure had flowing white hair that went to his back, a white flowing gown that went to his feet. But what drew Eden in was his eyes; they held so much sadness & pain.

"Who are you?" she asked as she reached out, but the spirit backed away, shaking his head.

"I am a friend & you must leave." he said in a soothing voice.

Eden blinked. "But it's so nice here. Why do I have to leave?" She yawned.

"This is a trap set by Him to capture you in a dream world. You are still at the forest, but encased in a crystal cocoon." this man said.

Eden stared at him, feeling sleepy. "Are you sure? And who's Him…" She couldn't do it anymore; she passed out into this man's arms.

He smiled. "I will free you Princess." He began to glow again & they disappeared, leaving the water alone again.

Meanwhile, back with the others, Greta didn't leave. She was calling out to Eden just as Nicky & the others were. Nicky was surprised when he saw Greta staring into a hole.

"Greta? What are you doing here?" he had asked.

She looked up, eyes watering. "Trying to get Eden out, but something's happening."

The others ran & looked into the hole. They watched as the crystal cocoon was finishing covering Eden in a slumber so deep no human could wake her.

So for the past 20 minutes, they had been yelling down at her. Greta stood up & began pacing. Nicky looked up. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"It's all my fault. She's down there cuz I called for help. I wouldn't grab her hand, so she jumped in after me." Greta began to tear up.

Nicky stared at her. "Greta…" But before he could say anything, a bright light appeared in the hole. Everyone shielded their eyes, but they could barely make out what seemed to be a man carrying a little girl.

The man put her down & smiled. "She is safe now. I'll leave her to you now." He made eye contact with everyone, then disappeared in a blast of light.

When everyone recovered from this random man with the light, Greta was the first to notice who he had laid down. "Eden!" she shouted, running over to her, Nicky close to her heels.

Both of them reached her at the same time, but Nicky let Greta pull her onto her lap. Eden was sleeping peacefully as Greta stroked her hair. "She's so little, yet she has a big heart."

Nicky nodded, concern in his eyes for both Eden & Greta. He knew Greta must be beating herself up for it, & if Eden doesn't get better, she'll slip into depression.

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