Love or Death
Part Three
By: Lady Ava

Okay everyone, this is it. The final part of Love or Death. As you must already have guessed, I don't own Digimon. Well, here it goes. Enjoy the final part of Love or Death everyone.

"Give up...You can't win." The dark master said, hovering over the teens. "It is useless to continue your attempt at stopping me."

Sora sat up. Her arms and legs were scratched to bits along with the others. They all sat there watching as the Dark Master loomed over them. "It's no use. We can't stop him." She said.

"It's over..." Matt whispered.

"Please...Are you going to give up that easily? Those aren't the Digidestined that I know." Tai's voice said.

Everyone looked up. "Oh god. Now I am hearing things. Now I know I am going to die." Joe said, sinking even lower to the ground.

"Joe...look." Sora said smiling.

As the Digidestined looked at Tai's body, they saw him begin to move. First his hand, then his arm helped push him up to a sitting position. Then carefully, Tai pushed himself up, so that he was on his two feet. Tai stood tall in front of his friends. Then he did something completely unexpected; he rose his arms out to the sides of his body and spoke, "No more, VenomMyotismon. You and your henchman have done enough to them. Leave them alone."

Matt got to his feet as quickly as possible. "Tai, don't. He's too powerful."

VenomMyotismon looked down at Tai and smiled. "Well, do you really think you are going to stop me with a weakened mind, body, and crest? Hahaha!"

Tai placed his hands down at his sides again. "You're right." Tai started, lowering his head. His friends, Aboshi, and the Dark Master were all in shock. But before anyone could say anything, Tai's crest began to glow a brilliant orange. "I might not be able to beat you on my own. My crest's power is stronger than the others, but it needs the others in order to defeat you." Tai said, raising his head up. Closing his eyes, Tai began to whisper something that only he could hear. Suddenly, each one of the crests began to light their color. "Come to my crest: Friendship, Knowledge, Sincerity, Hope, Reliability, and Love. These are the powers of the Digidestined. I ask you...please come to me!"

Suddenly, the six other powers flew out of the six other Digidestined and shot into Tai's back, causing him to jolt forward. "Tai!" Sora shouted, jumping to her feet.

She began to run forward but was grabbed from behide by Izzy. "No, Sora. Let him do this on his own. He knows we are with him." He said.

Sora looked back at him and then at Tai. She was crying heavily and her sobs were getting the best of her. "Please...don't Tai." She whispered.

Tai concentrated his energy along the others into his crest. 'So this is it.' He thought. 'This is how I am going to die. Well, I guess I can say I lived a good life. But my life doesn't matter anymore. The only lives that matter are the ones of my friends.' Tai looked up at the dark master.

"Crest...Of...Courage...FULL ENERGIZE!" He shouted.

A brilliant flash of white light flew from Tai's crest and made a direct hit to VenomMyotismon. The evil Digimon let out a horrible bellow of pain. As the other's watched, VenomMyotismon began to vanish into the system. Finally with one loud explosion, VenomMyotismon vanished forever into the Digital afterworld forever.


As the light faded, the rest of the Digidestined sat up and unshielded their eyes. " He did it! Tai defeated VenomMyotismon!" Mimi shouted happily, jumping to her feet.

"Where's Aboshi?" Joe asked.

"She must have been destroyed in the blast." Izzy confirmed, looking around his surrounding.

The area around them had been completely flattened. The castle was no more and the landscape was nothing but dirt and rock. As the Digidestined looked around, they saw the sun setting over the horizon. "Beautiful..." Sora whispered. But as she looked at the down at the sunset, she saw Tai standing there. He was as stiff as a board and he was scratched up pretty badly. "Guys, There's Tai." She said.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light flew from in front of Tai. The others watched as the light broke down into the separate crest colors. Each one came back to its rightful owner, until there was one left. And that one was Tai's. "Hey, why isn't Tai's crest energy going back to him?" T.K. asked.

"I don't know, T.K." Matt answered.

All the others could do was watch as Tai's crest energy just floated there in the air, until at last, it reentered his crest. Tai's body jolted a bit as it came back to his body. Then, he turned to face his friends and smiled a weak grin, "It's over...It's finally over." He said as he fell to the ground.

"Tai!" Sora yelled, running over to him as he fell. Before he could touch the ground, Sora caught him in her opened arms. She fell to her knees, holding Tai's body close to her own. Sora looked down at Tai's scratched face and sobbed, "Tai...Tai, can you hear me? Please Tai open your eyes...Please..." She begged.

One of her tears rolled off her face and hit Tai's cheek, causing his eyes to open slightly, "Sora...I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Sorry for what? You saved us and the Digital World, why are you saying sorry?" She cried, trying to put a smile on her face.

"I am sorry because I had to wait until before I die to tell you..." He started. Tai rose one of his hands up to Sora's face and touched her cheek. ", Sora. Good...bye." And with those as his final words, Tai's hand fell from Sora's face and he died in her arms.

Sora became overwhelmed with grief. Gripping Tai's body closer, she reached down and took Tai's pulse. There was nothing coming from his wrist. Hugging him even tighter, Sora let out a loud cry of loss. Her shout echoed through the destroyed castle and sunk into the surrounding area.

Regaining her composure, she laid Tai's lifeless body onto the dusty earth and stood from him. "I love you, too, Tai..." Sora whispered. As she turned to walk away, she fell to her knees and began to cry.

"Sora..." Matt shouted as he and the others ran to their grief stricken friend. As they came up to her, Matt helped Sora to her feet and let her cry onto his shoulder. "It's okay...It's okay." He said, patting her on the back.

One by one, each of the teens began to cry. They didn't care if they looked dumb or if it lowered their pride, they all wept openly at the loss of their leader, friend, and for Sora, a lover.

"He was my best friend..." Matt stated, trying to sound tough as he held back his tears.

"I never wanted to admit it, but he was pretty smart." Izzy said, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

"He was always there for us." Joe said, while he held a crying Mimi in arms.

"Tai was always ready to help one of us out." Mimi cried into Joe's shoulder.

"Tai was our last hope..." T.K. cried, grabbing onto Matt's leg.

"I loved him." Sora cried out.

As they continued to cry, one by one, each one of their crests began to glow softly. The glow from the crests began to become brighter until the light covered them and Tai's body. "What's going on?" Sora asked.


'The crests weep over the loss of one. The bearers cry for the death of a bearer.' A voice quietly whispered. The digidestined glanced around the area of white, very confused about what they were hearing. 'Courage is strong. All the crests and bearers need Courage to live on in life. We give you Courage so that you may continue to live.'


Suddenly, the light broke and they stood in the light of the full digital moon. "What was that?" Matt asked.

"I don't know. But I can't stay here any longer. Let's go..." Joe stated.

As they began to walk away, they heard a muffled grunt from behide them. "Wait...Are you guys really going to leave without your fearless leader?" A familiar voice stated.

"It can't be..." Sora whispered. All of the Digidestined quickly spun around to see Tai. He stood weakly on his feet and had a huge smile on his face. "Tai!" Sora shouted running to him. She ran into Tai's opened arms and hugged him as if she would never let go. As she looked up into Tai's eyes with her tear stained ones she smiled, "Oh Tai. I thought you were..."

"Dead? Yea, so did I." Tai said smiling. Looking up from Sora, the teen saw his friends looking at him in amazement, "What? You thought you got rid of me? Yea right." Tai shouted.

Izzy looked Tai up and down. " scientifically impossible."

"Izzy. For once, try to believe that everything doesn't have to evolve Science." Matt stated.


Sora gazed up at Tai. She was still sobbing a bit, but more from happiness than sadness. She was happy that she didn't lose someone so close to her and that she was being held in his loving arms at last. The others stood there talking off to the side, but it sounded muffled to her. Everything around both Tai and her seemed to just blur out and the only clear sight was Tai. Resting her head on Tai's chest, she sighed. "I so happy that you came back, Tai." She stated softly.

The young teen placed his hand on top of Sora's head and ran his figures through her soft brown hair. "Me too. I wasn't ready to die. But there was one thing that made me even sadder to die than before."

"What was that?" Sora asked.

Placing his hands on Sora's waist, Tai lifted her off the ground and spun her around. "You. I wasn't ready to go yet because I wanted to be with you!" He stated, swinging her around and then placing her gracefully onto the dusty ground.

Sora blushed madly at Tai's words. 'He wanted to be He felt sad to die because he wanted to be with me?' She thought as she was pulled closer to Tai than before. "Tai...I love you so much." She started, looking up at his smiling face. "Please, don't ever leave me again." She said through sobs and fresh tears.

Tai smiled softly and nodded. "I promise."

Reaching up to her face, Tai touched her face lightly. Quickly reaching up, Sora held his hand against her cheek. As they stood there, nothing else mattered. They didn't care if they others stared at them or if Myotismon were still alive, all they cared about right then and there was each other.
Suddenly, the clouds in the sky parted to reveal the beautiful glow of the full moon. The light seemed to make the darkness of the digital world vanish. Glancing up at the sky, the two teens saw small shooting stars flying gracefully across the sky. Gazing back at each other, Tai drew closer to Sora. Closing their eyes, Sora and Tai locked into each other's loving kiss and embrace. As they stood there, two small shooting stars joined together in the sky, creating one everlasting bond.

The End.

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