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Chapter 1:

Obsession and a Conveniently Placed Magazine


It curled at the end. That was all she could focus on: that wonderful head full of thick, black hair that curled at the end.

Damn that Blaise Zabini! He must have done something to her…an obsession draught in her morning pumpkin juice, perhaps? No, too many witnesses. He was a Slytherin after all, and didn't they pride themselves on stealth?

Well, whatever the cause, it was all Zabini's fault that she couldn't pay attention in Arithmancy, which was normally her favorite class.

'If only he weren't so attractive… Wait, no! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!'

"Miss Granger? Miss Granger!"

Flustered at Professor Vector's disruption of her awkward thoughts, Hermione composed herself as much as possible, and replied with a poor imitation of her usual rapture.

"Yes, Professor?"

"I asked whether or not it is possible to have conflicting traits in the numbers."

"Yes, yes…" Hermione trailed off getting a glazed look in her eyes, announcing to the world that the studious Hermione would not be returning soon.

Head nodding slightly, Professor Vector turned back to the rest of the class.

"As I was saying, conflicts are possible. For instance take the numbers 2 and 4. In fact give me 12 inches on those traits, due Thursday. You are dismissed."

Stuffing her parchment into her book bag, Hermione was finally able to focus again, as her 'distraction' melted into the crowded hallway and out of sight.

'If only he was always invisible.'

However her new found focus was extremely short-lived. In fact its lifespan only consisted of five minutes. Throughout the day, Hermione found it harder and harder to concentrate as thoughts of Blaise Zabini floated in her head.

After snapping at the lot of Gryffindor boys in the common room, Hermione rested in the sanctuary that was her dormitory in search of some resemblance to peace.

But…alas. Her sought after peace was not to be. Parvarti and Lavender had also chosen to retire and couldn't help but share some 'fascinating tidbits' they found in the latest 'Teen Witch'.

"Studies show that men are very complicated beings-"

"They didn't need any studies done; we could've told them that."

"However one similarity remains consistently true in all of them-"


"All men suffer from the need to protect. Hence the theory that many women of today rise to this need with what we like to call, 'Damsel in Distress Syndrome'."

And so was born the idea in Hermione's mind, to subtly seduce Blaise Zabini by acting completely helpless. Because of course to get him out of her thoughts, she would need to show herself that there was nothing special about that black haired, blue eyed, nicely built Slytherin. Nothing at all…or, at least not much.