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Cruel Intentions

-Chapter 5-

When the sun rose on the Wiltshire hills near Malfoy Mansion, Draco was wide awake and staring up at the ceiling, watching a spider crawl along the white planks of redwood that ended at a point at the top on either side. The spider was small with pointed, hairy legs and small fangs that Draco could even see from far away. Sometimes his eyesight was keener than a normal human's and Draco believed it was because of his abnormally gray eyes. True, people did have blue-gray eyes at a given, but his eyes almost left no trace of blue and too much silver.

A knock on the door and Narcissa yelling, "Breakfast darling!" Sent Draco's thoughts spinning back into reality and he blinked for the first time in several minutes. He would have liked to stay in his room, contemplating about life or his more favored option, masturbating, but he knew he had to get up. Life was never good to a Malfoy who didn't wake up at the crack of dawn. He glanced over at his clock to find that it was six o'clock in the morning, and decided to check to see whether the house elves had replaced his clothes over night or not. With a smirk he got up and walked over to his closet to find that yes, indeed they had brought his clothes back. He glanced down at his clothes, decided that his boxers and Quidditch t-shirt would do for now, and exited his room.

He wasn't the only one leaving the hallway. Lucius Malfoy emerged from the bathroom next to Draco's room with a smirk plastered on his face and a snakelike twinkle in his eyes. He wore a cotton green towel around his middle as he glanced at Draco before saying, "Good morning, Draco my boy."

"Morning." Draco mumbled in acknowledgment. "Are you done hogging the bathroom?" Not that Draco cared. There were six bathrooms in this area of the manor. In his opinion it was a bit overkill.

"Of course." Said Lucius, and nodded, before departing into the bedroom next to Draco's. Draco blinked before walking up to the bathroom door and shutting it, but not from the inside, from the out. He let his father believe he was inside the bathroom before slyly gliding to the edge of the hallway at the staircase and sitting down at the top step. It wasn't long before he saw his father's pointed nose poke out from the doorway of the guest bedroom and peer around, watching to see if anyone was around. As far as he could see there wasn't, and he didn't notice Draco. For a moment Malfoy Junior believed that his father was going to go back into his room but instead he hissed out, "Get up you ungrateful brat."

Before Draco's very tired eyes, Lucius dragged out Hermione Granger, who had bruises on her arms and a very nasty looking, deep purple one on her face. She was dressed in a strapless black morning dress that barely covered her breasts and would've been quite flattering, if not for the fact that it showed her many cuts and marks. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail, and her bushy hair seemed to make a wad of brown curls. She had a glare that would scare the dead while Lucius put an arm around her blood-encrusted shoulder and led her down the hallway.

Draco watched in slight horror realizing exactly whom his father was bedding last night. A mudblood. A sick and twisted, little mudblood. And then Draco formed the idea that Hermione had purposely slept with his father. There was no other explanation as to why his dad would even dare give her a second glance. She had to have seduced him. That little whore… I never knew she was so…

"Draco!" Lucius called out, "Draco, come here a moment!" Draco narrowed his eyes and instantly rose from his position into sight. Lucius looked taken aback for a moment before saying, "Take the mudblood down to breakfast. -Don't feed her. Sit her down at the seat next to you."

"Sure." Draco said coldly, and eyed Hermione over before nudging for her to follow him. Hermione glared back at him and followed without a word down the staircase. But right before they got to the bottom he said, "And if you dare try to steal that wand out of my pocket like I know you're trying to do, you can forget it." He heard a sigh and upon hearing it, he smirked to himself. He led her down a hallway, through a few living rooms, and to the dining hall. No one was there at the moment, apart from a few house elves setting the tables. As soon as they saw Draco, however, they immediately took off.

"Got the house-elves so afraid of your face?" Hermione sneered, causing Draco to turn around and raise his eyebrow.

"No, they must have run when they saw your putrid face. Sit down." He ushered to a seat made of dark mahogany wood with deep green cushions in front of a vast table set for a king or queen. The silverware wasn't even the normal sterling silver; bright, gold-plated forks and knives wrapped in small claret napkins were placed at the sides of beautiful china dishes. It was almost too good to be real, but Malfoys seemed to always have the best, no matter what the expense.

"What if I don't want to?" Hermione asked. "You're not my mother." "And I good and well hope I'm in no way related to you either. NOW SIT DOWN." Draco tapped his foot impatiently. Hermione shook her head with a grin. "Why not?" That little bitch better not be playing games with me…

"Because I don't feel it proper for a Malfoy with such 'high status', such as yourself, to tell me to sit down without pulling the chair out for me." Hermione smirked ever so slightly and crossed her arms. Draco was a little taken aback, but soon realized that no matter how much he hated to admit it, Malfoys WERE supposed to have charm, and he was showing none. Luckily his sarcasm got the best of him.

"If you were a lady I might just do that." He smirked, "Or maybe even a female." The smirk on Hermione's face disappeared right then. She abruptly plopped her body down in the seat while her eyes flickered with malice. Draco could only laugh to himself at his witty comment and sat down in his own seat next to her, but instead of sitting in it properly, he laid across it sideways, so his feet were in Hermione's lap. "Granger, I seem to have a foot cramp, would you mind rubbing my big toe?" He smirked. Hermione looked to him with an appalled face. She reached up and twisted his big toe until a pain shot through his foot and he jerked away, falling out of his chair in the process. "Oof!"

"Draco, dear, please do get up. We have company." Narcissa Malfoy motherly said to him as she entered the room dressed in a summer daisy dress. She had on the arrogant Malfoy smirk as she sat down across from Hermione.

"Yeah… right." Draco stood up and brushed himself off as best he could before sitting properly in his seat with a glare sent towards Granger's way. "Company." Everyone looked up when they saw a man standing in the doorway, dressed in a green bathrobe and his hair slicked back like it usually was. Lucius Malfoy had entered the room.

"Morning, everyone." He said, strolling over and giving his wife a not so loving kiss on the cheek, in which she gladly returned the favor. "And Draco, since you've been good these last few days, I'm going to allow you to eat. But you best make it last, at the rate you're going you might not eat until next Tuesday after this."

"… Why is that?" Hermione asked after a long silence. All Malfoys looked to her with an odd expression. "Did I give you permission to speak?" Lucius sneered. "Well, no, but I-" "Then shut your mouth and be silent." "Father doesn't like to talk in the mornings," Draco whispered under his breath, "He's not really a morning person."

"I heard that, son." Abruptly the entire table was filled with morning treats such as eggs, toast, jellies, and an assortment of puddings. Draco watched as the ever-annoying bookworm suddenly turned into a starving child before his very eyes. He knew that sitting here, watching her not being able to eat, was the same feeling of satisfaction that Lucius Malfoy got when Draco didn't eat. And suddenly Draco understood the meaning of the word power. "Draco," Said Lucius, "Before you eat don't forget to tie the muggle-born to her seat? Our guest needs to learn hardship." A feeling inside Draco could already tell Granger had suffered 'hardship', according to her gruesomely frail appearance, but now was not the time to ask questions. Leisurely, he drew his wand and bound her arms to the armrests of her chair.

Everyone ate in silence while Draco watched, out of the corner of his eye, as Hermione twisted and wriggled, trying to escape the magical binds. He smirked and purposely gave a muffled moan as he bit into a cream-cheese filled muffin. "Yum…" Hermione looked longingly at the muffin and glared at Draco, her stomach growled. "So Granger, care to tell us how you got those bruises and cuts?" He asked, finishing up the muffin. He watched as her head looked to the floor. "Hey, I'm talking to you."

"Leave it alone, son. She'll talk all in due time." Lucius smirked, while eating a bit of scrambled eggs. Narcissa seemed very set on studying her plate and Draco became slightly suspicious. He, of course, figured his father was feeling guilty over the entire 'letting Granger seduce him' thing, but said not a word in fear he might not get to eat again. The Malfoys ate quietly, keeping to themselves, before Lucius spoke up again. "After breakfast Draco, we're going to start your training again."

"Traini-?" Hermione started with renewed confidence, but Draco kicked her underneath the table so hard that it made her whisper, "Ouch…" "Yes Father." He mumbled. "Bring the girl to the cellar when you finish breakfast. -No longer than twenty minutes." "Yes Father."

"And get that ridiculous concealer charm off of you, boy." "… Yes Father." Draco glanced quickly up to his mother before dropping his gaze back down to his plate, all trace of his appetite lost. After hearing Draco's response, Lucius jerked his chair back and stood up. Without another word to his family or guest, he left, kicking a clumsy house elf on the way out. Shit. Why does he always have to insist on me taking them off? Ugh, especially in front of Granger. It's not like he even really cares. The bastard. Draco gave an aggravated sigh and shoved his plate away from him, unintentionally crashing into a delicate serving platter and breaking it. "Fuck." He cursed as the closest house elf came speedily waddling in to clean up the mess.

Narcissa made a 'tsk tsk' sound and scolded Draco. "Draco, dear. Please mind your language. It is not polite to say these things in front of our guest, even if our guest is of considerably lower status, intelligence, and importance." She stated, stressing the last word.

"Yes, of course Mother." Draco lulled, taking no note to change how he spoke around Granger. "Well, it's been… nice." Mrs. Malfoy said awkwardly before rising gracefully from her seat and exiting the dining hall with the superior Malfoy air.

Waiting for his mum to leave, Draco watched as Narcissa left with a flip of her well-groomed hair, and a roll of his eyes. Turning to Hermione, "I know that you mu-" He began but was ever so rudely cut off. That was it. Granger was in for it now. First she seduces MY father, then she talks back –like she has the right to open her trap, and now she INTERUPTS ME? Oh that is just bloody it. Draco smirked and pretended to listen for a short moment as she spoke.

"Malfoy, I don't know of your intentions for me, but be whatever they are, I'm sure you want me alive to find out. So give me-" "And I don't know who you think you are, speaking to me, Draco Malfoy, as if you were commanding ME to do something for YOU. HA! The sheer thought of a mudblood wench ordering me around! Why, it's preposterous!" He ran a hand through his pale blonde hair and his tone dropped into a chilling, cold whisper, "And don't you even think, in that frizzy little head of yours, that I don't know what you did to my father last night. You're. Just. Disgusting." He ended with a dramatic sneer.

Hermione looked dumbfounded. She had absolutely no clue in high heaven or hell as to what he thought she did. But she wasn't about to clarify what really did happen the night before. Maybe if she didn't think about it, it would just go away and never have happened. Shivering slightly, Hermione sucked in her breath and stared at the floor.

Draco heaved yet another angered sigh and narrowed his eyes, "Stay." He commanded, standing up and casting a full body-binding spell to keep Granger in the chair. Draco then strode to the massive doors and, before turning the corner he smirked and glanced back at the girl in the chair, a single tear shinning on her delicate face. Shaking the disgusting, faint feeling of empathy, he sharply turned and strutted the entire way to his room. Once there, he looked into the mirror. He suddenly began to worry, what was that repulsive sensation that lasted all of two seconds? Was he going soft? I think not! His conscience opposed.

Surveying his attire, he decided to kill two birds with one stone- if you even understand such a grotesquely muggle phrase. This way he would not only prevent needing to do a cleaning spell on a bloodied-up shirt, but he would also draw satisfaction from intimidating Granger. Taking off his Quidditch shirt, he tossed it to the floor and flexed his toned muscles. He was extremely sore and really wished he didn't have training, but he knew it was no use trying to avoid it. Plus, intimidating Granger was only the first step. He was going to find out just what the hell she did to his father and teach her who is really in control. He would make the next two weeks payback. Revenge on the muddied princess of the Golden Trio, revenge for mocking him and a satisfying blow to Potter's massive ego. Fuck yes, he was going to enjoy this.

Grinning, Draco exited his room and glided down the winding stairs and to the dining room where he had left Granger. He raised a pale eyebrow as he neared the elegant room, spotting the empty chair where the wretched girl should've been. Creeping the rest of the way to the entrance, he stealthily craned his neck past the doorframe, surveying the horrendous crime in action. A smirking, half-naked Draco emerged from the entrance, enjoying catching her red-handed. "Now, now Granger. Just what do you think you're trying –and quite horribly failing- to get away with this time?"

Hermione froze. Her compromising position, bent over the massive table on her tiptoes and her fingers holding a recently-plucked grape, made it impossible for her to come up with anything resembling a substantial or even believable alibi but, "Uhhh… Oops?" She laughed meagerly. Not daring to move an inch from how caught her.

"Oops? Oops! Oh please Granger, surely you can come up with something better than that." He chuckled as he eyed her over, taking note of her skimpy attire once again. After all he was a guy. And naturally, a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Call it primal instinct if you will. "Heh… sorry?" She tried again, hesitantly backing down from the table and standing upright.

After immediately ordering nearby house elves to clear the table of all dishes, and snapping his fingers to get rid of the excess food, Draco leered. Speaking in his sly, Slytherin tone he replied, "Aw, there's no need to be sorry, I was actually rather enjoying the show." He snatched the grape from her hand and watched as her desperate eyes flashed with hunger. "Not a half-bad body, but I really must say, those feet of yours are absolutely revolting. They really take away from the over all impact of the display."

Hermione was shocked and, to say the least, creeped out. Malfoy had just complimented on her body. What sort of vindictive dream was this? She wondered. "Oh, and by the way, nice panties, Granger." And now Hermione's expression resembled one of pure disgust.

"Eww, Malfoy. You're completely sick! I might venture to say that you're even more perverted and twisted than before, but come to think of it, you're exactly the same as your father. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all." Hermione spat, all the while trying to back away from his line of sight and cover herself up better.

"I'm like my father?! LIKE MY FATHER!" Draco repeated, now quite angry. "I'll have you know, that I'll never be like my father, you little bitch. You know nothing about me or my life, or even my dear old dad, so don't you dare make assumptions until you do know. And I plan on keeping it as it is, so you never will." By the end of his abrupt rant he had calmed down and began tossing the grape from one hand to the other.

Hermione stayed silent for a moment before retorting back with crossed arms, "Well same goes for me. And the only thing you'll ever know I'm going to tell you right now. I haven't eaten in days, and I don't mean just one, two, or even three, so if you'd be so unlike your cruel self for once and just give me the grape..."

"Granger, that's really quite pitiful." Draco sneered. "Do I look like I care? No, I don't. So join the club." He continued his game of tossing the small item of food back and forth. "But seriously, Malfoy, it's a grape. Not even two, it's just one grape." She tried to reason.

"Way to state the obvious Granger, for the second time. It's apparent that you haven't eaten, and it doesn't take Sherlock to figure out it's a single grape either." He paused, smiling mischievously. "But only on one -no two- conditions, will I give it to you." "Okay…" "One, you have to tell me why you haven't eaten in days and what happened to your feet." He waited for an answer.

"But that's two questions in one, and you said there were only two not three conditions, that's not fair." She whined.

"Either you want this or you don't." He tossed the grape in front of her face for good measure. "And it's like you said, two questions in one. So answer or no, either way it's not my loss."

Hermione gave an aggravated sigh. "Fine. I haven't eaten because Andrew wouldn't let me. And…" She stopped. "And your feet?" "Jlumphas" She mumbled something inaudible. "What?" He tapped his foot impatiently. "Glass."

Draco looked skeptical. "You're saying glass…" He trailed off after glancing at her feet again. They looked utterly sickening. "Ugh, never mind, I don't even want to know anymore." "Last condition?" Hermione inquired. At this he smirked and commanded, "Get down on your hands and knees and bark."

"You've got to be kidding me… that's ridiculous!" Draco dangled the grape above his mouth, threatening to devour it. "Damn Malfoy…" She muttered and got on all fours.

A couple very degrading barks on Hermione's part and a few howls of laughter from Draco later, Hermione rose to her feet to retrieve the well-earned grape. But right before Hermione took the grape, Draco withdrew his hand. "Ah, ah, ah Granger. You bark like a dog, you eat like one." And with that he dropped the grape and promptly stepped on it, squishing it into the expensively tiled floor. Draco stood watching Hermione through narrowed eyes as an amused chuckle escaped his lips.

Infuriated, humiliated, and starved, Hermione's head lifted from its position of gazing at the destroyed food she desperately needed and her hand raised, ready to strike Draco's cheek with a hard and resounding slap. Unfortunately, before her hand made the desired contact, he caught it and twisted it behind her back, pulling her closer to him and to his shirtless chest. "Ahh! Mal –ahh- foy! Let me –AHH" She struggled in vain.

Not allowing her to finish her request, Draco harshly yanked her wrist into an unnatural angle. She let out a scream that Draco muted by jerking her into his sculpted shoulder. Finally the vibrating of his shoulder stopped when her screaming died out, and suddenly his shoulder was wet, from her tears. The fiery gleam in his eyes faded to his normal silver color as realization of his actions dawned on him. Dropping her arm and wrist he stepped back from her form as she crumpled to the floor whimpering.

Shocked at his own actions and a little perturbed, Draco ran a hand through his blonde hair and attempted to help her up. "Here." He offered her a hand to lean on.

"Keep your dirty hands off me, Malfoy! Don't touch me." She said in a panicked voice, rising to her feet and clutching her aching wrist.

Taking a cold, defensive tone Draco answered, "Well you shouldn't have tried to slap me. Things have changed since the time you slapped me in third year, and now you know." He turned swiftly away from her and strode purposefully to the door. "Come Granger, to the cellar you go. Father has plans." He called back as he walked on. Hermione silently obeyed and followed behind by a few feet. " So sorry, but rules are rules." He stated, not sorry in the least as he conjured a black blindfold similar to the one she had worn before. Tying it roughly behind her head and making certain she couldn't see, he grabbed her other wrist and pulled her down many, many flights of stairs.

About four minutes later, after having passed through multiple doors and reciting two passwords, Draco stopped and untied Hermione's blindfold. "Where…?" She questioned quietly, quickly becoming fearful of her new surroundings. The few dim lights casting many ominous shadows and wrapping the entire area in a shroud of damp unknown.

"The cellar. A nicer name for what it really is. We-" Draco was interrupted. A long, cloaked shadow emerged from the darkness. "I'm sure you'll come to find it more of a dungeon than anything else really, mudblood." Hermione looked to Draco for a sign of whom this hooded man was, but it passed as if Draco didn't want her knowing.

"Damien, that's enough." A second hooded figure appeared. "We don't want to scare the girl before we even start training." The two, cloaked males exchanged an amused grin and pulled back their black hoods. Surprising to neither Hermione nor Draco, Lucius stood next to the slightly taller, dark-haired man, smirking. Damien was a good three inches taller than Lucius Malfoy, and had short black hair, or at least from what the poor lighting revealed. "Hello Draco." Lucius addressed his son.

"Father. Damien." Draco nodded to each in acknowledgement, dreading what he knew was to come. Lucius eyed Draco suspiciously, "I thought I told you to take that damned concealer charm off, boy!"

"I… Fine." Draco flicked his wand, simply saying "off" and abruptly bruises surfaced on his pale skin. Hermione gasped, quickly covering her mouth with her good hand, realizing her mistake. "I told you not to make assumptions." Draco calmly stated in Hermione's direction.

"Enough with the chit chat. Draco, your training begins now." Lucius demanded. "A game of cat and mouse, or to chain her?" Damien asked. "Draco will decide."

"Uhh…" Draco recalled the countless times of unwillingly assuming the role of 'mouse' in such a 'game' with his father. Deciding to save himself from becoming refamiliarized with the cruel form of beating, he contemplated 'the chains', what ever that meant. - -Wait just a bloody minute… chain HER? He repeated Damien's words in his head and snuck a glance at a shaking Granger. Merlin... that's what Father meant by 'contribution'. That's just… sick. His thoughts racing, I mean, I did want to get revenge on her, but not this way! A slave is a different story, but this is just inhumane.

"Yes Draco, which is it?" Demanded his father. Knowing he truly had no other choice but to do as Lucius wished, he replied with, "Chains."

Damien nodded with approval as Lucius said, "Very well. Now take the girl and attach her to these." Lucius waved his wand and four rusty, iron chains dropped from the center of the ceiling, each with an enchanted cuff hanging at the end of it.

Draco had never seen them before; he didn't even know they owned such devices. But doing as he was instructed, he dragged a flailing Hermione to the center of the now dimly lit room, cuffing her good wrist first. "Sorry, Granger." And now he truly was, well, only ever so slightly sorry. She turned her head away, avoiding having to look at him.

"Draco!" His father boomed. "Did I just hear you apologize?" Lucius paused then continued. "Never, NEVER again do I want to hear that from your mouth! You will not be sorry for what you do and you will not regret anything. You will not care about anything or anyone. And you certainly will not have useless emotions. Now get a move on, Draco."

"Yes, Father." Resuming with cuffing Hermione to the chains dangling nearly five and a half feet above the ground, Draco fastened her hurt wrist to the opposite manacle.

Now standing on her tiptoes with her arms held up by iron, Hermione mentally prepared herself for what was to come. Though, what was to come, she wasn't entirely sure. What she was sure of, however, was that she wished she were wearing something else. The revealing black silk dress hardly covered her breasts and barely reached halfway down her thighs. Since this was so, she also wished there weren't really three guys surrounding her and hanging her like an ornament or some kind of perverse play toy.

Finishing with last metal restraint, Draco tried to make eye contact with Hermione, who was now horizontally suspended from the ceiling, her face towards the ground. He could tell it was taking most of her strength just to tighten her weak muscles in order to stay straight to balance the weight pressure between three of her appendages. Draco stole a look at the wrist he had damaged earlier. It hung limply at an odd degree with an abnormal bend and a strange bump protruding from the side. He took a deep breath and looked to his father for further instruction. Damien and Lucius were sharing a conversation Draco particularly did not want to hear, so he turned to Hermione, still trying to make eye contact.

"Was… she was huh?" Said Damien's jumbled voice. Draco caught parts of their conversation as he readied himself for Lucius's commands. "Yea… And… pretty good… Well maybe… hell why not?" "So tomorrow night, I can have a go?" Now finishing up their conversation, Damien's voice returned to normal volume. "Yes. But you keep your word of not going 'entirely', if you know what I mean." Lucius said with a snicker. "Of course, Lucius..."

Intentionally tuning out the last words exchanged between the two men, Draco said quietly to Hermione, "Look Granger, I know how my Father works, and this isn't going to be pretty. -In the least. So, just because I don't want to be charged with assisted murder or anything of the sort, I'll be back later tonight to check on you. After all, I do want to be able to assume my position as Head Boy." He finished hurriedly, just as his dad and Damien approached.

"Comfortable?" Damien asked Hermione sadistically, running one of his large, powerful hands down Hermione's neck, where it rested on her bloody shoulder. As soon as his hand gripped her shoulder, pain shot through her body, radiating from the spot and drawing a few yelps. "Glad to hear it, Hermione." He said her name in a menacing, dirty tenor as he stared at her two top assets the dress didn't quite cover.

"Come now Damien, step aside and let Draco handle her." Lucius's voice drawled. After Damien retreated to the older Malfoy's side, Lucius gave his orders. "Obviously, the first lesson you need to be taught, Draco, is the lesson of power. The lesson of how to control people, and how to bring them to their knees. Most importantly, you need to learn how to get them to do what you want, but that's only after you've learned the earlier of the mentioned. Therefore, in order to understand and crave power, you need to feel the pleasure of it first." Lucius advised. "Yes Father."

"Follow Damien's example." He told his son. "Damien, if you will…" Damien simply grinned a gleaming-white grin, and pointed his wand at Hermione. "Levicorpus." He said in a crystal clear voice. Instantly Hermione was raised five feet higher than she was before, dangling by her ankle in midair. The lax links of chain now hung slack, looping towards the floor then turning upwards to connect with each cuff. Hermione bit her lip; she hated heights.

"Thank you Damien. So Draco, since you're to obtain power, do what you think you must in order to get it." Lucius watched with folded arms as Draco raised his wand and moved her all of six measly inches to the right. Mr. Malfoy narrowed his eyes, unhappy with the result. "Damn it boy, stop playing games with me. –Or you won't eat for a week, you can be sure of that."

"Yes, Father." Draco grumbled. He flicked his wand, saying "Liberacorpus." And the spell was lifted. Merely seconds later, the sound of iron chains clinking to a halt and a pained screech signaled the girl had hit chain's end, causing the weight of the fall to rip at the flesh of both her wrists and ankles. A few crimson droplets fell to the floor below her right ankle.

The two cloaked men laughed while Draco stood at the merciless command of Lucius, waiting for his orders. Still laughing, Damien managed to get out, "What goes up, must come down!" And more sniggers were heard from the two.

After composing themselves from their fit of 'manly giggles', Lucius raised an eyebrow and snapped, "What are you waiting for? I told you no more games Draco."

"Waiting for orders." Draco hissed out, hearing the labored breathing coming from his longtime enemy and fellow classmate. "Apparently you still have much to learn Draco. Damien, you have ten minutes to show the boy how to easily retract power from any given being. I'll be back shortly." And just like that, Lucius was gone.

"Well, doesn't look like your dad thinks you have balls enough to do it yourself, or maybe not the brains to figure it out." Damien said as he strode over to Hermione, whispering, "Tomorrow night, doll." Hermione whimpered and though Draco heard her cry of fear, he didn't much care so long as they didn't killer her, she was a mudblooded whore after all.

"Figure out what -that in his eyes I have to get power from somebody by beating them?" Draco shot back. "No, it's beyond beating." Damien paused. "Torture." Draco kept a nonchalant expression, "So?"

"So, the point is this… Intera Fernio." Damien said and just as quickly as the red light left his wand's tip, Hermione shrieked. Thrashing, screaming, and gasping for air, tears slid from her face as blood began seeping from her shoulder and feet, draining into pools beneath her.

Draco watched in slight horror as her screaming became raw wails, and more blood amounted on the stone floor. "And… what exactly does that spell do?" He asked casually.

"It's the curse of internal fire. Basically the victim feels as if a fire is burning the inside of their skin so their mind tricks their body into thinking it really is on fire. Naturally the blood rushes to any open cuts or wounds, and they soon bleed to death." Damien finished. "Cool, huh?"

"Yeah… cool." Draco replied. "So, when are you going to take it off? I mean, my dad wants her alive as MY tool, you know." Damien laughed. "Yes, I know. And he promised me something too. I guess I really should take it off soon, since we don't want her dying just yet." "Soon? Yeah, right. Try now." Came Draco's retort as he rubbed his temples, his head was killing him.

"Extingua Fernio." Damien recited and Hermione's struggling ceased. She hung there limply, letting the iron cut into her flesh and remain covered in her blood. "Your turn with the bitch. Too bad she's tired already, it's really no fun after that."

"Oh, I'm sure he can make it fun." Lucius said, having returned. "You had better have learned from Damien's example, hmm Draco?" He smirked and motioned to Damien to raise his hood up. "Yes Father, I did."

"Good, then let's see what you've learned; anything but the Avada." Lucius's smirk widened with anticipation. Silently cursing his father to hell and beyond, he turned without giving an answer and hissed, "Crucio."

Her eyes flew open and her muscles tightened with violent shaking as pain racked her body; her mouth open but no sounds coming from it. Hermione had already screamed her throat raw to the point that which she was now coughing up blood, writhing with unbearable agony.

"Good, Draco! I'm proud of you, my son. You may lift it when you choose." Lucius commended. It was then, on his first day of the Dark Lord's training that something inside Draco broke. Maybe it was from stress, maybe from pain, maybe from lack of sleep, or yet again, maybe not. But upon hearing his father's praise, Draco's small frown curved upwards and transformed into that famous Malfoy smirk they're known for.

Lucius raised a very bemused eyebrow. He had stated Draco could lift the curse whenever he wanted to, and yet the blond boy didn't. Instead, Draco watched in elation as the curse took its toll on the girl.

A few minutes passing, and Granger's state going from horrible to even worse caused Lucius to end Draco's bliss… for the time being. "My boy, you're going to kill her." And still the blond didn't lift the curse. "Draco, we need her for later. Although I am mildly proud of you and regret to stop a mudblood's suffering, you need to end that curse right now. Did you hear me, you little bastard, listen when I speak to you!"

And Draco did. "Seeing as we're done for now, or rather she is, I'll just leave her in the chains for later." Draco announced as he put a full-proof place-binding spell on the defeated girl and the iron restraints. Before leaving, Draco did a cleansing spell and rid the floor of all the blood and tears. Turning his back to his contribution he walked towards the door. "It's a pity you can't handle more, Granger." He said coldly with a laugh.

Lucius shook his head in disbelief and started laughing, Damien soon joining in. Striding over to Draco, Lucius laid an arm on his son's shoulders and led the way out of the dungeon, laughing all the while. Just before the steel door closed, Draco stole a glance back at Granger. Her black morning dress torn in places and falling off her tortured, slim figure, her body slumped slightly. And before Draco looked away, her eyes rolled back and her body went completely limp, dangling from the chains. His grin turning into a wide, white smirk.

-------- Twelve hours later --------

The rest of the day having gone by in an uneventful blur for Draco, consisted of the usual: lunch at noon on the dot, practice with flying techniques with his new broom, an afternoon nap, and dinner at 7:30. Slowly time passed after the Malfoys and fellow friend ate their exquisite supper, which was when Damien bid them all goodnight, bringing it to the present moment. Draco checked the time and, upon finding it to be eleven o'clock pm, stood from his comfortable spot on the bed and stretched. Carefully opening his door, Draco stealthily crept down the hallway and past his sleeping parents. Down the stairs and into the darkness, he made his way to the dungeon. A promise was a promise no matter to whom it was made, and Draco wasn't about to break one, maybe he'd even get lucky and get another Cruciatus curse in before he hit the sack, if she wasn't so fucking weak still. Father would have a fit if I killed her so soon.

Closing the huge door behind him, Draco advanced to the sleeping figure bound by shackles. He slipped, catching himself before hitting the ground as he crossed through a puddle of liquid. Finding Granger in the same position as when he left, his eyes scraped over her injuries. Satisfied with what he saw, Draco turned on his heels and strode out of the cellar. His icy air barely keeping up with his swift steps, Draco stopped and called upon a house elf. A scraggly, frail little creature appeared instantly, waiting for orders with its head bowed in loyalty and pure fear. "Bring the pitiful thing in the cellar a half bowl of cold porridge." Malfoy commanded and the house elf nodded, turning to begin its task. "If I find that Granger has had anything other than a, that means one, bowl of porridge, OR any other form of help, that includes letting her free of the bindings, I will have your head. Next to the rest of your family's. Do you understand me?!" He roared loudly, although carefully so as not to wake his parents. The terrified creature managed a weak "Y-Yes. Yes sir, Mr. Master Malfoy sir." And scurried off to complete the job asked of him.

After journeying back to his room, Draco sat on the edge of his large bed and massaged his aching shoulders, rolling his head to the side to stretch various neck muscles every now and then. Yawning, he fell back on his bed and shut his eyes, falling into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. Unbeknownst to him, four levels below, a set of eyes blinked open and a gasp escaped her mouth, which was soon covered by a small, friendly, helping hand.

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