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"The Stone of Life and Death"

Chapter 4

"Deploying the Troops and First Clash!"

Last Time

Hospital Wing, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Scotland

"I-is he going to be fine," asked a young boy.

Madam Promfrey looked at the suit of armor that held a soul with in it. A soul of a young boy of the age of 12, which has seen an ungodly long life. She couldn't help but feel ashamed that she couldn't do anything, but sit back and watch the boy on the bed suffer.

"I don't… WHO ARE YOU?" she demanded of a group of intruders.

Alfonso "Armor" Elric jumped up and spun ready to defend his brother and Madam Promfrey. He moved immediately between the two, but a bright light blinded him and he felt himself get roughly knocked around for a little while. He heard Promfrey try and protect his brother, but she was down before the she could do anything. Then he heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. Then the sword of it flying through the air, but then he heard the sound of it being re-sheathed.

"Let's go," came a call of a calm and confident man.

Alfonso got up and went to Madam Promfrey and found her getting up.

"Only a slight bump on the head," she said," But your brother."

"What about me?" stated said boy, Edward "Fullmetal" Elric.

"B-b-b-b-brother!" Al yelled as he ran over to his side.

"Your better!" noted Promfrey.

"What happened?" Ed asked.

"The theory is that because we attempted Human Alchemy, the attack from that Death Eater mingled with any trace energy from the attempt and well, made you very ill," Al stated.

"Sorry to worry Al, I shouldn't have been that reckless, I knew and know better," Ed stated.

"Yes you should Fullmetal," came a new voice.

"C-c-c-c-c-colonel Mustang?" both brothers said shocked.

Outpost 257, Codenamed: Hang Time, Scotland

The sun was just raising above the hills and mountains of the green Scotland highlands. The temperature was cold and bite at the soldiers who awoke to the blaring sound of Reveille. Men and women moved in one big mass towards whatever their unit had been assigned that morning. Some went to the olive drabbed colored canvas Mess Halls and began eating their breakfast, more were either waiting in line or in the field showers, while others were taking care of morning business. These men and women were a mix of humans, demons, half-demons, and Spirit Guides.

The Spirit Guides would not use to the system that the soldiers of Toushin used, which was just basically the same system used by the human armies of the Ningenkai. While some ate hot food in just the clothes they had worn to bed (abate a few slept in the nude and those that did were clothes were varied), others were freezing in the nude awaiting their turn in the showers, others were taking care of personal business in the semi-warm field facilities, or had completed all the tasks and were back in their warm field barracks talking or getting ready for the day. Those that had to walk around nude kept getting cat calls from the male Toushin troops, because all the Spirit Guides were women.

One angry Ferry Girl with light purple hair and ivory snow white skin, had punched a half-demon wolf male with a white pony tail and light brown skin for running his hand over her butt, which she blushed afterwards, because he had been shoved by a very annoyed Yusuke Urameshi straight into her, because she had been the loudest complainer. So as for punishment, she had to stand off to the side while everyone else took a shower and then she would end up sleeping in just skin that night, outside. She would have died, but Yusuke hadn't missed the fact that the young wolf had been sneaking peeks at the Ferry Girls while they were in their quarters and making off with some their panties. So the wolf had also received and both served their punishments tied together, but Yusuke had a night guard watch them and when both awoke the three days later in the field hospital bunker, they found that they were not going to be punished any further as Yusuke had used them for an example.

Despite the time, this was late summer, the highlands of Scotland, seemed to be overly freezing. It was Yukina who found that someone had been messing with the temperature and that led to first contact and became known as the Battle of the Three Columns.

A Toushin Patrol of around regimental size had been out searching for a point to build a more permanent base in the northern region above the Wizardry/Muggle (the former being the majority) town of Ullapool, Scotland and ran head long into the lead patrol of 6th Hellsing Security Regiment searching for a Death Eater assassin that had escaped from them after attempting to kill their leader Keiko Hellsing. The two patrols readied themselves for a clash, but a larger column of Death Eaters had blundered right into the middle of the two groups and right into the middle of the opening shots. Thus began a six and half hour battle that saw both sides deploy large numbers of the nearby reserves.

Kurama and Yukina happened to be in the patrol with Hiei out front in the lead patrol and Momeji watching over his shoulder. She hadn't seen the Hellsing Troops until the two columns had become parallel to one another in open terrain with some dense bush between the two. She had yelled out about them and both sides heard and fell back to better positions and set up their howitzers. That's when the 18,000 strong Death Eater Column, mostly composed of Dementors, blundered their way right into the middle of the two columns and catching the first salvos from the two sides' artillery.

The sight was horrendous! Dementors were hit squarely and exploded in the release of negative energy and the explosions of the shells themselves, wiping out dozens, if not whole standard company sized groups. Death Eaters began to run about as the shells landed among them, exploding, throwing up limbs and internal organs everywhere. Then after the last explosion, the battle began.

The Death Eaters launched attacks against both columns and the two opened fired on the Death Eaters in kind. The area of green grass and running blue water turned into an ashland place and the waters ran blood red with a mix of other colors showing the none humans. Men and women on all sides fell in the frenzy of battle. While above the fighting columns a man of dark energy manipulated the weather to support the Death Eaters, but a man with long silver hair, amber eyes, and a red battle outfit landed before him and set down a woman with raven black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes wearing a green and white battle outfit.

As the Dark Weather Manipulator prepared to strike them with lighting, the woman brought about a bow, notched an arrow in it, pulled the string, and released. At the last second did the nameless servant of death realize who the two were, but the purification powers with-in the arrow sent the man to Netherworld before he could speak. The two turned and watched as green became brown and black and rivers ran with blood of the combatants.

By day's end, the battle had been decided. The two columns of Hellsing and Toushin retired without firing another shot at one another. The surviving Death Eaters fled for the lives. They were outnumbered and had lost all of their Dementors. None escaped after the battle, but a few survivors who had fled in mid-battle made it back to Voldemort and told him of the "ambush." He was furious, since the weather began to change, he had suspected that the Dark Weather Manipulator had died before battle, not during, and had been overconfident and told of the attack before his defeat. He decided to spare the ragged band of survivors, just because he needed them alive, not dead.

As for those who had been captured by both respective sides. The Hellsing Troops broke their wands and locked them up for trial. As for the ones captured by Toushin troops, Yusuke wanted them and had them fight amongst themselves. The Toushin troops had won a fine battle and Yusuke had permitted alcohol to pour freely for the night, but it poured too freely and a few instances of rape had occurred.

The next day Yusuke personally looked upon the field of battle and released a few of his prisoners there, but not before they had buried all the dead that still littered the battlefield. Vomit was a common sight flowing like rivers from the prisoners. A few attempted escapes, but Toushin snipers brought them down and the ones that did not attempt to flee, Yusuke allowed only the males to go free. He intended to use the previous night's rape instances as a tool of fear to break the back of the Death Eaters.

As Yusuke and his troops turned to leave a voice called out for him and him alone. He turned and saw what his sore eyes missed most in all the three worlds, Keiko running towards him. He jumped from the truck he was on and ran and met her half way. The two kissed like lovers who had not seen one another in ages, almost a eight months had passed since she left Japan and took command of Hellsing, but over a year had the seen one another.