Chapter the Last (sniff, sniff)

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FYI: Jack Mendel is named after a very important person that greatly helps CSI's. Who is he?

Mac and Stella sat across from Mendel, letting him make up another B.S. story. Meanwhile, Aiden and Danny watch from the observation room. Danny flips on the speaker as Mac begins.

"Lies run deep, don't they?"

"I'm not saying anything without my lawyer." Mendel stated blandly.

"No lawyer can help you now Jack." Mendel looked deep into Mac's eyes, but remained quiet. "Not the top dog now are you?"

"You know I did it." He said.

"I do," Mac agreed, "but…I don't know why."

"That's not important-" Mendel looked down at the table.

"Quite frankly, it does matter. You killed two innocent people-"

"Only because you were too thick to catch me- on anything I've ever done." Mac stood up. Stella, who remained quiet, looked up at Mac, but let him continue.

"So you keep doing it?" Mac asked aghast.

"No one stopped me, not even pretty-boy Messer."

Danny swallowed hard in the observation room. Aiden glanced at his discomfort and put a friendly hand on his shoulder. He smiled a bit at Aiden.

"Well guess what Mendel, I'm stopping you." Mac nodded to the officer at the door.

"I'll be back" Mendel called as he was led away. Mac sat down and sighed deeply. Stella considered what to say.

In the observation room, seeing that the case was over, Aiden and Danny started leaving. Danny thought about it, then asked Aiden,

"You wanna grab breakfast?" Aiden looked at him and shrugged.

"Sure." Danny nodded and led her out.

Stella looked at Mac, looking so lost. "We got him Mac." Mac remained quiet for a while.

"We still don't know why."

"He said-"

"What he said was not a reason." Stella shrugged.

"So this is justice."

Mac stared intently at the wall. Stella figured she had to tell him, "You really pissed a lot of people off today." She gave him half a smile. Mac nodded.

"Yah, don't remind me."

Stella glanced behind her into the empty observation room. "You have to apologize someday,"

"Yah, don't remind me."

"I have to remind you sometime. They'll understand Mac." With that, Stella left Mac to his thoughts.

Danny and Aiden have breakfast at an old dinner.

Mac drives to a cemetery.

Stella walks to her desk and finds a wrapped package on it. She curiously looks down at the card.

"Mac really went out of it today huh?" Danny asked Aiden. Aiden chuckled.

"Yah just a bit.

Mac looks down at the two cheap, makeshift graves the government gave. Both mounds were empty.


Thanks…for everything. Happy Birthday.


Stella smiled down at the card and begun opening the package.

"Still," Danny continues, "Mac is a very wise guy."

"That's why I respect him." Aiden said. Danny nodded his approval and looked in to Aidens deep brown eyes. She looked back and smiled.

Mac placed a large flower on each grave and sat down, leaning against a nearby tree. He sat for who knows how long, but he couldn't remember a time where he had so much to think about.

Stella pushed aside paper to reveal a framed quote.

"Do not assume anything, but presume everything.

For finding fault is a lot easier than finding truth."


Well that's all for this fanfic. Look for future ones though! So, figured out this important figure yet? It's: Gegor Mendel. He was a monk who was very fascinated with genetics and DNA. He is one of many to be credited with discovering human DNA.

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