Chapter Twelve: Time after Time

Everyone stood, staring down the little alley made of chairs, watching for her to arrive. She did not disappoint them. Coming around the side of the home she had grew up in; Kagome stepped out into the light of the afternoon day.

The crowed gasped and awed at her beauty. Today, Kagome was a bride. Tonight, Kagome would be a wife.

Beyond the sheen veil that covered her face all could see the beaming smile that covered her face. Nobody knew how exactly the two were a match, just that they were so in love that it could never be denied.

Kagome's grandfather stepped up to her, pulling up the veil to kiss her face before lowering it and offering his arm. She smiled at him and took his arm, ready to follow him. As they walked, about halfway through the aisle she stopped, gently pressing against her grandfather's arm, before she stepped away from him and to the large god tree there.

She pressed her hand against the tree and smiled, knowing that a certain dog eared boy had never been pinned to it. "Goodbye, my friends; until we meet again." Barely a whisper, nobody needed to hear this final blessing of hers.

Turning she stepped back up to her grandfather, laced her arm in his, and allowed him to carry her to her destiny. center/center

Clay looked down at his new bride with a curious expression. "Why this song?" He asked. She smiled at him, resting her head against his shoulder.

"It's our song by default." She said cryptically. He didn't remember but she did. The song playing hauntingly when he had first made love to her in the well house, in that time never to be. It playing distantly when he had found her again, alone on the bench, and rescued her again; she couldn't help but be sentimental about it.

Somehow, within her heart, she felt this song really was a sign. Perhaps… it had been how Sesshomaru had felt about her so long ago.

Something he could never express verbally. But he never let her down, regardless.

He really was her hero.


The sweltering heat of the outdoors was too much for her. Kagome sighed and got out, if only to assess the damage done.

Stupid vehicle! She had always hated driving, especially after that one incident. But this was important and now she was going to be late for her appointment!

Kicking the already flat tire she cried out. She didn't know how to change a flat! Turning she held her hand above her eyes, blocking as much of the sun from her face as she could. Maybe there was somebody around who could help her?

Sure enough a car was driving down the remote road as she stood there, stranded and hopeful. Kagome watched as the vehicle stopped, pulling over behind hers, and two people climbed out.

A woman and a man, the man was the first to greet her, smiling at her and holding out a hand in a welcome gesture. "Good afternoon, my lady, you seem to have come across some trouble." Kagome couldn't help the de-ja vu she felt from this man. Turning to the woman who was assessing the car's damage she felt the same thing. For a moment, Kagome simply stared at them both, looking them over. The man was tall and slender, dark black hair and laughing brown eyes. His companion was a striking beauty with chestnut colored hair that trailed down her backside and bright green eyes that shone with spirit.

Kagome shook her head, it must be the heat. Smiling she held out her hand to the man, taking his to shake and introduced herself. "Hello. My name is Kagome Brice. Yes, I'm afraid that I got this flat and now I'm going to be late. Do either of you know how to change a tire?"

The woman had already disappeared to the other side of their vehicle and Kagome could see that she was getting something from the rear. The man smiled and nodded. "Sure, Azuka knows, she can do anything. Can't you my pet?" He grinned at the woman who was now coming back with a jack and a tire iron.

Kagome noticed the woman, Azuka, scowl at the man before shaking her head. "Are you two here on business? We don't get many tourists around here."

The man shook his head, no, and smiled. "Actually we are but we aren't. We just moved here. Azuka and I are opening a restaurant in the area. We fell in love with the scenery. Oh! Forgive me. My name is Hara Masato. This lovely mechanic here" He pointed to the woman who was tightening the new tire onto the car. "Is my fiancée, Azuka."

Kagome smiled. "Well, allow me to welcome you to the area. Please! Allow me to invite you to my home for dinner tonight as repayment for your help." She quickly pulled out a pen and paper, jotting down the address and her cell number. Tearing it out of the small notebook she handed the paper to the man, Hara, and smiled. He reminded her of somebody.

Azuka stood, brushing her hands clean of the dirt before lifting her tools and smiling at Kagome. Then something struck her. Sango? This woman looked so much like her when she smiled. Kagome shook the feeling away and the woman spoke. "Well, miss, it looks like you should be okay now. Good luck with your appointment. Be sure to drink some water soon. In your condition and all it's not good to be out in this heat long without fluid."

Kagome blushed and nodded, watching as they walked away and then drove off into the distance. Placing a hand on her very swollen belly she couldn't help but laugh. Things were going to be all right.