Chapter One:

The fiery tempered slave and the obnoxious hanyou!

Kagome Higurashi once a beautiful princess now a slave in training to become a pleasure slave for a youkai, who disgusting, to think that this was to become her fate. She was terrified of the though of having to sleep with someone she didn't love and that angered her even more, she began banging on the cell she was in and screaming obscenities that some wouldn't dare say, just as Naraku the slave keeper came along to slap the ignorant slave, A had stopped his slap in mid-air and the swing never came, A voice said "Don't you ever hit a woman, slave or not it's just now how you treat a lady as beautiful as this one. Hi my name is Miroku, I am a fellow Buddhist monk to the wealthy taisho family and am here with my friend Inuyasha Taisho who has come to purchase his first love slave since he is of age now to own one. I don't think a beautiful flower such as you belongs here if you want I can add you to my own harem of slaves such as yourself, I bet you are a firecracker in bed." Slam, whap, bam, a swirly-eyed miroku was on the floor as a loud voice boomed, " Hey you wench, what the fuck do you think you are doing, Kagome turned fiery eyes on our hanyou and lunged at him grabbing him and biting him and swearing obscenities at him. "Understand this stupid mutt, I am a princess and not some slave, I have been wrongfully sold into slavery and will not tolerate being talked to as some plaything by your perveted friend here. Inuyasha's golden eyes went red partially as he grabbed Kagome off of him and threw her on the ground rather roughly, "How much is the bitch, I want her, "Naraku, but sir she isn't fully trained yet and.. "Look do you want my business or not, I said I will take the fiery bitch" So heres your money, give me my slave.

With that Kagome was put on a slave chain and led out to Inuyasha who grabbed her collar and yanked it none to gently saying, "Now that you are mine, you will obey me or you will feel the consequences, now lets get going wench!" Miroku awoke and groped Kagome, where she started to slap him, but Inuyasha beat him to the punch, don't touch my slave, Miroku if it pleases you I will buy you a new slave here but mark my words this bitch is mine!" Miroku got scared, but his eyes lit up when he came to a cage with a girl with a dark haired pony tale that was trying to ignore everyone and petted her little kitty with two tails, Kiara she spoke do not even bother trying it's hopeless we can't get out of here, I hate this damn Naraku to hell!' Miroku instantly decided he wanted the girl as he groped her she screamed hentai and smacked our poor monk, he was smitten and bought her, once she was on his leash, he began groping her again, but this time she just let him, just happy to be away from that horney man miroku.

As soon as they left the building Kagome looked at her new owner with a look of pure hatred, how dare he treat the former princess like she was his property, well she would show him just what a bitch she really could be. Sango glanced at her new master and felt annoyed, "This damn pervert is my new master, just fucking great, now I have to be molested and can't even have any say in the matter, she had to let him touch her whenever he wanted to or he would take her back to Naraku.

Miroku decided that he wanted to buy some things for his new slave, so he drove to the mall, and straight to Victoria's Secret where he had his slae measured and she tried on thong's bras, lingerie, and some satiny pink see-through pajama's.

With Inuyasha and his new slave, it occurred to him he didn't know her nameso he spoke, "Oy wench, what did you say your name was." Kagome, ingnored him and kept walking when she felt a jerk on her leash, "Bitch, answer your master when he talks to you" Ka-go-me she said none to quietly and they walked on. He met up with Miroku and led Kaogme into the store for her to also get some bra's, panties, and some pj's with fire on them that were silky and tight and a velver blue nightgown, than they headed to gucchi's to buy some gown's and high heel shoes, pants, tops, and regular shoes, along with some coats and other stuff.

Chapter Two: Adjusting to my new home..

Kagome changed into a tight pink halter top with a pair of tight black flared jeans and some black shiny high heels, and Sango wore a black mini-shirt with some hip hugging blue jeans and some silver high heels and she was turning pink from the houshi master grabbing her ass all the time, she finally flipped out and knocked him out yelling Hentai as loud as she could, Finally after a silent ride home, Kagome was dragged upstairs by her new master and shown to their room which they would be sharing for now on.

In Miroku's quarters Sango new that she was in trouble, when her master was silent finally he spoke in a loud voice "You are my slave, and have no right to strike your master, as punishment for doing such you must entertain me tonight after dinner and than you will apologize to me in front of the whole Taisho household after I have given you twenty- five lashes with a whip is that understood?" Sango in tears, replies, yes master, she hears her master, whisper, I don't want to do this but it's policy in this household and I have to follow through after the whipping, come back here and I will apply a healing salve to take away the sting, but tell this to no one, I must appear as a heartless master just like the occupants of this castle.

In Inuyasha's room Kagome is close to tears, at being torn from her homeland and sold as a slave to a inu-youkai no less she has heard stories from fellow slavemates about the torture they love to depict on their new slaves. A uncomfortable silence followed as inuyasha finally spoke "You are now my slave, you will do what I want at all times and if you dare to disobey me than I will have no choice but to beat you, It's the way of my family and it will be enforced." Kagome nodded her head in understanding, than Inuyasha walked over to her and began kissing her and grabbing her breasts, Kagome turned a light shade of pink and started to speak, but remembered where she was and grew silent but after he tried to take off her top, she slapped him and he grew angry, his eyes glowed red and he said in a cool voice that didn't give away any emotion, "you dare strike your master, for that you shall be punished," He said since you are new to this whole being a slave thing, I shall go lightly on you and instead of the twenty- lashes you are supposed to receive I shall five you fifteen but make no mistake, I am not going to tolerate a disobedient bitch, you are mine so get used to it, and with that he left the room, When he came back he had a small black whip in his hands and commanded her to lay on the bed as he brought it down on her back, after the fifth hit tears stung her eyes, she began to sob and he hit her even more, saying "You are my slave you belong to me, I will not tolerate disobedience so you will apologize and promised never to do it again or next time you will be naked, and I will not hold out on you do you understand bitch! Kagome shook her head limply in understanding, digusted with himself, Inuyasha hated this but he had to do it or others would think him weak, after the fifteenth stroke, he dropped the whip as if it burned him and grabbed the sobbing Kagome in his arms and let her weep on him, he began kissing her and she just sobbed louder, he couldn't stand a woman crying so he finally frustrated shouted "Oy, wench lay down I have some salve to help lessen the sting and he removed her shirt and began massagin a goey green substance the smelled like lavender on her back and the whip marks slowly faded and she felt much better and stopped crying. Finally she spoke, "May I please speak master," Inuyasha spoke" Yes slave you may talk without asking permission when we are alone, I am not so cruel as you think, but I have to keep up the image or else someone may think me weak, and my older brother Sesshomaru would have my rep ruined. I don't like hitting slave's but I needed to show you that I mean business, so please don't make me do that again!"

He began to kiss Kagome and she tried to push away, crying again about how she had never been with someone and didn't want to be raped. A look of sympathy crossed his features quickly, replaced by a sneer, Keh, you are mine, slave and if I want you than I shall have you, I always get what I want."

He grabbed her and tearing her shirt off began kissing her roughly while grabbing her naked breasts, she was trying to fight him but still feeling the whip marks decided to just let him, since she really had no say in the matter. His eyes turned red and he said "Mine, than he tore off her pants and began licking her neck and all over her body, growling and saying mine" he nipped her neck and lapped up the blood, than when he couldn't take it anymore his Youkai blood took over and he grabbed her and turning her onto her stomach he propped her up on her knees and slammed into her with brute force, only when he smelled blood, did his senses return and he pulled out ashamed that he had just taken her so forcefully, and disgusted with himself he walked away leaving a shaken Kagome and slammed the door shut. Kagome, still shaking, decided she had better shower and clean the blood stains off of her leg before he returns again.

Meanwhile, in the forest Inuyasha was slamming his fists into passing trees, Kuso, I didn't want to take her that way, I wanted her to be willing, damn my demon blood, I raped her and I feel like shit, I am no better than my pussy brother fluffy, (aka Sesshy) He ran and ran and ran screaming obscenities and slicing trees with is claws after what seemed like hours, his rage was gone and he decided to go get some much needed sleep.

Kagome had taken a bath with rose petals and lavenders to sooth her sore muscles, she changed into a silky blue nightgown and crept into her new bed sobbing herself to sleep. Inuyasha could smell the tears and seeing Kagome all curled up in a ball, he whispered none to gently "Kagome, I am sorry, Slave or not I should not have done that I only hope that you don't think me a monster and kissing her on the forehead he rolled over and went to sleep.

Kagome awoke the next morning with a pain between her thighs, she about fainted when she saw who was sleeping next to her, terrified that he would wake up and rape her again, she feigned sleep, Inuyasha had been awake and he spoke "I know you are awake Kagome, I just wanted to apologize for the way I treated you I never meant to hurt you I lost control and for that I am sorry, with that he fell back asleep as it was only six a.m. Kagome a little shocked stayed awake and fell back asleep thinking maybe her master isn't such a creep after all…