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Love Is Found In the Most Unlikely Places

Chapter 4: Celebrations and Romantic Interludes

Since the rest of the school day was canceled due to the big fight between Prosper and Mario, the kids got to go home early, although Prosper certainly didn't leave empty-handed. Walking away from the school building, he had a bronze plaque in his hands and a shiny silver medallion hanging from his neck. Both had been gifts from the Doge himself after he learned of Prosper's valiant efforts to protect Hornet from the older boy.

"Man, Prop! You're so lucky!" Bo exclaimed as he walked next to his brother, who was holding Hornet's hand in his own. Hornet giggled and smiled at her boyfriend, kissing his cheek as she pulled him closer, "Oh Bo, I doubt Prop even wanted all that attention, even if it was from the Doge."

Prosper nodded and tucked the plaque away into his bag, "Yeah, little bro, Hornet's right. I don't any of the popularity and attention. All I really need are my family and friends," he said, looking back at Riccio and Mosca, who were bringing up the rear.

Before long, the group reached the Casa Spavento and walked in casually, not expected to be greeted by a shower of graffiti and party equipment covering the entire house. Hanging from the entrance to the kitchen was a sign with 'Congratulations Prop' written on it and a large chocolate cake was sitting on the table. Standing to the sides were Victor, Scipio, Lucia, Giaco, and Ida. All had smiles on their faces as they walked over and congratulated Prosper on his victory over Mario.

After the congrats, the party immediately got underway. Soon, Bo and Riccio were pigging out on cake and were trying to out eat Victor and Scipio, although neither was having any luck. Mosca was in charge of the music, altering frequently between slow and fast songs. As the music played on, the three main couples of the household were dancing: Victor with Ida, Prosper with Hornet, and Lucia with Giaco. Everyone was having a good time and not many incidents happened. Funnily enough, there was an apparent kissing contest between Victor and Prosper, who were trying to outdo each other in kissing their respective girlfriends. During the festivity, there were many catcalls and whistles, except for little Bo who kept yelling about how yucky the guys were for kissing in public.

Soon, almost everyone had passed out from some reason or another, with Prosper and Hornet being the only two still awake. Prosper smiled and walked up to his and Bo's room, Hornet walking briskly behind him. As soon as the two walked into the room, Hornet shut the door, locked it, and jumped Prosper from behind. The poor boy didn't have a chance, as he was planted on the bed with Hornet kissing him fiercely. Hornet pulled away for a moment and stripped herself of her shirt and pants before doing the same to her blushing boyfriend. Next thing either of them knew, they were making out in their underwear and holding each other as tightly as they could. Prosper pulled back for a moment and took a deep breath, drinking in every detail about the lovely girl.

"Hornet, you are the most beautiful person on the face of the planet. I mean it, even the richest queens have nothing on you," he said, pressing his face against Hornet's soft neck and kissing it gently. She blushed deeply and gave Prosper's nose a playful lick, giggling as she rubbed her hands all over his slightly toned chest.

"Thank you, Prop. You're the sweetest boy I've ever met and I hope to be with you for the rest of my life. I love you so much," she purred. Prosper blushed even deeper, although how that is possible I will never know. He tugged at the blankets, pulling them over their bodies as he held Hornet closer and kissed her cheek, "I love you too, Hornet."

Hornet suddenly laid herself on Prosper's chest and nuzzled her face into his neck, asking Prosper the strangest question anyone had ever asked him.

"Prop, when we get older, will you ask me to marry you? Promise me, please."

Now if Prosper were any other person his age, he would have jumped through the wall after being asked that. However, he showed a rare side of his gentleness that few people ever saw: He cupped Hornet's cheek in his hands and kissed her softly before replying.

"I promise."

That was the last thing either of them heard before sleep overtook them.