Summary: A clan of vampires are cleaning the streets in Las Vagas of lycans. the strongest lycan works at the crime lab and one vampire must infiltrate the building and destroy the lycan all while trying to maintain a low profile and keep the CSIs safe.

I do not own the CSI characters, just the vampires, lycans, and plot.

A thin, pale shaft of moonlight filtered down through the dusty air. Through the open window, thunder could be heard in the distance, signaling the approaching storm. A one figure lay limp on the floor in the vicinity of what used to be a kitchenette. Thick red liquid pooled around the head from the deep laceration on the forehead. The dark room hid al traces that there had been a struggle. The body, once prone and lifeless, now began to shift and awaken. Bright blue eyes opened to the surrounding darkness. Moving very slowly, the person stood and walked over to the open window. Through the weak light, the soft and smaller facial features of a woman were revealed. Her skin was the color of ivory and her face was framed by silky locks of raven black hair. Her lips were slightly full and a shade of pale pink. Touching her hand to her head she felt the warm stickiness that had been flowing freely down her face while she was unconscious. Suddenly, the ringing of her cell brought her back to reality again. She checked the number then answered.

"Morgan, where are you? It's nearly 2am" a male voice asked.

"I'm somewhere near the Strip. My last call was a little more chaotic and I've been out cold for a while. I had a head lack but it's healed now" the woman replied.

"Alright, but hurry back before it gets too late. You don't want people to see, do you" the man said.

"Don't worry Sam, I'll be back in no time" Morgan said, and with that she hung up the phone.

Morgan LeBlanc was currently on the second floor of a very cheap and very dirty motel. She left through the busted down door and walked down the steps to the ground floor where her car was. Before she entered the premises earlier, she had the foresight to hide her car behind some tall bushes. When no one was looking, she pulled the silver high performance Mustang out and sped down the road. With her foot pushed down hard on the pedal, the car reached its destination in half the time it would normally take. She stayed at the hideout all day until night fell and she got another call.

"Grissom, we got a 4-19 out on Oasis Drive. Neighbors said they heard sounds like a struggle then gunshots" a stout looking detective said.

"Thanks Brass, I'll get my team out there right away" Grissom replied.

Brass nodded and left to allow Grissom to get the CSIs together. When they arrived at the scene, the looky-loos were already starting to gather behind the police tape.

"What have we got" a CSI named Sara Sidle asked.

"There is DB on the floor in the living room, with multiple gunshots to the chest and head. There are signs of definite forced entry and nothing from inside the house is missing. Although the body is missing something" Brass answered.

The team nodded and proceeded to enter the house. The sight that greeted them was like something from a movie. Chairs were broken and overturned, one of the windows was broken out, the TV was knocked off its stand, and so on. The CSIs entered the room slowly and carefully so as not to step on any evidence. Gil Grissom, the supervisor of the night shift crouched over the bloody form of the person. He was joined by Nick Stokes, a fellow CSI.

"I don't know man, seems like a burglary that went bad" Nick stated.

"I don't think so, take a look around Nick. There are things broken, not missing" Grissom replied.

Nick just shrugged his shoulders and continued to look for evidence. After the coroner took the body, Grissom headed back to the lab alone for the autopsy.

"What have we got doc" Grissom asked the ME.

"There are multiple gunshots to the chest and two to the head. It's hard to tell which killed him. Also, I pulled a bullet fragment from one, look at this" the ME explained.

"It looks like some sort of silver liquid and the bullet looks to have been hollow. What does that mean?" Grissom inquired.

"It means that the silver liquid was probably inside of the bullet. When the bullet broke apart on impact the liquid got into the blood stream" Robbins answered.

"Alright, I'm going to get this to the lab and get it analyzed. We need to find out what this stuff is" Grissom said.

Grissom was heading to the trace lab when Sara and Nick returned from the crime scene. The mystery liquid was dropped off and the three CSIs went to process the rest of the evidence. Sara processed several fingerprints, all of which came back as the victim's. Nick started on the clothing while Grissom went to write up the report. Grissom's phone rang about a half an hour later.

"Yah Grissom, that silver stuff you collected from the bullet was silver nitrate. It's all over his cloths too. I also got the blood-tox results back, guess what, positive for silver nitrate" Nick explained.

"Alright, thanks Nick" Grissom said.

They both hung up and Grissom got up to leave his office.

Morgan got another call, this time not too far from the crime lab. She pulled the car into the driveway and parked it. Morgan approached the front door with caution. She reached her hand to her hip and grabbed her Glock 45. Pulling it from the holster, she silently slid the door open. Morgan peered inside first then opened the door wider to allow her body to fit through. Unknown to her, the prey that she was looking for was right behind the door. She was suddenly hit hard in the back and knocked to the floor. Her gun slid a few feet away as she fell. Turning over quickly to face her attacker, she fought fiercely as the massive claws ripped through her skin. Morgan managed to get away just long enough to grab her gun again. Just as she was aiming, the huge jaws of the lycan embedded into her shoulder. As an automatic response, Morgan pulled the trigger several times. The jaws went slack and the teeth loosened from her skin. The lycan fell to the floor dead, but for good measure she put two more bullets into the beast's head. As she sat down to regain her breath she looked at the dead animal that was now oozing silver nitrate from its wounds. Moments later the lycan body transformed itself back into a human form. And that was how she left the house; bloody, exhausted and with a dead 'man' in the middle of the floor.
Three days later, neither of the 'silver nitrate' cases had any leads. The only theory was that these weren't random murders. At the second crime scene they had found foreign blood, which gave the CSIs the idea that the attacker might be injured. They checked the hospitals for unusual injuries but came up with nothing. When they went to test the DNA of the blood, a very surprising discovery was made; the blood cells didn't contain any DNA.

"What are we going to do now? We got two murders by apparently the same person, blood evidence with no DNA and bullets filled with silver nitrate. The only thing we know is that they are not random and the shooter is using a modified Glock 45. Other than that we have nothing" Sara exclaimed.

"We should go back to the scenes. There has to be something we missed" Grissom replied.

"We can help you guys; Warrick and I have closed our case" Catherine stated.

"That would be good; it's always nice to have a fresh pair of eyes. As a matter of fact, take Greg with you so we can split into even groups. Besides he needs the practice anyway." Grissom agreed.

"Ok then, what are we sitting here for? Let's solve these cases" Nick added.

Everyone nodded and went to go get their kits then went strait for the parking lot. They split the team into two groups; Nick, Catherine, and Greg headed for the first scene while Grissom, Sara and Warrick went to the second scene. At the second scene Warrick had found some grey hairs with blood. Sara went back to dusting for prints on everything in sight. Grissom took the Luminal and started spraying everywhere. He found blood in places that they previously hadn't seen any blood at all. Every new piece of evidence was taken back to the lab to be analyzed. The same happened at the first crime scene, new blood and the same grey hairs were found and were taken back to be processed.

"I've got good news and bad news for you about the hairs" Greg stated.

"Give us the good news" Nick said.

"Well each set of hairs have DNA that is a match to both the vic's" Greg said.

"Ok, now give us the bad news" Sara commanded.

"Although the DNA matches, these hairs aren't human, they're animal. More precisely a wolf" Greg explained.

"So what you saying here is that they are animal hairs with human DNA" Catherine gasped.

"That's impossible, how could animal hairs have human DNA" Warrick asked.

"Well there is one theory but it is kind of hard to believe" Greg stated.

"And what's that" Grissom questioned.

"Werewolves; think about it, as a human they look perfectly normal. When they change shape, even though they take an animal's form they still have human DNA" Greg explained his theory.

"Greggo, you watch too many movies. There are no such things as werewolves" Nick laughed at his friend.

Greg looked slightly disappointed that his theory wasn't taken seriously. The team headed to the break room to ponder what everything meant over a cup of Greg's secret stash of Blue Hawaiian coffee.

The bite wound healed quickly and left only the faintest scar. As Morgan was doing research on the computer, her cell phone began to vibrate on the table with an incoming call.

"Yah, what is it?" she asked.

"We've found another lycan and we need you right away" Sam's voice said.

"Can't you et someone else, I'm exhausted from the last call. Not to mention sore too" Morgan replied.

"No, this one has to be done by you. You're the only one capable of doing it. It's Damian and he's working at the crime lab that is investigating you last two calls. Please I need you to do this, you're the only one strong enough to take on Damian" Sam explained.

"Damian, that son of a bitch, when I get my hands on him I'm going to rip his fucking head off" Morgan seethed.

"Yes well lets hope he doesn't do the same to you. You're my best exterminator and I don't want to lose you" Sam sighed.

Morgan didn't even continue the conversation; she hung up and went to her car. She revved the engine and sped off into the night.