Resident Evil 5 Mayhem

Racoon City. A city that never sleeps. This is usually because most of the time the citizens are usually on the run from the deadly T-virus and its effects on people. After being completely wiped out twice over, Racoon City was once again re-located to a barren wasteland, which transformed this wasteland into a booming city once more. Trying not to repeat the horrible history Racoon City is famous for, STARS and BRAVO operatives teamed up to protect the city from any harm that could come to it. However, the Umbrella corporation began the T-virus studies behind the cities back in a secluded area of Racoon City. No one even knew the trouble brewing within the depths of the city, and no one anticipated the horror of a fatal accident within the city, showing that...history can once again repeat itself...

June 10th 2035, 12:00 noon Racoon City Tae-Kwon-Do Center.

My name is Danny Golda. I am the co-owner and an instructor at the Racoon City Tae-Kwon-Do Center in downtown Racoon City. I was at the Center at about noon when my nightmare began. I had been teaching all day and I needed a bit of a break so I, at the time, was in my office practicing with a punching bag. Back and Forth the bag went as my arms darted out like a pair of cobras striking their pray. For what seemed like hours, really only about two minutes, I continued punching the bag with a force like no other. I eventually stopped because the activity was becoming boring, so for a second I stepped out of my office to check on the rest of the Center.

I looked over the side of the stairs that separated my office from the Center. I could see Zoe Clurche, another advanced instructor at the Center, training a group of kids to be able to chop a piece of wood in half. I smiled as one of the kids chopped his wooden block in half and recieved his yellow belt. I then focused my attention on Zoe. She was a blond haired girl whose piercing brown eyes made her the perfect combination, for the perfect crush...blushes This is besides the point so I am just going to move on. As I made my way down the stairs, Kraig Dunagan nearly ran into me in a hurried rush. Kraig is the Owner of the Center and he allowed me to help him open the center up. "What's the rush?" I smiled at Kraig. "There has been an emergency, I am going to go get the van. Get Zoe to help you round up the kids and meet me at the van with your stuff in five minutes." He rushed. "Is it serious?" I asked. "No questions, just get everyone together!" He yelled as he walked hurredly through the back door. I then got the feeling that he wasnt kidding. So I told Zoe about the incident and she began to gather the kids. I quickly ran to the back room and grabbed my bag of belongings. And that is when I heard the scream that changed my life, forever...

I quickly tossed my bags down and ran out the back room. In the middle of the center, Zoe had gathered the kids. They were all screaming and pointing at the door which was being pounded on as if someone was beating a drum. I got in a fighting stance as the door was soon broken down. I looked up to see some wierd looking people begin to advance towards me. When I say wierd, I dont mean punks or drunks or anything, I mean people who look totally sleep deprived and bloody as if they had been injured. They also had a look that meant they were hungry. I didnt like that look. I quickly told Zoe to get the kids out the back door and I would handle these guys. She instantly nodded her head in agreement and I began to punch and kick the wierd people. They werent very aggressive, but there were a lot of them. I was soon outmatched in numbers and I began to advance to the back door. The door suddenly swang open as Zoe and about ten of the kids ran back in and the wierd people closely on their tails. I told Zoe to head for the middle of the Center and I soon joined her.

As we backed up into a small circle, I saw that more wierd people were coming through the windows! I knew we would have to fight in order to survive this completely random assault. So I gave the orders and the kids, Zoe, and I began to fight back. Blood flew everywhere as I fought off the wierd people. I heard screams from all around of the wierd people biting the kids. One by one, I noticed that the kids were drug down by the wierd people and soon Zoe and I were all that remained. It was looking like this was going to be the end of us, but as if on que, a shot rang out. All the wierd people stopped as one of them fell down dead. As Zoe and I turned our attention to the ceiling above, a man wearing a police like uniform jumped down from the sky. His had dark brown hair and looked very dangerous. He began to shoot the fifty or so wierd people that had surrounded us. The wierd people began to fall in defeat as Zoe and I joined in the fighting. The next ten minutes passed slowly as the three of us took out the wierd people, my fists moving as if in slow motion while they punched through one guys neck and then the next second, were wrapped around anothers neck, twisting it. Soon the other wierd people saw that they werent going to win this and slowly backed off.

I got to my feet in a sweat gasping for air. Zoe fell to her knees mourning for the kids who had been killed in the onslaught. I looked over at the Dark-clothed man and began to ask a number of questions. "...WHAT WAS THAT! What just happened? why did those freaky people attack us! WHO ARE YOU!" I rambled off at the man. "First off, calm down, if you want to get out of this city alive, you are gonna have to loosen up. That was what is currently happening all over Racoon City. You were attacked by people who are dead, but didnt stay dead. They were killed in bizarre accidents and were brought back to life by the T-virus. The T-virus is able to bring a person back to life, but only with certain functions, the two main ones, to feed and to walk. You want to know my name? fine...its..."

The man in the black clothes then shuffled his feet and shot a dead person who had come back to life. Zoe nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden movement, but then settled down. "...The name is Chris, Chris Redfield...STARS operative." The man said as he began to put his gun in the gun holder on his belt. I scanned this man to see if by chance he was actually telling the truth. By the looks of his tattered police-like outfit and mangy matted hair, he looked like someone who had just been through a shower, dried, and then left his hair a mess...((well I am trying to write this while watching my back lol)). Then I saw the patch on his outfit that said STARS op. and I knew this was really Chris Redfield of team STARS. "Nice to meet you Chris," I said as I held out my hand to shake his. He then took a gun out of his other gun holder and put it in my hand. I looked shocked and surprised and he chuckled. "It for you, I need someone to help me get out of here and I dont think your arms can last all day...the girl should have one to protect herself also," He said as he tossed a gun from a back gun holder to Zoe. Zoe nimbly caught the gun and raised it up to a wall as if to practice aim. "Alright our mission is to get as many survivors as possible and figure out a way out of here. Were you the only survivors here at the center?" He asked with a bit of a hurried tone. I glanced down at the floor. All the kids had been killed...and Zoe and I were the only instru...wait! "Well besides Zoe and I, there was another instructor named Kraig. He left to go get a van to help us get the kids to safety, that was right before the dead people attacked." I proclaimed. "Call them zombies...and which way did he leave the building?" Chris asked. I quickly pointed to the back door and I left first...

As I stepped out onto the slightly damp cement, probably from a broked fire hydrant, I noticed that the white van that belonged to the center hadnt gone far before flipping onto its side, there were many bloody marks on it and tears down the side. I ran up to the van and gasped as I looked in. There, laying on the steering wheel, was the body of Kraig. One of his eyes was missing and a chunk of his head was also missing. There was blood all over the body and I nearly threw up. Zoe looked afraid as she ran to take a look at the accident. I quickly covered her eyes before she could see Kraig and I looked at Chris. "Zoe and I are officially the only survivors of the center..." I managed to say as I fought back tears. Zoe caught my drift and I could feel her eyes watering through my hand. Chris looked at the overturned van and then his radio crackled.

"...static Chri-static Field of Star-static report in now!" Came the voice on the other end. Chris picked up his radio and answered, "This is Chris Redfield of Team STARS, over!" The radio crackled the message, "This is Ha-static Tygre of Sta-staticChris...static there are survi-static at the static Elemen-static schoo-static but the-static ...ambush...nee-static back-up..." With that the radio died and Chris looked at the sky. He then turned to us and said, "Apparently there were other survivors at the Racoon City Elementary School, that is our next destination. Are you gonna be ok?" Zoe looked up from my head and nodded with puffy red eyes as she grabed her gun. I also nodded my head in agreement and walked over to Chris. "Good, then we are going across "the Bridge" and then I am gonna make a quick stop before we get to the school. Got it?" "Yeah!" I ranted. Zoe just once again nodded her head. "Alright, then follow me!" Chris shouted as he ran off for "the Bridge."

Zoe and I were quick to follow as we made our way after him...

"The Bridge" was the giant overpass that connected the two sides of Racoon City. A river ran underneath it which separated the city until the overpass was built. The Center was located on the west side of the river, while the Elementary School was on the East. So it was logical that we were going over "the bridge." So as we followed Chris towards "the Bridge," I wasnt surprised to see more destruction was done to the other side then ours. Buildings had fallen over, cars had many broken windows and blood on them, and there were many zombies that were wandering aimlessly looking for people like us who had survived. I held up my gun as we approached "the bridge." Chris took no more then ten steps onto the bridge before he stopped and raised his gun. On the other side, a lone zombie began ambling towards us. Chris then shot the zombie in the head, killing it. As soon as the zombie fell to the ground, a mist cleared as about twenty more zombies stepped out into the open. Zoe gasped and Chris began to talk as he turned around, "Too many of them...lets try to find anot..." He stopped mid-sentence and raised his gun. Zoe and I both looked back with a look of fear on our faces as we saw what made Chris stop talking. There, behind us, were a pack of three zombish looking dogs. Their faces looked as if they had the flesh tore off of them, and the rest of their bodies were a mass of black fur, and blood. Chris then looked at us, "Which would you rather face? Twenty zombies who move fairly slow and are easier to take down, or three dogs who could tear out our throats and make meals out of us before you could say 'down boy!'?" I winced at the thought of having to do either one, but I knew that there was no other choice. I looked at him, and instantly he grinned. "Time for a little excercize kiddos!" Chris yelled as he ran towards the zombies with his guns raised and shooting as he ran. The dogs, at the motion of Chris, barreled down at Zoe and I and in fear, the two of us took off after Chris.

It was maddness as we raised our guns and joined Chris in his wild, shoot-em-up/escape-the-dogs, plan and one-by-one, each Zombie dropped into their own pools of blood. Zoe and I had it off easy since Chris was doing the majority of the work. We finally broke through the pack of zombies, nearly free. But, then Zoe tripped and fell to the ground. She turned over and looked up in terror as one of the dogs leapt at her. I wasnt about to let her die so instead of running, I held up my gun and shot the dog away from her. "GET UP!" I yelled at her. Before I even had another moment to react, the second dog jumped on me and knocked me to the ground. I struggled to keep the dog's mouth and bloody teeth away from me by putting my gun on its neck and pushing back. For what seemed an eternity, I managed to push the force of the dog back. But then, a shot rang out and the dog fell to my side, dead. I looked up to see Chris's smoking gun barrel fairly close to my face and I grinned. Chris then offered me a hand up. And as soon as I took it, I saw a dog in the air behind him about ready to pounce. My eyes widened and I held up my gun. Yet, I wasnt the only one ready to shoot the dog away apparently, because another shot rang out shooting the dog away from us. The two of us looked over to see Zoe with her gun raised. I quickly scrambled to my feet and Chris held up his gun and shot the dog which had begun to get up. It fell to the ground with a thud, and that was the end of the skirmish.

The three of us looked at each other breathing heavily. We took a moment to get a breath and then Chris began to walk. "Ummm hello? where are we going?" I asked him. "Well there is a gun shop nearby that a friend used to own. We can reload and stock up on weaponry there...we are gonna need a healthy supply of ammo if we want to get out of here alive." He replied. "Sounds like a good plan, but what about the school? every second we waste, someone is closer to losing their life," Zoe then proclaimed. "Simple, we are going to be able to protect more people if we can stock up on weaponry. Therefore we have a better chance of saving innocent lives." Chris said. There were no more questions, he was right and we would have to respect that. Chris grinned and took off down the nearest street to where we currently were. Without hesitation, Zoe and I followed...

We hurriedly ran after Chirs who was intnent on making it to the Gun Shop. A musty smell filled the air as we ran after him and the closer we got to the shop, the stronger the smell became. Chris stopped in front of a shop no bigger then any of the local shops. Fairly small and dusty. I looked at Chris. Something was wrong, I could see it in his eyes. He took a step forward and gasped as he stopped. I tried to look at what he was looking at. Inside the shop, his attention had focused on a moving object. What it was I couldnt really see, but by the look on Chris's face, it wasnt good. He eyes shed sheer terror as his gaze never faultered from the object. Zoe then stepped forward and Chris pushed her back. "That thing...its a monster." said Chris, " neither human nor animal. It once lived, but now...well lets just say that it is a little more advanced then dead. We arent getting any weapons from here." I almost began to ask him what it was, but I figured it was bad, so I didnt. As the three of us began to make our way to the school, I saw some ammo lying around. Chris grinned and picked it up. "We are gonna need this..." He said as he continued on. The school was now in sight and I could hear shots coming from it.

Chris then broke into a run as he heard the shots and no sooner had the three of us turned the cornerinto and alleyway, then about ten zombies dashed out into the open ready to fight us. Zoe and I raised our weapons. I had finally got the hang of using my handgun and was able to take out a zombie with fewer hits now. Zoe was still having trouble, but doing considerably good...a girl who was an instructor and good with a gun...sigh. Anyways, Three zombies went down before we ran into trouble. The other seven or so, began to come close and they could almost reach out their hands to touch me. I tried to back off but I realized that it would be futile if I couldnt take them out from where I was. Chris then jumped in and took out about five and Zoe and I were able to decimate the other two. As soon as the coast was clear, the three of us came out of the alleyway and looked towards the school.

There, in the parking lot, there was a boy who looked no older than 20 shooting about then zombies with a shotgun. He was trying to keep them at bay, and away from the school. He looked fierce, his razor blue eyes and his spiky brown hair, made him look like the perfect person for a gun...and I dont mean that in a good way. He wasnt doing too bad though and Chris and I immdeately ran up to him. He was just reloading as we approached. He looked at us and held up his gun, but then took a sigh of relief as he saw Chris's STARS patch on his shirt. "So you guys must be the reinforcements that the STARS guy inside was telling us about." Said the kid in a gruff voice. "I am Chris Redfield of team STARS, here to help." Chris grinned. "Great, my name is Ricky Barnu, I was saved by that STARS guy inside, and I have been helping protect other survivors by keeping the zombies at bay, but they dont stop coming and I am running out of ammo...huh?" He suddenly stopped as a scream came from inside the school...

June 10th 2035, 6:pm Racoon City Elementary School.

The scream had come from inside the school and immediately following, a man was thrown out of the nearest window. He was covered in blood and I could now hear more screams coming from inside. I looked through the window and saw some people being attacked by the zombies. "Oh no...they must have broken through the back defense." said Ricky. I rushed to the door and opened it to try and reach the people inside. As soon as I did, a boy no older than Ricky jumped out onto the street. He was covered in blood and a piece of his leg was missing. He looked frightened and out of breath. I immediately turned around to see about ten zombies approaching. Chris also saw them too and while Zoe and Ricky were attending to the young man, Chris and I made our way inside shooting the zombies as we entered. About six of them went down and the other four backed off. On the other side of the room, a man wearing a STARS outfit lay also near death and bleeding massively. "HAROLD!" Chris yelled as he knelt beside the man. "Ch...Chris? th...that you?" The man managed to say. "YEAH! dont worry help is here and we are gonna get out of here!" Chris said. " wouldnt have let me die if you could have helped it...sigh my time is near...listen to me...there is a girl who may still be alive...everyone else who didnt make it out of this room is dead. Find the a friend of yours..." and with that...Harold died. Chris fought back tears as he ordered me to shoot the dead companion. He said he wanted me to do this so Harold wouldnt become a zombie. So I held up my gun and two shots flew out. "Alright. He said everyone in this room died, so therefore we need to look for the girl. Lets split up and find her. If you see anyone alive, get them out." Those were Chris's words as he took off down a hallway.

I decided to go the opposite way as Chris turned a corner. I could hear some shuffling of papers as I walked towards some of the farther away classrooms. I held up my gun and opened the door to the source of the sound. I looked inside and immediately shut the door as a zombish like dog jumped at me. I then held up my gun. The dog jumped out the window in the door at me. I shot it down and then continued shooting as it flew through the air. It finally went down and I continued on. There was no power in the building and as the sun was setting, it began to become dark. It began to get freaky and I had to be constantly watching all directions. I heard some shots from the other side of the building and figured that Chris had run into trouble. But I wasnt really worried. Chris was an amazing shot and could take out so many more people than Zoe and I combined. I hoped Zoe was ok as I continued down the hallway. As I neared a classroom labeled "Foruth Grade", I heard some whimpering as if from a girl. I began to open the door as I heard a shuffling sound behind me. I turned around, but saw nothing.

I figured that my mind was playing tricks on me and I continued to open the door. I held up my gun as I opened the door and took a step into the room. "DONT COME ANY CLOSER! I HAVE A GUN!" I heard the shout as I stepped completely into the room. I turned around to see a teenage girl who looked slightly younger than Ricky. Her hair was dirty blonde and she had a shirt that apparently had been torn in several places. Her shirt was a dirty orange and she had on long, black pants. She looked as if she had been attacked, but she wasnt bit, and no physical damage had been done to her. I can tell these things... "My name is Danny...I want to help you get out of here. What is your name?" I asked her. "Y...your here to get me out! IS RICKY OK?" She yelled at me. I smiled, "Yeah he is like him?" "He is my boyfriend." She told me. I was a bit shocked and then her previous statement made sense to me. "My Kate." she then proclaimed. "Well Kate," I held out my hand to help her up, "Shall we?" She took my hand and I helped her up. I then opened the door and checked for anything and then motioned for her to go ahead of me. She got in front of me and began to walk. I shut the door and followed closely behind her. No sooner had I shut the door, then I heard that shuffling noise again. I turned around, but again, I saw nothing. I decided that I was losing it and turned around. There, about twenty feet in front of Kate. A single freak of nature stood. His body looked like it had been turned inside out. In fact, it didnt even look human. Kate then backed up behind me with her eyes wide and the monster took a step forward. It looked hungry...

My eyes lit up with fear as the monster stuck out its long threatening toungue. My body froze as the monster's toungue advanced down upon the two of us. Kate suddenly whimpered and I re awakened some sort of sense inside me and grabbed her hand. I took off down towards the other end of the hall as fast as I could. I could hear the monsters feet pounding behind us as we ran...

Sweat was pouring down my face as a trickle of fear appeared with it. I was scared. Kate apparently was scared too. Her hand was wet with sweat. I suddenly saw a break and turned to run down the next corridor. The monster skidded a little bit but was on our tails in no time. Suddenly three shots rang out and I heard the monster slide to the floor as a man flew down from above, wearing a STARS shirt. "...ummm thanks I guess...but who are you?" I asked him. "Mikey Waltking of team two look like you needed help." he grinned. " mean you are on the same team as Chris?" I asked. "Chris Redfield!" He shrieked, "Is he still alive!" "Yeah he led us here...he is somewhere nearby."I answered. "Take me to him!" Mikey said. As I turned around with Kate and headed back down the corridor, I heard Mikey gasp and I got a chill down my spine as I turned around.

I got the most gruesome sight ever as I turned around. Mikey stood with a glaze over his eyes as the monster got to its feet. It had blood on its toungue and before I could gasp, Mikey split in half. Kate nearly puked and the monster took a step forward. Before I had time to react, the monsters toungue lashed out at us. I barely was able to grab Kate's hand and begin to run the other direction as the toungue crashed on the wall against us. I turned towards the other corridor and made a run for the main hallway. THe monster crashed into the wall as he skidded to try to make the corner. I knew that when it recovered, it would catch us in an instant. So I shoved Kate into the hall and told her to find another man in a STARS uniform named Chris. He could help. She took off as I pulled up my gun and turned around...there, coming out of the wall, was the monster. It turned to face me, and it had not hunger, but anger in its eyes this time...

As quick as I could, I rolled to the side. The monster lashed its toungue, but I was out of its grasp. I kneeled up and shot at its head. It bellowed in pain, but wasnt even close to giving up. I quickly stood up and began to shoot some more. The monster then rammed into me, causing me to fall backward. I caught myself and jumped up before the monster could lash at me again and I grabbed a bar in the air. I quickly dropped onto the creatures tougue and grabbed it with my legs. Good thing I was a tae-kwon-do instructor. The blades on his toungue were sharp, but I knew the moment I let go, my life was on the line and I couldnt risk that, so I held on for all I was worth. As I frantically looked for a way to get out of my predicament, I noticed that the hinges on the bar above me were loose, and that bare was pretty strong to support my weight. I finally snapped my fingers and held up my gun. I shot the hinges off one at a time. with a sudden twist to the bar, it fell on top of the creatures toungue and pinned it to the ground. I then let it go with my legs and began to shoot it in the head. It writhed in pain and struggled violently to get its toungue out. With a horrid cracking sound, the Monster pulled back and his toungue was split in half. Blood flew everywhere and I covered my face to protect it from the blood. Then, when the monster had settled down, it lept at me. I bounded down the hallway scared to look back. I could hear the monster crashing into the walls as it followed me. I turned a sudden corner and found myself facing a dead end. This...was not good. I quickly spun around and prepared to face the monster one last time. As it turned the corner, flashes of Zoe, Chris, and Kate appeared in my mind. How would they survive without me? I didnt want to have the thought of Zoe on her own in this city. So I prepared to fight for all I was worth and I raised my gun...

All of a sudden, three shots rang out and the monster fell dead. Two shadowy forms appeared in the moonlight and as they stepped into view, I saw the forms of Chris and Kate appear. "bout time you showed up!" I scoffed at Chris. He chuckled slightly and we heard a scream from outside. I looked at Chris and he noded back at me. I took Kates hand and we headed back out of the maze that they called the school and once in the entry way, we pushed the doors open and stepped outside. As I looked towards Zoe, Ricky, and the kid who had been injured, I saw that the man that had fallen out of the window was alive again! Was this truly what the T-virus was capable of? I raised my gun to fire, but Zoe beat me to it. She shot the man down in two hits and he fell over. Quickly Chris, Kate, and I headed for the group. "Kate!" Ricky cried. The two of them hugged each other and kissed. I was a bit grossed out by this and then I realized a stinging pain in my legs. I looked down to see that the toungue of the monster had scratched me up more than I realized. Zoe nearly fainted at the sight of my legs and the kid looked bloody all over.

"Alright group attention!" Chris called. The five of us huddled around him and he began to speak. "The kid..."he began. "My name is Corky" said the kid. "Corky..."Chris continued "and Danny were both physically damaged by T-virus carriers. What does that mean you ask? well what it means that in about three hours or so after they were bit, they begin to die and in four hours from now both of them will be just like thoses zombies we saw. We have to find Umbrella labs and locate the antivirus or both of them will suffer a fate so terrible you dont even want to know. So...does anyone have any idea where Umbrella had their hidden labs?" Kate raised her hand slowly and everyone turned in astonishment. "What is your last name girl?" Chris asked. Kate turned away. "TELL ME NOW!" He yelled. She tried everything to avoid him. Chris grabbed her jaw and pointed her face at him and he looked into her eyes and grinned. "if you live to talk of this...tell your mom I said hi" he told her "now...will you lead us to the labs Kate?" he asked. She nodded briefly and began to head over there. Ricky put his arm around her and they kissed again. "How can they do that in this situation?" I joked. "who knows and who cares," chris answered as he followed them. Zoe then helped Corky to his feet and helped him follow everyone else. I took one last look at the school and thought I saw a face in the glass window on the second floor. but the moment I blinked, it was gone. I shook my head and followed the others...

With Kate and Ricky leading the group, the pace of the group was somewhat slowed, but it didnt matter. Chris and I were able to handle everything that the zombies could throw at us. In fact we had taken out about five zombies as the school faded from view. It wasnt a great victory but Chris knew I was hurt and that I really was trying to keep up. I think that is why he had a bit of respect for me. After about an hour of walking and the downfall of about ten more zombies. The giant Umbrella labs loomed in the distance. How had the citizens of Racoon missed this. As if I had said the question out loud, Chris replied "They had developed a cloaking device. No one knew it was there till right before the creatures attacked." I became very curious about how much STARS actually knew about this case. "How come the citizens of the city werent alerted sooner and why was the outbreak so sudden?" "The moment we saw the buildings appear, we sent teams out to try and stop them. But...every team we sent, never came back. one contained the virus...and somehow it spread like a wildfire." I was amazed and shocked. That must have meant that the virus was still present in the air...and if it was the case, then Corky and I had already been fairly infected. Lessening our chances of wasnt the time to think about this...we had already come closer to the Umbrella labs.

I peered around the corner to the labs and saw broken windows and blood stained cars turned over. Nothing different then what we had seen before. Almost all of Racoon was like this. No one had been spared. At least no one in view. Except for us, and now I could see why Chris was so intent on finding other survivors. And helping them in any way possible... I made my way leading the group to the Umbrella entrance. Spookily, nothing happened. And I got a false sense of security. It soon passed when I realized where we were and what could happen while we were here. Kate and Ricky went in first and began to scope out the interior. This had been a nice labratory. The plants that had been there, although wilted, could still shine in all of the destruction. The lobby was still furnished although it was apparent that something had shreded its way through here, and I hoped with all my heart that it had left.

Chris and Zoe with Corky between them finally made there way in. Corky looked very sick. His skin was deathly pale. And he was sweating furviously. I also noticed that I was feeling a bit under the weather. Then I realized something. It had been about two hours since I was slashed by that toungue creature. How much longer had it been since Corky was bit? Was it too late for him? Did we even have a shot at finding the Antivirus in here? I shook the thoughts away from my mind and With Ricky at my side, I made my way down the entrance hall. No sooner had we gone ten feet inside, I heard a shuffling noise. I turned my gun and heard the sound again from a room next to us. "Ill check it out...Ricky, the others." I shot a glance at the two and they nodded in agreement. I slowly opened the door and saw some scattered papers. There had been an apparent struggle. Blood covered the floor and at the sight, I raised my Handgun. I searched around the desk and what I saw was so gruesome and terrifying that I almost threw up at the sight. One of the monsters I had foughten earlier was lying on the ground sprawled out and laying in a large pool of blood. Something other than us had been here...and was strong enough to take out this gigantic beast. Then I saw something...bullet marks. Was it possible there was a survivor in here still? "Freeze!" said a feminine voice as the cold point of a gun propped up against my cheek. And I rose my hands in correspondance to the voice...

The cold touch of the gun I once held began to leave my warm grasp. It tumbled to the floor as my hands inched up in the air. I got a bad taste in my mouth as I slowly got to my feet. "Alright, now turn around so I can see your face." said the voice.

I slowly turned, my feeting sliding in the general direction of the voice. The focus of my vision changed as I narrowed it towards the voice. My breath held still as I silently looked at the woman. She was very...beautiful. Her hair was an amber brown, the same color as the pond I used to play in, in the summer at the house of my childhood. Her Eyes were a radiant blue whose vibrant tone seemed to cool off the very essence of the uncertainty laying in the air. Her hands were frail and very delicate. They seemed to reflect the light from the dim lit room. Her skin was almost the exact color of the peaches that used to be sold at the local market. Very rich in color and a rosy tone to her cheeks that made her face seem surreal. Of course she wasnt as pretty as Zoe and the silvery shimmer of the gun in her hands really freaked me out. She was gonna shoot me. I could tell by the twitch of her finger on the gun. "Who...who are you?" she then asked.

I quickly began to process all the possible things that could happen if I didnt act soon. "My name is Danny Golda." I quickly responded.

My eyes slightly fell to the floor to where I had dropped my gun, but I didnt let them go very far as I once again focused on the Woman. She had on a white robe as if she was some sort of Doctor and underneath was an emerald green tank top with the words "All Out" on it. She also had on a black skirt making her look like some sort of super model. I was taken back by this wardrobe. She really did look lovely. Then I saw the gun and my mind once again raced. "Why are you here?" She said in a harsh tone.

I then took a step forward to try and get closer to the gun inconspicuously and she took the safety off the gun. Darn it, if I had seen the safety... "Woah there...I am not trying to hurt you. I just want to get you out of here."

She then looked a little relaxed. Her complexion lessened as the gun lowered...just a little. "Are you with Umbrella? they said they were gonna send someone to get me." She stated.

As her muscles relaxed I saw the opportune moment, and dove for my gun. She raised her gun and took a shot, chiping my arm, dang...she was good. But unfortunately for her I was faster and I snatched up the gun as I took a shot and hit the gun out of her hand. Had I become that good with a gun already? Things were looking up for me as I scrambled up and grabbed her arm as she tried to run. I then pierced my vision deep into her eyes with a bit of anger. She was frightened. "Alright my turn!" I said sternly, "Who are you, what is going on around here, and how the heck are we supposed to get out of this city?"

She was very afraid. She began to cry as she looked at me with hatred. "My name is Dr. Amie Marillo. I work for the Umbrella Corp. I mean...I used to work for Umbrella. As for what is going on around here," she stated while wiping her eyes, "I simply only know that someone released a lever in a top secret lab here and people died. Then someone started up a t-virus ejection from our project lab, and whoever wasnt in this room or the front entrance. Was dead within an hour. and then...well they came back. The t-virus allowed them to come back to life with only simple functions..."

"I know that!" I suddenly snapped.

Amie looked at me hesitantly as she continued on. "So anyways," she continued, "Umbrella was supposed to come back to rescue me. I had access to an internet for up until ten minutes ago and they know I am here. So whatever you do, dont get on my bad side or I will make sure that you dont come with me."

"SHUT UP!" I slapped her, "I have you hostage now. So if something happens to me...something happens to you! said you were a former doctor...what did you mean by that?"

With her free hand she held her cheek. I hadnt meant to hit her that hard. Darn it... "What I mean was Umbrella fired me twenty minutes before the virus broke out. I was on my way out when the alarms blared. I managed to get in here before the virus was emitted. I then contacted Umbrella via e-mail on that computer." She pointed.

Her tale was very convincing and I found myself believing every word she said. But then my side started to hurt and my vision began to blur a little bit. I felt sweaty and I felt faint. I knew that Corky couldnt be off any better so I figured this Amie would know where something was to cure us. "I am here with a group of people." I stated, "I was bit about two or three hours ago by a giant monster. One of the others was bit by a zombie."

Amie grinned and knew she now had an advantage. "Alright," she said, "You must know you are infected right? The T-virus will begin to make you die and slowly will make you one of the zombies wandering outside. The only cure actually found for it is the antivirus and even then it wont work if you are too advanced in the virus. I can take you to the antivirus if you can get me to the local hospital."

I looked at her with desperation. "Why the hospital?" I asked?

She looked back also with a bit of desperation. "My daughter was in the hospital at the time of the attacks. She broke her leg. I am worried that she may already be dead, but I have to make sure..." Her voice trailed off.

She really needed our help. "Alright..." I said, knowing that Chris wasnt going to like another delay, "I promise to get you to the hospital."

She smiled and then looked at my gun. I then realized she was still afraid. I put my gun down and she picked hers up and left the comfort of the room. I followed her as the two of us made our way down a hall towards a black abyss of shadows.

Step by step I took the path following the scientist. The cieling leaked slightly as if it was raining. The cool moisture that collected on my shirt was beginning to give me the chills. Had a water pipe broken? I wasnt sure as I ambled after Amie. I began to take heavier breaths and I swore that it was getting harder to walk. Each step felt like five pounds heavier than the next. Was the virus making me weak? I wasnt sure. About five minutes later, Amie and I reached a room in the back.

"This is the lab...inside, is the antivirus that will save you from dying a horrible death." The beautiful scientist said.

"I kinda figured that from the label on the door." I grinned while pointing at the black letters that etched out LAB on it.

Amie giggled slightly and I smiled. I hadn't smiled the whole time that we had been on the run and now felt like the time to do it. Perfect, I thought to myself, I smile the moment before I die, good going Danny. I grimaced at the thought of becoming a zombie thing and I watched as Amie pushed the door open. Then I felt more drops on my shoulder. Sweat? I felt my face to find out that I was in a full breakout of sweat. Was this the Virus' doing or my own? I wasn't sure as I followed the Umbrella Scientist into the lab.

Inside the lab there were many things I couldn't recognize. Viles of liquid were lined up along the masses of shelves outlining the dim-lit room. A cold breeze seemed to sweep inside from an unknown source and I could feel my hair rise on my back. I then looked over at Amie who was looking around on the shelves and pulling out a bag. She looked as if she was making some sort of first aid kit or something.

"What are you doing?" I asked. I seemed more tense than usual.

"Sorry I am taking somethings we may need. Umm and also I have ten viles of the antivirus. So we need to use it wisely." She said, handing me a vile.

I took the vile and nodded my head in agreement with her. The antivirus was green and looked like some sort of gooze that you would see in a movie. Amie then handed me a needle with a syringe on the end and said that I would need to put the antivirus in there and self-inject in the arm into the main vein. I agreed and was a little sickened by the thought. I slowly poured the liquid into the needle, careful not to spill any. When it had trickled into the needle, I brought it up to the vein. I winced as the needle broke the skin and I injected myself with the antivirus. It was painful and as soon as the liquid had disappeared, I quickly brought the needle out. Then, Amie came over and bandaged my arm with some gauze and a clip. She was very good at this and I was impressed. In awe was more like it... I then remembered Corky and the others who were still waiting for me.

"Umm...the others in my group including the other infected one are back at the entrance." I said as I looked at Amie.

"Alright, we should head that way then." She said as we left the room. No sooner then we had left the room, did I hear faint gun shots coming from the entrance. I still didn't fell all that well, but I knew something was wrong. I began to run towards the entrance noticing that it would be completely dark soon. The halls were nearly pitch black and I knew we wouldn't stand a chance against anything in the dark. Amie quickly caught on and flicked on a nearby lightswitch which lit up the halls as we ran. How she knew that I wasn't sure, but my mind raced as I heard a couple of screams. I turned the corner just in time to see Zoe run to a wall and turn around screaming as a set of claws ripped into her stomach. I was still for a second as I thought of the times I had spent with her. The crush I had on her since before I could remember. And now, as she slumped to the floor the shape of a giant zombie with long thick claws and a razor sharp toothy expression came into view and finished off the job. Zoe Clurche, the girl of my dreams, was gone before she even had the chance to react. I screamed and charged at the monster firing off every round in my gun through tears of sorrow.

The monster then turned to look at me and began to walk forward. I was caught in a blind fury and sent everyone of my shots into it's head. It wasn't dying. I screamed and cursed at it as my tears puddled to the ground. Nothing seemed to matter to me anymore and soon my clip was empty. I took my last mag and popped it in as I continued to fire. Finally near the end of my mag, The monster fell. Its claws scratched the wall as it fell and it was over. I ran up to Zoe and cried on her shoulder. She was gone...

I slowly got up. Tears welled in my eyes as I did the least I could for the girl I loved. I held up my gun and as the bullets flew from it, the tears poured down my face. Zoe could rest in peace now, she wouldnt become a mindless zombie. It was the least I could do. I hung my head as I fell to my knees. I did everything I could to hold back the tears. The air chilled as my tears plopped to the floor like rain drops. The rivers flowed down my cheeks as I dropped my gun. Then, a gentle hand reached out through the cold and touched my shoulder as if a warm aura surrounded it. I looked up to see Amie behind me. I stood up slowly wiping my eyes. I still had people to be brave for. Kate... Chris... Amie... Corky... Ricky... I had to be strong. So I stood up and picked my gun off of the now slighty damp floor of the secret HQ. I took one last look at Zoe...and then Amie and I disappeared into the darkness...and soon Zoe's frail body disappeared from my view forever.

I continued to walk down the hall, why hadnt the others helped her? Chris? Ricky? why hadnt anyone stood up for Zoe in her time of need? I wasnt sure as I pressed on. When Amie and I neared the main hall, I heard Kate scream. Something had kept them from Zoe...but what? I raced forward. Amie did the same and for a few seconds the only sounds I heard were the pounding of my heart, and the beat that our footsteps brought upon our pace. I reached the main entrance to see blood spattered across the wall. Apparently there had been a fight here. I turned my attention to see Corky, who looked sleepless and pale, slowly moving towards Kate, Ricky, and Chris who were huddled up against the wall. Chris' leg had a chunk missing and his gun was gone. Kate was supporting him. Ricky was just in a daze as he looked at Corky, who was now emitting a gurgling moan. We had been too late for him. I held up my gun and shot him twice in the head as he fell to the ground. Slowly my arms fell to my sides. "Danny! Zoe...saved us! is she with you!" Chris managed to shout while holding his leg.

So that was it. Zoe had sacrificed herself to save the others. But...I would never see her again because of it. "" I managed to say before a tear escaped my eye.

Chris winced and hung his head low as he caught the drift. Amie then ran up to him. "How did this happen to you?" she asked him.

"That stupid monster caught me off guard." He said as he let it go.

Amie then bent down and began to patch it up. She used some of the antivirus we had found earlier to treat him and then some bandages. "Who are you!" Said Kate as Amie began to help Chris.

"She is...a friend. And I owe her my life." I said not trying to set suspicsion on the group of her being connected to Umbrella.

Kate nodded her head as if she understood. Ten minutes later Amie finished and then the group looked at each other. There were only five of us now. With Chris out of the count, it really only was four. And since Kate couldnt fight... We were gonna have a looong long night at this rate. "Alright you guys. Zoe is gone. Corky is gone. None of us want to share that same I right?" I asked nearly choking on Zoe's name. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "Then listen up. I promised Amie here that we would go to the hospital to look for a possible survivor. After that, we are gonna get out of this rat hole. I suggest the airport just because there may be some sort of transportation out. And then, we will plan from there if things dont go well. Any objections?" I asked feeling like the leader of our measly group.

No one objected. "Then lets go." I said motioning for the others to follow as I opened the door...and headed, once again, into this newly, self-acclaimed, City of the Dead...

June 11th 2035, 11 p.m. Racoon City Streets

I held up my gun as I exited the labs. The doors swung open as I passed through. Amie and Kate were right behind me with Chris propped up between them. Ricky followed after them and we headed for the hospital. It had begun to rain and the rain, in turn, had risen a slight "mist" on the ground. It made the whole atmosphere seem like a horror movie. I actually wondered if we were in some horrible movie and that everything would end so we could all just go back to our lives and be happy. But we werent in any sort of movie. Because in movies...people dont really die. I had begun to accept the fact that Zoe was gone forever. The feeling wouldnt shake away, but I knew she was gone...I would have to move on. As my feet pounded on the cement, as we jogged to the hospital, I could hear the moans of the zombies coming from everywhere around us. It was awful, to think that they all once had lives and families and friends. But now, they were no more than memories as they wandered the streets, lonely and without memory of anything. Just mindless zombies...

I dropped the thought as I saw the hospital, just a few more blocks. Then I heard a sound in front of me and saw a monster. Very similar to the one who had cut my legs. I held up my gun and fired a shot. It screamed and barrelled at me. "GET BACK!" I yelled at the others as I took another shot.

Its long toungue lashed out at me and crashed into a window. I could hear the others scrambling for safety. This battle was all up to me now. I fired another shot and dove to the side as it ambled past me. I shot it again and again. It turned and then lunged at me. I jumped back and fell on my back as I tried to avoid a hit from the beast and then, it lashed its toungue out again. I managed to hear two shots just before the toungue was about to hit me. I looked over the creature as it fell, dead, to see Amie standing with a shotgun. "Where did you manage to find that?" I asked her as I stood up.

"It was in that abandoned warehouse." She said holding the smoking gun up.

The rain was falling sort of hard now, and we would need to find shelter temporarily. "Is that warehouse safe for now?" I asked as I followed her towards it.

"Yeah," She said, "There is a room in it which seems safe."

I smiled at the thought of safe and then followed her inside. Inside, the building looked like it had been a bank, or a restaurant at some time. It was too hard to tell now because of the lack of light, but the flashlight I had managed to find in the labs worked well. I continued forward until I saw a room where Kate, Ricky, and Chris were all in. I sat down next to them and saw a typewriter. There was an Ink Ribbon next to it, so I began to type. Type about the Tae Kwon Do Center...about Kraig...Zoe...Chris. And all our adventures up until this point. About three hours later I yawned and layed down, content with my typing. As I did, Amie, who was still half awake, put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I noticed, in the dim light, that she looked pale. She was ok, just tired. I smiled at her complexion, she looked happy...and...beautiful. But...I didnt think that a former Umbrella worker and someone who was friends with a STARS member would ever end up together. was too early to forget Zoe. I shook my head and saw that Chris was keeping watch. I drifted off to sleep as I looked at Amie one...last...time...

I awoke the next morning to see the entire group smiling at me. I looked up. "Wha...why are you all smiling?" I said in confusion as I arose.

"Seems you got over that other dead chick fast." Ricky said as he shuffled his feet across some random papers.

"WHAT ARE-" I started to yell as I then saw Amie. She was still on my shoulder asleep. How could I have done something to Zoe! I stood up and the beautiful scientist fell to the ground. I immediately regretted the descision when she then woke up. She had hit her head on the ground and was now holding it in what seemed like pain.

"Owww." She said standing up.

"Here let me help you." Kate said heading over and digging through her pack. "here!" she said holding a bottle of pain relievers. Dang, Amie had packed for this trip quite nicely.

"So you werent doing anything?" Chris said with a goofy grin. I really wanted to rip that grin off his face at that moment.

"I dont know what you are thinking, but there is nothing." I said as I then noticed a paper on the ground. It was a memo.

Dr. Marrillo,

We regret to inform you that because of your no account about the experiments that failed in the lab, you are being fired. A helicopter will come pick you up in secret within three hours and we shall then move you to a secure place and take your name off of Umbrella Records. You may then procede and rest assured that if you ever mention a breath of what happened in the labs, you will be shot the moment the words escape your lips. We hope you see the reason behind this and we would hope you would comply.

Dr. Albert Wesker

It was signed on the bottom and I realized this must have been the letter she had recieved before the zombies broke out. I tucked it away in my pocket so as the others wouldnt see. By now, the group was finally functioning. Kate had begun to support Chris, who still wasnt able to walk, and both Ricky and Amie loaded their guns. I quickly picked up mine and shot a look at the others. They all nodded their heads and we began once again, towards the hospital.

June 12th 2035, 8 a.m. Racoon City Streets

As the door shut behind Amie and we made our way, I could still see the body of the monster I had fought the night before. It sent a chill down my spine just thinking about the toungue wrapping around my neck. I pushed the thought aside and continued on. As the others followed hastily, I made my way to the hospital. Only a few weeks ago, I had needed to visit someone in the hospital. Her name was Lucy and she was my great niece. I hadnt known her very well, but her father was extremely rich. Her ankle had twisted in a freak bike accident near a lake. She had nearly drowned when she somehow skidded off the side and twisted her ankle on a rock outrimming the pond. She was unable to swim due to the injury and couldnt bring herself to surface. A nearby jogger had seen her struggling and managed to help her. Details were sketchy about the whole incident, but it was likely she had been tired and not focused. She had been in the hospital ever since. Why hadnt I thought to check up on her? I truly was a busy person until the zombie attacks and hadnt had much time.

I pushed this thought aside as I realized where we were. Right outside of the hospital. I turned to Amie, she kept a gaze on the hospital and I thought I heard her mutter some words under her breath. "Amie...where was your daughter staying? which room I mean." I said looking back to her.

"Im not sure. She was moved to a new room right before the zombies broke out. Right before they fi..." She started to say as I glared at her. She nodded, understanding immediately that if she said anymore, she would be questioned.

"Before what?" Kate asked looking between the two of us.

"Nothing." Amie said as she headed inside.

"Ok plan." I said to the others as we made our way inside. "I dont want to have to split us up, but if we want to find Amie's daughter, we are gonna need to." I said. The others nodded to me in agreement. "Ok here is the deal, Amie, I want you to search the first floor, take this." I tossed her my radio that Chris had given me. "Kate, you and Ricky watch Chris and protect him." I then turned back to Amie. "If you find the room number on a roster or something let me know." I then held up my gun. "I am going to go look for any and all survivors on the other floor, even if that means...having to shoot a few more zombies to do it." I then headed for the second floor stairs, but Amie stopped me and grabbed my arm.

"Be...careful..." She said looking at me.

"Dont worry, I will." I flashed her a grin as I slowly dropped my arm and she let go. I then turned off the safety on my gun and as I felt a cool breeze, I opened the door and headed up the stairs...

I slowly headed up the stairs, my heart was pounding on each cold step. A sort of misty aura filled the room as I approached the second floor. If it wasnt for the moans of zombies outside, it would have been perfectly quiet. I took light steps, so that nothing could sneak up on me. I learned my lesson from the licking monster from the school. I continued down the hall, then, as I passed by a door, I thought I could hear a shuffling noise. I slowly opened it and saw nothing inside. I thought I heard a TV crackle as I made my way, perfect...if something was waiting to kill me, then I couldnt hear it now. Approaching the bed, my heart lept as I saw a dead person on the bed. It hadnt become a zombie yet, but I wasnt about to take any chances. As I then turned around I heard a sort of hissing sound. I jumped as I heard this, but kept my cool. I then saw a note on the desk and began to read it.

Dear Mom,

The doctors are planning on moving the patients to safer rooms, I dont know why, they seemed flustered. I heard something about attacks in the city on TV...but please come get me. I know you live on the other side of the US, but I am becoming scared. I really need someone right now. I am so scared.



I read the note for a second and then looked at the body on the bed...this had to be Yumie. I felt bad that she couldnt have survived to tell her mother the bad news. I decided to deliver the letter for her. I tucked it in my pocket. Then, I saw something tucked under the bodies arm, a journal! I picked it up and began to read it. Chills went down my spine. I decided that whatever had hissed was still in the room, so I decided to read the journal later. I quickly tucked the journal into a side pocket and as I began to leave I saw a zombie dressed in a tattered nurse outfit standing in my way. I brought up my gun and took a shot. The zombie fell to the ground as blood poured out of its head. I then heard shuffling behind me and I saw the zombie that had been on the bed, heading straight for me.

I quickly decided to save the ammo and I headed back out into the main hall. As I entered, I saw ten more zombies in doctor outfits moaning and slowly rambling towards me. I held up my shot gun and blew away three of them, creating a quick path to farther down the hall. I ran trying not to be afraid as I hurdled over a zombie who was crawling towards me. Running, I wondered what was going on downstairs. They hadnt radioed yet. What was taking Amie? I pushed the thought aside as I quickly reached another hallway with a door, I slammed the door behind me and soon the moans faded away. The zombies were finally giving up. I sighed and slid to the floor as I looked around. This had been a reception area. A reception area on the second floor? I looked kinda puzzled as I began to wander around. I then sat down on a couch and decided to quickly glance through the journal.

June 8th 2035:

Today was fairly sunny and I got to see my mom briefly. It couldnt be any better. Its been awhile since I have seen her. I have been in this darn hospital for about three weeks now and I guess Im gonna be staying for awhile longer. I made a drawing today, its of a cool person I met today! His name was Wesker and he was talking with my mom! He had on these awesome glasses and this black, cool coat. He was very suave to. I almost think I have a crush...anyways I left the drawing inside this journal because I dont want anyone else to see it. The nurse left me some grapes to snack on...I should...get to bed.

June 9th 2035:

The nurse awoke me with a start today, she said that something bad was happening within the city and that in case something bad happened that I should go to the fireplace and put in the two red jewels. I dont know what she was talking about and I merely sat in bed the whole day watching doctors going crazy all around.

June 11th 2035:

I dont feel very good and no one has come to check up on me for a whole day. I am starving and even bread would be good. Four hours since I last wrote and I think I can finally hear a doctor coming. Ill stop writing for today and...

The rest of the journal was ripped and slightly bloody. I figured that we had only missed her by at most, 24 hours. I was slightly sadded by this to think she had a chance and we had been sleeping. I silently cursed as I then looked up. In the middle of the Reception Area was a giant fireplace. The girl had mentioned a fireplace in the journal. I then looked on the mantle, there were two bookends. An Eagle and a Hawk. Each held a medal and inside the medals were slight holes, octagon shaped. I figured this is where the red jewels would go. Now I had to find the jewels. Maybe they led to some answers. If the virus hadnt broken out till the 10th, then why had doctors been freaking out on the 9th? This struck my curiosity as I slowly stood up. I began to look around. The jewels had to be somewhere around and I was gonna find them. I then decided to check in some other rooms and I reached for a nearby door...

What lies behind door #1? Danny will be finding out soon in my next post.