Part 3

June 12th 2035, 4 p.m. Racoon City Streets

I slowly made my way after Leanne. She was pretty brave for her age. I was impressed. She wasnt fast...but definitely brave. As we neared the bottom of the escape latter, I could see Kate, Ricky, and Chris coming out. Chris was being supported by Kate. Amie immediately jumped down when we reached the end of the ladder. It ended about two feet off the ground. Leanne was next and she kind of stumbled as she hit the ground, but recollected herself and headed over. I easily jumped from the ladder and landed. I then spun around.

"You three ok?" I asked the others. They all nodded their heads and then looked down the street. I could see many zombies ambling towards us and the moaning was increasing. That exit was now blocked to us.

"Ok here is the plan, we are to head to the airport, once there, we need to find some sort of transportation to get the heck out of here. We need to get to the Arklay mountains as soon as possible...there was a doctor who was gonna get a ride and..." I nodded towards the crashed helicopter in the side of the building. "They were too late." I then said.

"And who is this little girl?" Kate asked as she noticed Leanne.

"She is our ticket to the labs in the Arklay Mountains." I said. The others seemed a bit confused and I looked to see the zombies staggering about towards us. "We should get moving." I said as I quickly reloaded my gun. Ricky went first, followed by Kate with Chris, and then Leanne.

"Before you go Amie...I want to talk to you when we get the chance. I want to know exactly what went on in that hospital between you and Wesker." I said to her as she passed. She slightly nodded, understanding that she had a lot of explaining to do as she headed on. I then faced the moaning creatures, sickened by the sight of millions of zombies that had finally come within half a mile of the hospital. All these people...just days ago, had been people with regular lives...a story...a family. What had they lost do to some bizzare incident? I shook the thought as I then turned to follow Amie. We hadnt gone more than half a mile when I suddenly heard the moans ahead of Ricky. He brought up his shotgun as we continued and I could hear sounds all around me. Just then I heard a window break off of a skyscraper above us. Then...another...and another. I looked in the direction of the thuds from whatever had dropped and nearly threw up at the next sight.

Standing in front of me, were three humungous monsters. They each looked like mutated forms of the inside out creatures and had huge claws running down their left arms. Ricky looked at me and then to Kate and Chris. I turned my head.

"AMIE! GET THEM TO THE AIRPORT! NOW!" I shouted as the creatures walked towards us. I brought up my shotgun as did Ricky. I slowly counted in my head...three...the creatures took another step...two...I could hear the others running as the monsters opened their sickening mouths as saliva dripped from their flicked off the saftey and one creature ran towards us...

"GO!" I shouted to Ricky as the two of us rolled out of the way shooting. The other two monsters then dashed for us and it was a mad scramble to pull my shotgun up and take aim. I didnt have time for that as I flipped backwards, kicking the monster in the head as I did so. I then launched myself into the air and blasted the first monsters head off. I had been extremely lucky it hadnt swiped at me. The creature fell dead into the crimson pool dripping from its head. I then turned to see that Ricky was narrowly avoiding the monster that was attacking him. I took a step to help him, but the first creature snarled as it headed for me.

I desperately wanted to help Ricky, but I knew that if I didnt take this creature out, it would be my untimely demise. I then tossed the shotgun was too slow...I had a lucky shot with the last creature, but the timing of the shotgun was too slow. I turned to face my opponent as I held up my hands. The creature brought back its claws and dashed at me. I grinned and then quickly got down and did a low kick, sending the creature to the ground next to me. I then did a quick vault and managed to kick the monsters stomach. My foot stung as I stood up and the monster recovered quickly. This thing wasnt had it come about? A monster this make a Tae-Kwon-doe's foot hurt after a single kick...when even bricks couldnt do a thing? I knew I was in trouble and I would need another way out. The shotgun was useless...

I didnt have time to think anymore as I turned to see the monster swiping furverously at me as it then charged. It was like a mad rhino, and I was running out of strength fast. I then saw a fallen piece of metal, as if from a lamppost, and I picked it up, countering the claw attack, the creature was so near my face that a bit of hot, steaming saliva dripped down my face. I then used up what little strength I had, and sent the monster sprawling backwards. I was used up...finished...I had nothing left. I stood there looking as the creature stood this is what it was like to feel useless...knowing death is coming...and you cant do anything about it. I nimbly held the pole up as sweat poured down my face. Then, as if chance would have it, I saw a sign. It read gun shop...wait a minute...there had been a gun shop earlier Chris had been trying to get to. Was this monster...the thing we saw on our way to the school? I stopped thinking as I realized I had a slight advantage if I hurried and was lucky. I dropped the pole and with every ounce of heart pounding energy that I had and burst through the window of the gun shop.

Glass cut me as I barrelled through and I could hear the monster starting to come after me. I then scrambled to the back and looked quickly through the weapons. I heard the monster step on the pole I had dropped, crunching it in half and as it neared the store, my eyes lit up. I quickly pulled up the sub-machine guns and let them rip. Feeling the pulses of energy, I stepped forward. The monster was now falling to the ground. Every rapid shot fired, I could feel the monster growing weaker. It fell to the ground as I saw blood pour from pores now showing in its body. Its breath stopped as its eyes glazed over. And it was over as the humming of the guns died. I wearily looked at the second victim to have had the chance of fighting me on one of my luckiest days. I took a breath of relief as I then heard Ricky scream.

Oh yeah...I said running towards the scream. I could then see Ricky backed up in a corner of an alleyway by the final creature. He was trying to fire a shot, but either the bullet was a dud, or he had run out, because it was firing clicks. He had a look of pure terror on his face as the monster then brought it's claw up for the final blow. I had no time to think as I quickly picked up a trash can lid and threw it like a frisbee at the claw. It managed to draw the monsters attention to me, long enough for Ricky to make a run for it. The monster turned and only missed him by inches. He ran behind me and whimpered. This was amusing to me...I hadnt seen him whimper in awhile. I then held up my guns, but to my dismay the creature was already above me, about ready to strike. I quickly pushed Ricky back as I dove behind the creature.

The claw missed both of us by mere inches as the monster then turned to face me. I quickly formulated a plan in my head as I backed up into the alleyway. As the monster took a step, I quickly jumped in the air. I then ricoch├ęd off the wall and fired a shot, I was firing at a wierd angle, so when the monster threw its claw at me, it wasnt able to quite reach. And I fired multiple shots before I had to turn and grab the window sill on the other side of the alley, I quickly scrambled to a nearby ladder and scaled up to the roof of the building. I had left Ricky for dead...shoot! My plan was failing.

But instead of turning to Ricky, the monster looked up with an evil, sharp toothed grin as it dug its claw into the wall of one building, and launched itself up to the roof in a swift display of strenght. It landed on its feet and looked up at me with hatred in its eyes. It had sufferend from me and Ricky and was weak...but willing to fight to the bitter end. I then quickly took a step back and realized that I was on the edge of the roof. I held up my gun and fired multiple shots at the monster as it then came up to me. No matter how many shots I fired, it seemed to move through them all. With its non clawed hand it then punched the gun out of my hand, and onto another part of the roof. It picked me up with this hand as if it was a natural born killer. I hoped Ricky was far away and helping the others at this point...cause it was now over for me.

I held my eyes tightly shut as I felt the monster shift, bringing its claw back. As I felt it jerk forward I heard a snapping noise and gasped as I looked up into the creature's eyes. They pierced through me as I felt pain sweeping through me. And then I was falling backwards. Grabbing onto the roof as I fell, I saw the monster's lifeless body tumble to the ground below. The snapping noise...had sounded like a gun...and the pain...just...fear? I looked at physical injuries, but I was stil dangling off of the roof of a building. I then saw a smoking gun point out from above and a hand reached out to mine. I took it and it helped me up. As I came over the peak of the roof, I saw Ricky straining to help me. It had been his gun that had finished off the monster...and...I was alive...

No sooner had Ricky helped me up, I turned to him. Both of us were exhausted and weak. I then looked over the side one last time and gulped at the thought of myself being there, in place of the monster.

"I...dont even want to try to figure out what those were..." I said breathlessly. "Lets...just...get out asap." I said in between breaths.

Ricky nodded as the two of us wearily stood up. I ungracefully picked up the gun as I wobbled to keep my balance. The two of us eventually made our way back to the streets and headed towards the hospital, guided by a map I had found in the gun store...

June 12th 2035, 4:30 p.m. Racoon City Streets

Ricky and I arrived at the airport about thirty minutes after the fight with the mutated creatures. I was surprised to hear a few men talking inside...I hoped they werent with Umbrella and that I had sent Amie and the others into a trap. I held up my gun slowly as I approached, and as soon as I had reached the door I felt the tip of a gun come on my neck.

"Reach for the sky, and drop the weapon...we dont want no Umbrella people sneakin round these parts." A voice said.

I nearly lept for joy. "Did a group of people come here led by a woman?" I asked him.

"Wait a second...yeah! they are inside...why, do you know them?" He asked.

"Yeah I sent them here to wait for the two of us to get here." I said turning around.

I then heard Amie call my name as she came out running. The guy then took the gun away and motioned for Ricky and me to come inside. Amie looked worried as she hugged me and I hugged her back for a second as we then headed inside. As I walked, I saw about a dozen men with guns all in police outfits. They all read STARS, on their sleeves.

"What is going on Amie?" I asked as she then pulled me down to sit with her on a bench.

"When we got here, we found that about 12 stars members survived and are keeping a few doctors and hurt patients in the back. They are risking their lives to protect any survivors they found...and they have managed to keep this place free of zombies...its really amazing..." She smiled glancing.

"It does sound now I have a question for you...are the others ok?" I said.

"Yeah...Chris is being treated in the back...Kate and Ricky are who knows where...and Leanne is with one of the Stars members, watching him shoot zombies down like this is a game." She laughed lightly.

I had to chuckle slightly for a second, but then I got a serious look on my face and looked at her. "Amie...what were you and Wesker doing in the hospital?" I asked her as I then put my hand on hers.

"Danny...I had business...Umbrella hired Wesker to watch my movements, they had distrusted me for a year...I had failed on a court case to try and save the company from ultimately failing as a worldwide power...and when I did...they turned on me...always monitoring me. Not giving me any details on what my work was was anyways we had a secret lab in the hospital. When patients were considered Terminal and agreed to a consensus, we tested them with the g and t-viruses. So we placed certain units there to monitor the patients and make sure nothing got out of hand. One day though...something went wrong...I had been called to check up on the men stationed there...Wesker naturally went with me. We went inside the room as usual and we came to find that one of the men had been bit by an infected patient...the other men were doing the best to help, but we had to end up killing him. As we left, I went to visit my daughter..." She nearly choked when she said 'Daughter.' "And after that we left. Then...things got out of hand...someone called me and told me that the infection had broken out in the hospital...Umbrella heard this and immediately blamed me. I did nothing...I swear...but apparently all of our men had become infected and were causing chaos...doctors were dying and patients were being eaten. This caused a mutiny and ended up the next day in my getting fired...on the way, someone sabotaged the main experimental room and caused every doctor, but myself, to die and come back...between that and the hospital...I would say that is where the virus originated. And thats all..."

I nodded my head. It sounded like she was just doing her job and they did have the approval of the patients before testing on them. So maybe...she wasnt a bad person after all...

"I think I see." I said.

"So what happened with you and Ricky?" Amie said as she then took my hand.

"Well...we took down the monsters and managed to find a city map with some new guns in the gun shop. I got some Sub machine guns that were fully loaded, and Ricky found a nice pair of custom handguns. We came to find that the machine guns were being prepared for the shop's owner...he had written that he was loading them, as the last resort to get his family out of the city alive, he had died on the way back to get the guns, by who knows what...we found his body and after he tried to take a bite out of ricky, I had to put him down. Anyways, we tried to get more weaponry, but all the other guns and weapons in the store had been crushed by some huge monster, or were too old to use." I said.

She nodded and then looked at me. "So...what now, I mean we still have to get to the mountains right?"

I smiled, "Well, as long as we can rest here for a bit, I say we take a small time off."

She smiled back at me. "They have some food in the back if you are hungry."

I stood up. "Boy am I ever!" I grinned and headed towards the back.

I saw they had a large supply of canned food and I quickly reached for a can of olives...I gobbled through them and tossed the can aside, it had been what...two days since I had eaten? Well, at least I would be losing some weight. I chuckled to myself at the thought as I then took a drink of water...I then put seven bottles into a small pack I had found at the gun shop and a couple cans of beans. It wouldnt last us long...but if the info was right and I could manage without food, we should be outta here long before we would run out. I then headed back out to the airport and saw the STARS member I had met back outside.

"So...Chris says you saved the lives of the small group that just arent an ameteur at this are you? By the way...names Mitch...Mitch Canningway." He shook my hand.

"Well, its the first time Ive ever been put in survival testing before." I chuckled. "My name is how long have you all be helping the surivors keep alive?" I asked him.

"For the last two days now when we learned that we had all survived...we would have gotten out of here if there was a helicopter...but some freakish monster came through before we could get here and trashed them all." He shook his head as he then looked at one Stars member shooting down a zombie. "We have been holding up pretty well though...we are hoping help comes soon, if not..." He sounded a bit distant as his gaze faded from mine.

I nodded my head. "Well my small group is on the way to the Arklay Mountains...the young one...Umbrella wants her alive...we figure we can hopefully get there and make a deal to have them get us out of here." I said.

"Did a little birdy tell you bout the girl?" The guy said with a smile.

"No, but a little letter that a little birdy may have dropped did." I chuckled.

We both stood there chuckling for a bit. It was good to laugh again. I felt safe for once in the nightmare of things.

"Well if its not much trouble, I wouldnt want to see some survivors die without some protection." He said holding up a powerful magnum.

"Great...Ill get the group and we could head out right away!" I said in excitement...things were looking up. But what was awaiting us in the Arklay Mountains? I shook my head as I went to get the others...we were almost homefree...

About an hour later, I had finished packing up for our last effort to get out of this city alive. I could see Amie helping Leanne tie her shoes. Amie had been doing quite a few things with Leanne in the past hour...maybe it eased the pain of losing someone about the same age. I brushed the thought aside as I saw Kate and Ricky coming. After them was Mitch supporting Chris. Mitch had a map and plans to get us to the labs. Kate then helped Mitch out by taking Chris and we were set to go after that. Mitch left first giving a slight wave and salute to another STARS member. Then Ricky followed behind him, and Kate, who was supporting Chris went after him. Leanne was next, and then it was just Amie and I, Amie followed Leanne...and flashed me a quick smiled. I put my hand on her shoulder for a moment and she stopped as if she was gonna turn around and hug me, but we both knew we had a she went on. I followed after her and then I turned around to look at the airport. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would ever see those people still inside, ever again...

June 12th 2035, 6:00 p.m. Racoon City Streets

Our small group swiftly made our way through the streets of Racoon. I ended up having to shoot a few zombies along the way, but for the most part, we really didnt run into much trouble. I was actually surprised at how smoothly this was going. After heading down a few alleyways, we made our way onto the main street of Racoon. We were very fortunate in finding a truck that Mitch was able to hotwire and get running. We all climbed inside as Mitch drove towards the edge of the city. The plan was that we were gonna head to the Ranger's station near the forest where we would refuel the truck, and then we would head as far as we could into the forest and go the rest of the way to the labs by foot. So we drove off. As we headed outside the city, I could see Amie holding a locket out of two was blurry and I couldnt make it out, but the other looked like the zombish girl I had encountered back in the hospital. I must have been her suspicions were confirmed when I saw a tear drop fall on the picture. I slowly put my arms around Amie to comfort her and she cried on my shoulder for awhile...a few minutes later she had calmed down and had drifted off to sleep. I felt really sorry for her as I glanced back at the city...listening to the moans of millions of zombies fade away...

June 12th 2035, 6:30 p.m. The Outskirts of Racoon

As we neared the station, I noticed that Amie was still sleeping, it wouldnt be a long nap, but I decided that she was too tired to care at the moment. I felt a tad drowsy myself. We then stopped and Mitch went outside the truck to fill it up. I then remembered something Chris had said to Kate earlier...something about wanting to know her last name, but then he looked into her eyes and knew something...

"Hey Kate..." I said to her trying to get her attention.

" talking to me?" She asked.

"Are there any other Kates here?" I joked, and then I got serious. "How do you know Chris? Back in the city he wanted to know your last name and then he-"

"Yeah about that...its long and complicated..." She said interrupting me, as if she knew this question was coming back to haunt her.

"I want to know..." I said curiously.

"Alright...well to start off, my mother's maiden name is Jill Valentine. Jill used to be with Chris in the STARS program. For a long time they seemed to get along well. After the mansion incident, they got a bit more close, then Chris disappeared off to Europe and Jill was stuck in Racoon for the first outbreak. She worked extremely hard to try and get out and along the way, she met up with another survivor named Carlos Olivierra. Together, they cooperated and escaped the city. To try and get over the Racoon event, Carlos and my mom became close, they eventually ended up marrying each other and I was their daughter...They are still married and Chris never got over that. He thought that my mom and him would end up they havent spoken to each other for quite some dad always said I had my moms eyes..." She said.

"I see..." I replied. I would have said more, but just then, Mitch jumped back into the truck and we were off again...into the forest...

June 12th 2035, 7:00 p.m. Racoon Forest

On the way into the forest, I saw a downed truck on the side of the road. As we passed I saw the dead driver lying just beside it. He had many fang marks on him and I wondered what had happened...and then I saw it. On the side of the truck, in big, black, and bold letters, it said, 'ZOO TRANSPORT'. I glimpsed many opened cages as we continued on and I gulped, hoping that none of the animals were...too dangerous. As long as they werent like that humungous snake I had faced off earlier in the hospital, I suspected we would be fine. I pushed the thought aside as about a mile later, we stopped. I slowly woke Amie as she stirred. Soon the entire group was out of the car, Mitch then stepped forward.

"Ok all of you, the plan...stick close to me, I have our way into the mountain lab so just try to keep close to someone with a gun if you cant use one, and if you can use one, keep those who cant, safe." He said. We all nodded as he then gave those of us who could use guns, a grenade launcher with five rounds.

"These grenade launchers only have a few rounds, so use them in emergencies only..." He instructed. We all nodded our heads again and then we headed off into the forest. I noticed that it was getting dark as we walked on and I checked my o' clock. It would be getting extremely dark soon and I quickly took out the three flashlights I had packed and gave one to Mitch, one to Ricky, and kept the third for myself. For about an hour we continue forward in the dark, it was amazing how the STARS member was able to navigate, he later informed us that the stars helped him figure out where things were on the map, but I think he was trying to show off.

It became so dark, to the point where, if I didnt have the flashlight, I wouldnt have been able to see a thing. As we neared what seemed to be a river, I heard something rustle in the bushes nearby. Amie had heard it also and kept Leanne close to her. I then held up my MP-100s as two figures stepped out of the bushes. I clicked the safety off and one figure screamed.

"DONT SHOOT US PLEASE!" a feminine voice yelped at the sound of my gun.

I then shined my flashlight on the two figures and saw a man and a woman.

"Im begging you...we have been through h please help us..." the man said.

"What are your names and what are you doing out here?" I questioned the two.

"My name is John...and this is my wife Raine... please dont hurt us...we were camping...and then people started eating other people and it was chaos...we barely made it out...and my gun...its empty... help us... please..." The man said.

I sighed and motioned for them to follow us and with a relieved look on their face, they followed. I handed John my hand gun. "Know how to use it?" I asked him.

He nodded his head as he took the gun. Our group then continued on. I could feel the ground becoming rockier under my feet as we continued on, I suspected that we were near the Mountains now. I then felt Amie slip beside me and I caught her and helped her maintain her balance. For a moment we looked into each others eyes and then we eventually just continued on. As we made our way into the rocky Terrain, I could see a few lights off in the distance.

"There are your labs..." Mitch said as we continued on.

I marveled at the building all the way up here. As we neared the labs, I heard some rocks above us shift and a few tumbled down. I looked up with the flashlight pointed up to see zombified baboons staring hungrily at us.

John, Amie, Ricky, and Mitch also saw the baboons and as they snarled and howled at us, Amie stayed back to protect the others as about five baboons jumped in front of us I quickly brought up my MP-100s. Mitch looked confident and took on two of them. John, Ricky and I each took on one. The baboon I faced off with began to swipe at me and I had to jump back to avoid being hit. I then fired off a few rounds with the MP-100s and the baboon hissed. It backed off slightly and then leapt at me. We collided and rolled a bit, it was a miracle that we hadnt fallen off the mountain yet. I then jumped up and fired a few more rounds. I heard Ricky cry in triumph as a baboon fell over the cliff, most likely to its doom. Then I heard another baboon die as a gurgling sound emitted from it, Mitch had finished off one. I then brought out the grenade launcher and blew off the head of the baboon I was fighting. I then saw John and Ricky take down the other baboon...only one left. I then saw Mitch holding onto the side of the cliff as the baboon reached down to bite his hand. I quickly punched the baboon away and brought up my MP-100s and fired until the creature was dead, I then helped Mitch up and he looked gratefully at me.

We then looked back to Amie, Leanne, Kate, Chris, and Raine. We stood there for a moment to catch our breaths, and then we continued on...soon we arrived at the labs, and I reached to open the door...