Rose Orb Exposure

Chapter 1

"Only you would be so stupid Potter, as to actually believe this inane artifact exists! And even if by some leap of fortune it actually did why in the hell would it be with muggles?" Draco Malfoy sneered from the lounge chair across the room from Harry Potter.

"Malfoy when the orb is found I'm going to shove it down your throat."

"Why don't you just go grab a remembrall, paint it pink and save yourself a bunch of trouble. It doesn't exist Potter! Get over it." Draco leaned forward with a sneer.

"It does exist! Strange things have happened to people on that hiking trail before…"

"Muggles think everything they don't have an explanation for is strange." Draco drawled, nose wrinkling.

"Oh so a bunch of hikers suddenly feeling the need to molest each other happens all the time somewhere you know of?"

Don Anderson was wishing he'd never become Head of the Unspeakables right now. He found he had this idea every time he was around Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. He'd heard of their rivalry and just plain hate of each other but this…

"When you're quite done debating boys…" he rubbed his temples lightly before looking up from behind his table to the left wall of his office. Harry Potter was sitting in his chair glaring adamantly at a spot on the floor in the middle of his office. When it suddenly burst into flames he flicked his wrist and put it out turning his gaze to the wall with a scowl. Don rolled his eyes and turned to the other side of the room where Draco Malfoy was smirking right at him smugly.

"You should probably warn him not to set your office on fire. He forgets these things…lack of gray matter and all that you know."

"Shove it Malfoy!" Harry spat angrily across the room.

"Oh and how are you going to make me?" Draco sneered back tauntingly.

Harry growled. Draco sneered back and Don held his head. "Will you two stop for a minute?"

They both looked at him indifferently before looking away. 'Well! Just for that…' "We do not know if the Rose Orb really exists," he shot Draco a warning look at this point. "But this situation must be investigated because we cannot have any muggles finding it. It's already causing enough havoc in their world without it being known of."

"So why are we being told about this Orb again? I mean…you're sending out some lowly beginners or something to look for it right?" Draco arched an eyebrow at him.

"Be quiet Malfoy. If you'd wait he'd explain." Harry shot.

"Well I just want to…" Draco drawled.

"It's all about what YOU want isn't it?" Harry said snidely.


Harry looked at the floor again petulantly as Draco smirked. Don growled and hissed out between his teeth.

"As I was saying…this muggle hiking trail has been plagued by problems of the dubious sort as Mr. Potter said. We believe the Rose Orb is somewhere on the premises and we need it retrieved before some muggle comes upon it and takes it away. Merlin forbid they realize something was 'up' with it."

Draco narrowed his eyes. "What exactly is the myth about this artifact?"

"It's not a myth Malfoy! From reports it exists! Aren't you listening or is the empty space between your ears echoing so loudly you can't hear anything else?" Harry spat across the room.

"Mr. Potter!" Don said warningly. "Mr. Malfoy, the myth about the artifact is that activated it causes…similar effects to a lust potion. Except that in powerful amounts it can drive right to…as Mr. Potter said earlier, what is happening to the muggles…molesting." Don sighed. "We must retrieve the Orb from the hiking-trail reserve immediately before anymore cases come about. As it is, the trail has become notorious because of past events and is now visited by couples…who don't mind the effects of the Rose Orb." Don gave the two a knowing look. Draco and Harry looked at each other lost for a moment before looking back to him.

"And…?" Harry started.

"When you say 'we' must retrieve…" Draco started.

"Oh, no!" Harry shook his head adamantly.

"I for one must agree with Potter if you're thinking what we're thinking you're thinking." Draco stood. "So I'll be going then."

"Me too. I'm not having anything to do with…your freaky Rose Orb extraction. Do what Draco said. Grab a couple of lackeys. That actually LIKE each other." Harry shook his shaggy head.

"Actually that is why I need you two and I'm afraid I won't take no for an answer. Unless you both want…a long extended vacation."

"Can you believe…I swear that man sets out to make my life living hell!" Draco swore under his breath. Harry snorted hefting his backpack higher up on his back. Draco eyed him before looking back at his feet at the pack Harry had dropped there. "Where are you going to carry the other one?"

Harry looked at him a slow grin breaking out over his face. And then he burst out laughing.

"You…you're priceless!" Harry laughed shook his head grinning before starting to walk off.

"Potter!" Draco shouted and crossed his arms as Harry turned still grinning, back to him. He pointed a finger imperiously to the bag at his feet.

"Malfoy," Harry drawled mockingly. "You put the bag on your back and put your arms through the spaces provided then you follow me."

Draco looked down at the bag incredulously. "I have to put that thing on MY back?" Harry snorted.

"And hurry up about it. We've got a few hours left in the day to find somewhere to set up camp away from…other people."

Draco looked down at the pack face furrowing. "It's too big!"

"Well I never told you to bring all that stuff. I said small sleeping bag, torch, wand and a pot." Harry hefted his bag again. "I saved you trouble by bringing the tent and other stuff we'd need but no," he shook his head slowly. "You had to go bring your whole makeup kit."

Draco bristled. "Potter…"

"I can understand how you NEED the whole thing to put on your face everyday but you see how much trouble it is now? Either we go back to the car and you leave some stuff there or you buck up, pick up the goddamned bag and follow me."

Draco heaved the bag up and stumbled before scowling down at it in his arms and walking awkwardly after Harry. "How long is this trail?"

"Couple of miles. It's a week trail. Three to four days to the turning point then another three to four days back out. And you're supposed to put the pack on your back." Harry had stopped at the welcome hut at the start of the trail. He took off his pack with a sigh and took Draco's from him. "Turn around." Draco backed him scowling again before stumbling forward as the bag was put on his back. "Potter!"

"It's not my fault you have all that stuff in there!" Harry put back on his pack and rolled his eyes as Draco made a show of hefting his pack up, almost falling over.

"I hate you Anderson." Draco muttered under his breath as he started in next to Harry.

"I'm sure he hates you too." Harry said mockingly. The most fun thing about this had to be that the pack was so heavy Draco couldn't even take his hands off the strap to take a swing at him. He could mock him all day! Harry crowed internally. He paused to take a look at the welcome sign smiling at Draco's snort. Hoyden Springs, underneath in black permanent marker, 'a.k.a. Lover's Lane'.

"We have to go in here?" Harry smirked.

"Yes Malfoy we have to."

"You do realize mostly couples are going to be here. They are going to think…"

"Yes Malfoy. And I'm sure they'll make the right assumption about who's bottom too." Harry sniggered and speeded up walking.

Operation R.O.E. Report, 2004/05/19

Who the hell thought up that ridiculous name? It was Potter wasn't it?

Anyway, it's the end of our first day and Potter's got us camping out by the river, stream whatever the hell it is that runs through the whole park. He said the muggles follow the stream up the turning point of the hike before coming back down so the Orb must be somewhere along the trail. So while we're hiking we're supposed to be looking for this Orb that looks like a pink crystal ball? Wait, no. Clear, inactivated. Pink is when it's activated. I figure we'll find it activated what with the muggle incidents and all. But then again all you have in the goddamn notes you gave us is that the Orb is here somewhere. For all you know it's up in a fricking tree! How the hell do you actually expect us to find this thing? And we can't even use magic. If we could we'd be careful. We could…'Accio Orb' every few steps or something. But no. Your wands are only for protection. Can't use it because the bloody muggles might see. I'm cranky and upset and I had to walk with a fucking house on my back for THREE HOURS and that fucking Potter is getting on my goddamn nerves and I'm BORED! AGH!


A/N: So this was like my...second hp/dm...i did it for silversnitch contest 4 I told you guys right? well...i did okay but didn't win...anyways enjoy!