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Future Friends

It starts one day when Rini and her twin sister Rena are arguing so Serena walks in to see what is going on. Rena hen runs over to her yelling "Mommy Rini is being mean to me!" Rini yells back "I am not.'' So Serena looks Rena in the eye and asks "How is Rini being mean to you?" Rena then responds,"She wont let me eat any icecream!" Serena looks at Rini angrily and gives her hand to Rena and says "come with me to the kitchen and I'll get you a triple chocolate icecream sundae" Rena says "YAY!" while Rini says " IT'S NOT FAIR! YOU'RE SUCH A SPOILD BRAT!" Rena just sticks her tounge out at her and skips happily to the kitchen.

Later on that day Rena was skipping along outside while eating her icecream and bumps into someone. It was a girl that Rena has never meet before so she starts asking " Who are you? I've never seen you here before! What's you're name? Mine is Rena!Where are you from?" The girl interrupts "Okay enough with the thousand questions. My name is Erin Tenou and, sorry about the icecream." She says while walking away as she said that Rena slowly turns around and yells " MY ICECREAM NO!" Just then Serena hears someone crying so walks out to see her daughter and asks." What's wrong Rena answers " I DROPED MY ICECREAM!" and starts to wailing. Serena has to cover her ears and then tells Rena " Come on no need to cry lets get you a new icecream."Rena suddenly stop so Serena smiles while thinking 'That shut her up.'

The next day Rena bumps into Erin so Erin asks her "You kow there is something I want to ask you? Why does your hair look like meatball?" Rena gets very angry and answers " What did you say?" Then jumps on Erin attacking her while yelling " My hair does not look like meatballs!" Erin yells "please stop hitting me!" So Rena jumps off and says "Okay but never say that again.. Friends." Erin answers "Friends" After a few weeks they become great friends so Erin confessed that her real name was Unimaya. So Rena started to call her Maya. One day Rena asks "So Maya what should we do today?" Unimaya answers as a joke " I dun know beat someone up?" Then Rena says " Nah how about we eat icecream?" Erin says "I'd rather have coffee." Then they both say at the same time "How about coffee icecream." Then Rena says "You know I think we're going to be friends for a long time." Unimaya answers " I think you're right."

End For Now