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2 years later

March 2007

one day Erin went to Jessica 's house so they decided to go to this abandond house that is near Jessica's neighborhood. When they got there they started taking picture to see if anything showed up but they couldn't finish because the homeless guy was asleep in one of the rooms so they had to leave early.5 days after they went to the house Jessica draws a picture of an evil guy who has the power to throw fire.

2 weeks later

Jessica starts having a wierd dream


she goes through this portal and sees an abanded playground and shack in the middle of no where nothing around for more than 5 miles. All of the sudden she see's some children so she goes to them. There where exacly 8, 5 girls and 3 boys, so they tell Jessica there story. There was this guy he pretended to be there friend and told them to meet him there. Then he locked up the shack and killed them one by one each one in the element of one of the senshi (one was burned, another drowned,and one electircuted etc.). so now they're ghost and they relive they're death every night. then suddenly Rylin(she's the one that got burned) starts freaking out and telling Jessica, "you have to leave now he's coming you have to leave or he'll kill you to especially because..." Jessica never heard what Rylin finished telling her because she got pulled back through the portal and 5 seconds later he appeared back in the abanded shack.

end of dream

thats all for now Ja Ne